Siblings Ch. 04

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Author’s Notes: If you have not read the previous chapter it might be a good idea. This chapter begins immediately where the last left off.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.



Why it suddenly came flooding over me at that moment I don’t know. Obviously, it had been an emotional past 24 hours and my heart was raw.

Tim softly tried to comfort me. “Sara, I’m not leaving for a few months so we have time. We can figure this out. We don’t have to do it all in one day.”

“I know,” I whined. “It’s just that I feel so good about us and what’s happened since you came home early last night. Being with you today, the way you focus on me, it’s just been more than I ever imagined or hoped for. I don’t want this to end.”

My brother had always been mature for his age. Maybe it was because he was just a little bit older than most of the kids in his class, he’d be turning 20 in two months, but he was always a leader among his peers. A captain of his sports teams, one of the kings of the high school, able to easily speak with adults and respected by most everyone who knew him. Certainly, I thought he was wise beyond his age, so it didn’t surprise me when he tried to get some perspective on things.

“Sara, this is an amazing and incredible thing that has happened to us. You’re right, our emotions are off the charts right now. Every minute since I opened my door, held you in my arms and kissed you last night has been extraordinary. We need to slow down for a minute and just take it all in.” He sounded so confident, so self assured as he spoke.

“I have to leave for work in a little while but I don’t want to leave you while you’re upset. I know summer will go by quickly but two months is a good stretch of time. We can use that time to come to terms with this. Who knows, you may be sick of me in a month and find a real boyfriend.” He was holding me to him, stroking my hair and kissing my head as he spoke.

He was a physically strong guy and he could be as tough as any guy out there. He had demonstrated that on the football field, in the hockey rink and in a few fistfights when he was growing up. At the same time he was secure enough to be so tender, so sweet that he would paint my toenails. He wasn’t a boy, he truly was a one of a kind man and this is why I loved him, and I knew the love was real.

“I love you,” I calmly told him.

“I love you, too, Sara.”

We stayed in each others’ arms for a while. I had settled and composed myself.

Actually, Tim had pacified me and allowed me to compose myself. The clock on our mantle chimed and I jumped up.

“Tim, you’ve got to get ready and go to work!”

“Easy,” he laughed. “I’ve got plenty of time. I’ll go on two conditions. One, that you really are OK and you don’t need me to stay with you. Are you alright?”

I assured him I was fine. “And your second condition?”

“Saturday nights are big and I’m usually there late. I probably won’t be home until after one at the earliest. My second condition is that when I get home you’ll be asleep in my bed. I really like the idea of coming home tonight, taking a shower and then lying next to you again to sleep for another night with you.”

“I can’t promise I will be asleep, or that I won’t wake up when I hear you come in or take your shower, but I promise I will be in your bed ready to sleep with you again.” I kissed him. My intent was for a quick kiss just to reassure him I was OK. Tim had other ideas. He pulled me in tight to him and put a serious lip lock on me.

Grinning ankara escort from ear to ear as he broke the kiss and heard me sigh he said, “That’s to hold you over until I get home.”

“Oh, good thinking Einstein,” I teased. “That’s only going to make me miss you more!”

A few minutes later he was changed for work and heading out the kitchen door to his car. I stood at the door feeling playful, a far cry from my outburst of earlier. “You go make money at your job, honey. I’ll be in bed waiting for you when you get home, sweetie.” I gave him a peck on the cheek.

He looked at me funny. “Did you just turn into every 1960’s and 1970’s TV sitcom housewife?”

“Yep, now get to work.”

He started whistling as he went to his car.

I actually did fall asleep in his bed. I woke sometime around quarter to two when I heard the shower turn on. I just smiled to myself and snuggled deeper in the bed. In no time I felt the mattress move and my brother, my man, my lover, my Tim, was there, strong and warm as he wrapped himself around me and kissed me on the cheek. I heard him let go a big sigh and felt his body totally relax. Our bodies both knew we were right where we should be.


In the morning I woke to his big hands caressing my breasts and his hard cock wedged between my ass cheeks. He had rolled onto his back and pulled me pulled me along with him so I was lying on my back on top of him giving him free access to me. I tried to roll over so I could kiss him but he told me “Don’t move.”

His hands roamed my body, from my neck to my thighs and everywhere in between. Each time they passed over my breasts my nipples were treated to an extra rub or twist or light pull. Each such action sent a message straight to my pussy and I could feel myself getting more and more wet.

“You know what feels really good? Your soft, thick hair all over my face.”

I gathered as much as I could in my hands and let it fall onto his face.

“Yesssss,” he laughed.

Meanwhile a need was growing in my cunt. I took his right hand and guided it to my crotch. His strong fingers massaged up and down on either side of my slit, working over my outer lips.

I moaned, “Touch me.”

He captured my now slippery inner lips between his two fingers and slid back up to the top of my mound.

“Touch me,” I moaned, more urgently this time.

His index finger split my labia and traced up from the bottom to my clit. The coating of my grool let him slide over my engorging nubbin beautifully.

“Yes, there, touch me there,” I begged.

With irregular motions, Tim began tracing patterns over and around my now fully aroused pink pearl. I began to writhe on top of him, my ass attempting to clamp his dick between my cheeks. He pulled and twisted my left nipple harder and I cried out from the pleasure of it all. “Yessssss.”

He was humping his shaft between my cheeks and I could feel his precum coating my skin back there. Suddenly I could only feel one thing, his finger slipping inside my hot box, opening me. It felt so good when he reached into me and curled his finger to draw it across the rippled tissue of my G spot.

“Oh, Tim, oh, oh…” I moaned uncontrollably.

His hips lunged propelling is dick faster and harder against my ass. I ground back on him as my orgasm built from within. His thumb pressed my clit as his finger stroked me inside and he tugged my nipple as far as it would stretch. The nerve endings in my pussy, my clit and my nipple teamed up and tried to pushed me over the brink. escort ankara I squirmed in fits on top of his hard body as I tried to hold off the impending torrent of gratification and bliss.

“You’re beautiful when you cum, Sara. Cum for me,” he encouraged.

I could hold back no longer. My body erupted all over at once and my breathing froze, my body went rigid as every muscle seized. My vagina contracted and tried to hold his finger trapped. My glutes became two hard half moons mashing his dick between us.

“Unnnnnnngggggggghhhhhh,” I exhaled as I pushed his hands from my breast and pussy, my orgasm so intense it made me too sensitive to be touched in those special places. I felt his hot, thick goo splooge onto my back and ass as he came beneath me.

Like a baby needing a pacifier I pulled his finger to my mouth and sucked my taste from it as I came down.

When I could think coherent thoughts again I laughed. “Did you just cum from humping my ass?”

Tim snorted into the mass of hair at my shoulder. “Yes, I did,” he said, almost like he was proud. “That’s what you and your body do to me, Sara. Being with you, touching you, pleasing you excites me so much I’m ready to explode all the time.”

“Well feel free to treat my body as your playground because I enjoy the hell out of how you play with it. I’ll take your cum on me anywhere you want.”

I rolled off him and stood beside the bed. He started to move and I lay my hand on his chest. “Wait right there.”

I ran to the bathroom and wet a washcloth with hot water and soap. I grabbed a towel and ran back to his room. I cleaned his stomach and crotch with the washcloth and then dried him with the towel. I pulled the sheet up to cover him, kissed him and said, “That was one fine wake up this morning, mister. However, I’ve now got cum running down my ass so I’m going to take a shower. You stay here and sleep some more.”

“Yes, boss,” he drawled before rolling over and drifting off.

After my shower I went to my room to get some clothes.

I walked past Tim’s room and looked in. He was awake and getting ready to work out. He wore loose gym shorts and no shirt. I love looking at his body! His phone was playing tunes on Bluetooth speakers.

I bounced into his room and announced, “Me time!” even though I had just spent the night in bed with him and had been awakened to a fabulous orgasm as the start to my day. I took his hand and led him to the bed.

“Lie down,” I instructed as I turned his back to the bed and pushed on his scrumptious, muscular chest.

With a grin he lay back, his right arm cocked under the pillow behind his head. I snuggled into his left side with my head on his chest and felt his arm come around me. I could feel myself just relax.

We just lay there for a while both feeling so content. I was idly playing with the path of hair that ran from his belly button to the waistband of his shorts, running my fingers through the little curls and tugging at tufts.

Looking up I saw mom at the door gazing at us lovingly with a serene smile on her face.

“Mom!” I shrieked.

“Mom?” Tim panicked.

My mother’s face changed from a look of happiness to one of shock as her hand flew to her mouth. And then she was gone.

I bolted down the hallway after her and raced into her room. She was standing at her dresser, her palms flat on the top and staring into her mirror.

“Mom?” I asked softly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tim appear at the door and I shooed him away.

She looked at me, ankara escort bayan then returned to staring in the mirror. I waited.

“As I passed Tim’s room,” she began in a low whisper devoid of emotion as if she were reading a transcript, “I looked in and saw you two on his bed. I could see you both were so relaxed and happy. It made me feel good that you two were so close to each other. The scene was just so sweet. ‘I hope they will always have each other.’ I thought to myself”

“I could feel the intimacy between you two. I could sense there’s more than the usual love between a brother and sister. When you yelled I came to my senses and reality seized me.”

Tears threatened to spill over and pour down her face.

“Where did I go wrong? What did or didn’t your father and I do to let this come about? Oh god.” Her face fell into her hand and she wept softly.

I hugged her, feeling the gentle vibrations of her crying and stroked her hair.

“Please, let’s talk and I’ll tell you everything. I’ll tell you why it’s nobody’s fault, especially not yours or dad’s.”

Her free hand came up and lay on top of my arm. She looked at me in the mirror. “Why, Sara? How?”

“Do you want to talk here or somewhere else?”

Dad had an office at one end of the house on the first floor. Mom had her sunroom. Full of flowers and plants it was the room where she went to read, to sew, to putter with her plants and be alone.

We sat there together after I made a cup of tea for her.

Nervously I said, “Mom, can I ask you one favor?”

“What?” She replied, still in that small, flat voice.

“Try to remember that warm, happy feeling you first had when you looked at us. I could see it in your face, your smile.”

Her eyes softened and the corners of her mouth turned up a smidge. “I’ll try.”

“First things first, I love him and he loves me. Obviously, not just like a brother and sister, much deeper than even that love. I have loved him for years and no other boy or man has ever compared to Tim. He feels the same way about me.”

She reached out to lay her hand on mine. “Oh Sara, you’re both so young. How could either of you even begin to know about love like that?”

“That’s just the thing, Mom, we do. I can’t explain it, but I know it. What’s more is, I feel it deep inside me. I think because we both fought so hard to deny the feelings we had for fear of hurting the other, the love had to be overwhelming to break through.”

I spent the better part of the next hour going through the past few years and how our real emotions came pouring out in a flood over the last few days.

Mom listened without speaking until I was done. She stood and held out her arms and hugged me tightly. It felt good.

“I need time to process this. It’s wrong, it’s against the law and society’s standards. But I will always love you and I will always love Tim. You are my son and daughter and I will never deny that.”

When we separated, I could see that my tears had made two dark, wet areas on her blouse.

“Do want to talk with Tim?” I asked.

“Not yet. Please tell him I’m not angry at him. I’m just in shock.. You’ve done a good job of telling me everything and now I need to think.”

As I left she called my father. In fear I lingered outside the door to listen. She explained that she wouldn’t be back to the lake tonight as planned. She had a headache and didn’t want to drive. After exchanging ‘I love yous’ she hung up.

Tim was furiously lifting weights downstairs. He was sweating profusely and he was jacked and ripped. Every muscle was hard and his veins stood out everywhere – chest, shoulders, arms and legs.

“I had to do something, I was so nervous, so scared,” he said looking like he was in pain as he spoke.

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