Sister’s Divorce Ch. 1

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Todd and his sister Christina had been very close when they grew up. She was now 34 and he was 30, and lived very far apart. One event always stood out in Todd’s mind. When they were younger, she had caught him jacking off and to his amazement and surprise, she casually strolled into the room, undid her top, and took his throbbing member between her 38 D breasts, and rubbed him to orgasm. After he had cum, she smiled, and walked off. Now, 21 years later, he answered the phone, and it was his sexy older sister. “Bob and I are getting a divorce” she said. “I need to talk to someone, and you are my closest friend. Can I come and see you?” she asked.

“Sure, sis” Todd replied.

“I am gonna catch a flight in the morning, at 10 am, and should be at Lambert Field by twelve,” she said.

“I will be there to pick you up,” Todd said, smiling widely. He had really missed his sister, and was anxiously awaiting her arrival. Todd barely slept that night, thinking about how much he had missed her.

He arrived at the airport an hour early, and as he sat and waited, it seemed like an eternity before Christina’s plane arrived. He barely recognized his older sister, as she strolled through the gate. She looked incredible. Her hair was almost waist length, very blonde, and her breasts looked so large and firm. Much larger than Todd had remembered. He ran to her, and they embraced. Christina sobbed as her younger brother held her tightly. “Oh Todd, my life is so fucked up,” she cried.

“It’s okay, sis,” he said, holding her, comforting her. They carried her bags to his corvette, and he opened her door for her, and watched her long, sexy legs as she czech gangbang porno slid into the car. Her skirt slid upward, revealing her soft creamy thighs. Todd felt his cock thicken as he watched his gorgeous older sister.

He quickly tried to think other thoughts, and he walked around to the driver’s side of the car. He slid into the car, and quickly drove away. His eyes wandered down his sister’s hot body as he drove, and he would occasionally stare at her pretty thighs, as her skirt rode up. His cock stiffened, and he had a very noticeable bulge between his legs. Christina’s eyes caught her younger brother’s erection as it pressed firmly against his jeans. She felt her pussy dampen. She hadn’t had sex for 3 months, since she caught her husband Bob, fooling around with that other woman. She smiled as she remembered the time she had rubbed her younger brother to a hot climax with her monstrous breasts. She remembered how his cum had erupted wildly splashing against her chin, and she remembered how sweet he tasted.

Her pussy was now soaked as she stared at his large bulge. Christina felt very brave, and her hand slid between her brother’s legs. Todd gasped as his sister’s long red fingernails ran across the bulge in his pants. “Mmm, you feel so big and hard,” she said, as her hand squeezed his throbbing cock. Todd softly moaned. Christina unzipped her brother’s jeans, and his large 9 and 1/2 cock flopped out. Christina gasped as she looked at her younger brother’s beautiful cock. She bent downward, and took his large pulsating cockhead between her lips. Todd moaned as his sister took his cock deeply into her mouth. Christina’s czech harem porno tongue slid up and down the throbbing shaft, and Todd moaned loudly. She cupped her brother’s balls in her hand, and moved her mouth up and down his cock quickly. Todd thrust against his sister, watching her long beautiful blonde hair as she sucked him.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” he moaned. She moved her mouth quicker, and his cum erupted into her mouth. Christina moaned as her younger brother’s cum shot against the back of her throat.

“Mmmm…” she moaned. It tasted just as wonderful as she had remembered. She hungrily devoured every drop of his precious cum, sucking him until the last of his sweet jism oozed from his massive cock head. She removed her mouth from her brother’s stiff cock, and looked up at him. He smiled brightly, and she slid upward, and pressed her lips against his. Their tongues slid against each other, and they passionately kissed.

Todd’s cock remained hard, as they French kissed. Christina unbuttoned her top, and removed her humongous breasts from the tight bra. Todd gasped as he looked at her beautiful white globes. Her nipples were large and pink, and very erect. Christina slid her skirt upward, and Todd noticed her tiny pink panties. He could see the wet spot between her legs, and she slid the panties off, and tossed them to the floor board. She spread her legs widely, and he caught a glimpse of her blonde pussy hair. It was trimmed neatly, and he could see her marvelous wet pussy lips glistening with her juices.

“Pull over, now!” she yelled. Todd quickly pulled over to the shoulder of the highway, and Christina wasted czech sharking porno no time. She quickly climbed onto his lap, and his large cock slid into her tight, wet pussy. She pressed her lips against his, and they passionately kissed as she slid all the way onto his large cock. “Oh GOD!” she moaned. Christina bounced up and down on her brother’s hard cock. She climaxed quickly, as she felt him throb and pulsate inside of her. “Oh yes, it’s so big” she yelled. She pressed one of her large breasts against his mouth, and he eagerly accepted the pretty nipple between his lips. He sucked hungrily on her nipple as her tight pussy gripped his cock firmly.

“Oh sis,” he moaned.

“Yes, cum in me little brother, I wanna feel you,” she moaned. Todd needed no further encouragement, and his cum erupted into her hot, tight pussy. Christina moaned as she felt the thick hot cum shoot into her aching pussy. “Yes, oh GOD!” she moaned, cumming again. She rode her brother’s cock wildly, as he nibbled on her beautiful nipple. Her pussy spasmed around his large cock, and she could feel his cum still oozing into her. She quickly thrust her tongue into his mouth, and they kissed as she slowly slid from his cock.

“Oh GOD!” he moaned.

“Yes, mmm…” she whimpered. “Oh thank you so much, Todd” she moaned. “I really needed that.”

“Oh me too!” he said. “So, how long are you gonna stay?”

“I don’t know, yet,” she replied.

“You can stay forever, if you like,” he said. Christina smiled widely as her little brother said that.

“Oh Todd, you are so sweet!” she said. They both quickly dressed, and Todd began driving again. They quickly arrived at his house, about 10 minutes later. She was in awe as she looked at Todd’s beautiful large mansion. “Damn, this is nice” she said.

“Well, being a lawyer does have its advantages,” he replied. They held hands as they walked into the large house.

To Be Continued…

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