Sister’s Spanking

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All characters are over 18.


I came out of the shower and got an erection towelling my body down. I went to my bedroom and thought I’d have a good long wank watching some porn online. I sat in front of my computer pleasuring myself and when I was at maximum hardness decided to calm down a bit by watching some spanking.

It was so nice to watch these girls get their comeuppance and started to yearn to give a girl a good spanking. None of my girlfriends would allow such a thing and I surrendered to the thought that this kink would never be fore-filled.

I then heard my sister singing away in her bedroom and buoyed on my testosterone-filled body I thought, “Why not?”

She was my elder sister and when I was young she really put me through the wringer. She was the boss and let me know it constantly. She was always catching me masturbating, so much so she practically made a sport out of it. I would hear her creep along the landing to my bedroom door and she would burst in yelling “wanker, wanker!” Even if I wasn’t.

I had to get into the habit of sleeping on my side with my hands right outside the bed covers. That wasn’t enough though. She enjoyed showing me my porn collection and pointing out the pages that were stuck together.

“Oh I can see why you wanked off to her, she’s very pretty, loose control did you? Aww! Bless,” she teased.

She was also fond of pointing out my stained sheets forcing me to catch my spunk in my wanking sock. A great idea until the sock became too crusty and scratched my cock! Socks were soon in short supply in our house and suspicions grew.

Now in my early twenties, I was stronger than she and I thought the time was ripe for revenge. I stormed into her bedroom grabbed her around the waist and threw her across my lap as I sat on her bed.

“Oh!” She squawked out in surprise.

“I’ve warned you again and again not to touch my computer, so I’m going to teach you a lesson,” I falsely declared, “You’re going to get six of the best!”

“Oh no please!” She cried out as I pulled her short skirt up revealing her white lacy panties and sexy white stocking tops.

“I won’t do it again,” she pleaded as I admired her sexy ass. I quickly spanked her nice ripe ass and enjoyed her yelping and wriggling on my lap. The six spanks were over far too fast and I rested looking at her spanked bottom wanting more.

“Oh, you cad!” czech streets porno She cried, “how dare you?”

I stroked her bottom in confusion. I expected her to scream blue murder and insult me, instead she begged, “no please” and “I won’t do it again.” She also called me a cad. Who uses words like that? I mewed this over while youthful exposed body gently rocked on my hard cock.

“Oh you bounder, you’re thinking about spanking my bare bottom aren’t you?” She cried.

“Bounder?” I’d never heard her use such words, what was going on?

“Oh no, I can feel your, your thing and it’s hard, what are you going to do to me?”

There was an in-congruency in her words but not the protest I had expected. I grabbed the waistband of her panties and waited for her to react.

“No! Not my bare ass, master please!” She begged.

“Quiet, you wench, and take your punishment,” I boldly declared joining her in her old speech and whipped down her panties clear of her reddened bottom, down over her stockinged legs snagging and sticking momentarily in the gusset of her pussy.

“Oh! She cried with false modesty and I proceeded to spank her bare bottom, my hand bouncing off the hardness of her fit ass. I snapped my spanks in pushing her pussy into my hard cock as she wriggled and writhed.

“I’m so sorry Sir, I won’t do it again!” She garbled between yelps.

“Sir” She had never called me ‘Sir’, and despite her pleas for mercy, I spanked on and on!

“Oh, cruel, hard master!” She continued to protest as my spanks echoed around her girlie bedroom. “You bounder my poor bottom will be sore for days!”

“Don’t worry I will soothe your bottom after I have tenderised it.”

“No, please sir, don’t ejaculate your goo onto my innocent little bottom!” She exclaimed.

Ejaculate on her bottom, what on earth was she thinking? I spanked her harder and harder and she kicked and screamed! At long last, I had her where I wanted! Floundering and thrashing as she cried out struggling to take her spanking. I pushed her off my lap and she rolled to the floor.

She got to her knees and rubbed her raw ass. “Thank you, sir, I deserved that, I’ve been such a naughty girl.”

I was expecting a slew of abuse but instead, she stood up and bent over. “Is my bottom punished well enough for my Lordship?”

I laughed and thought what a good sport she was and playfully czech taxi porno gave her another spank!

“Oh! Sir!” She shrieked as I got up and left the room.

I went back to my room confused and horny, my cock hard up teetering on the edge. Did that really happen? She enjoyed it that was for sure. I heard sis go out on the landing and in my confusion, I hoped she didn’t come to my room. I heard the spurt of the shower nozzle so it was obvious where she was. My head was spinning and I had alien thought of joining her in the shower.

I wanted to spank her again already and thought I’d wait in her bedroom naked and erect. I sneaked to her room confused and unsure of myself. I stood there in her bedroom naked and lost confidence. In my panic, I thought I’d settle for a pantie wank instead a fetish I had just started. I opened her drawer and there on top of her freshly ironed panties was a note. “Hello brother, I hope you’re enjoying wanking in my panties!” It said. The Bitch! She knew! The note continued ‘PS be sure to wash them afterwards. Shelly xxx”

I glowed with embarrassment just as I had done when she caught me masturbating in my younger days. Now she knew I wanked in her panties and it was hard for my ego to take.

Under the note was a small book that I largely ignored in the shocking embarrassment that my sister knew I was playing around in her panties and enjoying the fact she knew.

For some reason, I grabbed the book and ran back to my bedroom naked with my cock on the wane, her panties in one hand and her book in the other.

In the safety of my bedroom, I read the title of the book. “A Victorian spanking.”

I was shocked and flipped through the book in it I caught glimpses of words I had just heard

“Thank you, sir, I’ve been such a naughty girl.”; “Is my bottom punished well enough for my Lordship?”; please sir, don’t ejaculate your goo on my innocent little bottom!”; “Oh cruel, hard master!”; “Oh you cad!” And “you bounder!”

She had played out her fantasy beneath me! She was really for it now.

I ran with the book and note back to her bedroom and waited naked for sis to return from the shower.

She walked into the bedroom, her arms up drying her hair with a towel and another wrapped around her body. It just about covered her boobs and pussy.

She screamed as I whipped the towel clean off and she used one hand digitalplayground porno to cover her nipples and the other her pussy.

“What?” She blurted shocked by the sight of my rising cock! I threw the book down before her!

“You’ve been a naughty girl in need of a good spanking and then a good stiff talking too!” I acted.

“Oh Sir, you have me at a disadvantage!” She playfully played along on seeing the book.

I grabbed her arm and pulled it clear of her full boobs as I pulled her toward the bed.

“But my poor bottom Sir, it’s already been spanked!” She protested.

I threw her over my lap and held her tightly there. I got the note and pushed it in her face. “What does this say?”


I spanked her shapely round buttocks hard and she cried out.

“What does this say, read it out loud?”

“Oh, you bounder!”

“Do it!” I demanded and spanked her hard again the skin of her ass visibly displacing with the sharpness of the spank.

“Oh! She cried as I waved the note in front of her eyes, “Hello brother, I hope you’re enjoying..” She stopped to swallow letting me spank her hard again!

“And the rest!”

“I hope you’re enjoying wanking in my panties!” She groaned but soon shrieked as I spanked her with a long volley making her kick and squeal!

“And the rest!” I demanded.

“PS be sure to wash them afterwards. Shelly xxx” she sobbed.

I spanked her long and hard, her pussy rubbing my hard cock right to the edge every time her pubes pushed down.

I lifted up and threw down on the bed!

“You deserve this you wench!” I said as I held my cock.

“I do sir! Please fuck this naughty girl hard! I’ve been such a naughty, naughty little girl and need a good stiff punishment!”

I pushed her legs wide and ploughed into her sodden snatch and pounded her hard and fast.

“Oh sir, you’re breaking me in, I’ve been so bad!

I went to long slow hard strokes.

“Oh teach this slut a lesson, Sir! Smash my pussy, smash it hard!”

And smash it did!

“Such a bad, bad girl!”

“Take it, bitch!” I demanded.

“Oh that cock, so hard, so deep, splitting me in two!”

I accelerated my fucking, my cock in and out like a piston at speed. My balls drew up, my cock ready to burst! I withdrew and flipped her over and spunked up all over her ass.

“Oh I’m such a slut,” she cried as I shot time and time again over her freshly spanked red raw ass! I rubbed my sperm into her ass and she slowly got up.

“That was nice, thank you, now if you must wank in my panties please wash and iron them.”

With that she went back to the shower, she was still the boss.

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