Sleepover Surprise

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What a weekend! It has all been like a dream from which I cannot escape. I just have to tell someone what happened before I burst with excitement.

I live with my partner Suzy and her two daughters, Laura and Sarah. Suzy is 36 with long flowing red hair and twinkling green eyes. Even though she is eight years older than I am she has an amazing figure for one who has had two children and I just love her 36c tits and her plump but firm arse.

Last Saturday Suzy had arranged to go out on a girl’s night, which usually meant her staggering in as the sun rose. I never mind her going out as she never complains when I have poker nights with the lads and so I readily agreed to stay in to make sure Laura and Sarah were ok.

During the day on Saturday Laura asked if her friend Abby could stay over to watch movies and listen to music. Suzy had met Abby before and thought she seemed nice enough so agreed with Laura’s request. This immediately upset Sarah who was feeling left out, so I suggested she either invite a friend over as well or stay over at their house instead. A couple of phone calls later and Sarah was happily packing her overnight bag and heading off to a friends house,

“See you tomorrow… about lunch time ok?” She called as she was leaving.

Abby arrived about half five that evening and I ran them to the local video shop to pick some DVD’S and grab some munchies for whilst they were watching. By the time we had returned Suzy was nearly ready to leave. She looked ravishing in a tight little navy blue dress that pushed up her bountiful breasts. I couldn’t help myself and began stroking her breasts through the material so that her large nipples strained to be released from her dress. This and the thought that so many guys were going to be wishing to do the same thing soon had me hot and bothered and wanting to go further.

“Oh no you dont you randy bastard!” Suzy scolded me gently, ” Maybe if your awake when I get in…” She winked.

I smiled happily at the thought of peeling that dress off of her body before ravishing her totally.

At half seven Suzy’s taxi arrived and as I kissed her goodbye she gently stroked me between the legs teasing me to the last second.

“DO wait up!” She whispered as she turned to go and wiggled her hips as she walked away.

“Have fun and say hi to the girls for me” I shouted after her.

Soon after Suzy left Laura and Abby came down to stock up on food and drink before adjourning upstairs to begin their slumber party. It was now that I got a close look at Abby for the first time. What a beautiful little creature she was. She can only have been about 5ft 2 inches, she had lovely shiny blonde hair to just below her shoulders and glittering blue eyes. I found it increasingly hard not to stare at her as I fumbled in the fridge for a beer.

After retrieving a cold beer from the kitchen I settled into my chair in the lounge and flicked on the football on the Television. I could still hear the girls in the kitchen giggling away whilst they waited for some popcorn to finish in the microwave until a few minutes later Laura called out,

“We’re going upstairs now Stu, ok?”

“Ok girls, have fun and don’t annoy the neighbours!” I replied.

“Stop worrying,” Laura laughed as they went upstairs.

After a couple of hours of football and four more beers I had settled into a mellow buzz and couldn’t’ have cared less what I watched on Tele. Due to the lack of anything to watch I decided to have a shower and freshen up a bit before hitting the sack.

Now our bathroom is opposite the room that Laura and Sarah usually share and I could hear giggling and whispering coming from inside as I passed into the shower. After about a quarter of an hour in the shower I felt totally refreshed and toweling myself down I headed downstairs to get a drink to take up to bed.

As I climbed the stairs I could hear music coming from the girls’ room so I thought I should just poke my head round the door to say goodnight and to remind them not to make too much noise. As I opened the door I got the biggest shock of my life as there in front of me Laura and Abby we both dressed in only a pair of small cotton panties and were in the process of stroking each others naked torso’s whilst gently kissing each other.

“Oh god, sorry!” I stammered as I quickly backed out of the room and headed into the room Suzy and I slept in.

My mind was in turmoil as I lay there picturing again what I had seen. My emotions were conflicting each other as I got excited at seeing two sexy young women together yet at the same time feeling shame at thinking this way over one of Suzy’s daughters.

I don’t know how long I lay there before I heard the faintest knock on the door.

“Come in,” I gasped, unsure of what to say or where to look.

Laura and Abby both entered and I noticed that they both now had on a top and shorts.

“I am so sorry to have barged in on you like that, I dont know why I didn’t knock, I’m sorry.” I blurted out.

“Stu,” Laura replied, ” We were just messing around and got a türbanlı porno little carried away… Please don’t tell mum, she’ll kill me if she finds out.”

“Yes please Stuart, Don’t tell on us… we were only curious about ‘things’ and thought we would see what all the fuss is about. We will make it up to you somehow I promise!” said Abby, ” Wont we Laura?”

“Y-Yes we’ll make it up to you somehow… what would you like?”

My mind could barely digest what was being said and I had difficulty forming words let alone sentences!

“I-I-I don’t know, this is all so…unbelievable”, I said, “what do you mean ‘make it up to me?’ How? When?”

With that Laura and Abby looked at each other and just smiled before turning to me. Abby then sent my mind into overload with what she said.

“Laura and I were thinking that the only real way we can be assured of your secrecy is if you are involved in the secret. How would you like both of us to join you in here so that we can all enjoy a little fun?”

Well normally I would jump at such an opportunity but Laura is my Stepdaughter and this made me feel strange and unsure. Laura must have seen my indecision and whispered,

“Please Stu, Abby and I both want to do this and how can you turn down two horny 18 year old girls offering you whatever you want on a plate?”

With that both the girls moved a little closer and sat on the edge of the bed; I could smell the sweet scent of their perfumes and was becoming intoxicated by their presence. Even if I had wanted to I knew that I couldn’t turn down such and offer and the fact that one of them was Suzy’s daughter just made it all the more exciting.

“Ok, I want both of you so bad right now but we must all promise never to mention this to anyone else.” I insisted.

“Its a deal,” laughed Abby as she leapt on the bed and began stroking my chest and stomach. Laura was a little more reserved at first but soon edged next to me and I took her face in my hands and kissed her for the first time. It felt like an electric shock as waves of pleasure flowed through me. These waves increased further as I felt Abby’s tongue teasing my nipples and her soft lips kissing them ever so gently.

Abby then moved up so that I could kiss her lips and so our tongues met and devoured each other’s mouths. My hands were everywhere, caressing both girls, stroking their breasts through their tops. It was then that I felt a hand on my nether regions for the first time. By now I already had a large erection and my manhood was straining to be released from my shorts. This was easily accomplished by the hand that was stroking my bulging cock.

Before I made a fool of myself by finishing early I broke from their grasps and told them that it would be easier if they removed their nightclothes.

“Abby, I want to watch you undress Laura first then I want her to undress you.”

With that Abby immediately began removing Laura’s top revealing her wonderful full yet young breasts. Now that I could see them in all their glory I was sure that they were at least as big as Suzy’s and even firmer with gorgeous big brown nipples hardening under Abby’s touch. Next were Laura’s shorts as Abby made her stand facing me on the bed and from behind pulled the shorts down to Laura’s ankles. My eyes felt like they were on stalks as I gazed upon Laura perfectly nude for the first time and what shocked me the most was that her pussy was perfectly shaved. A gasp of desire escaped me as I heard Abby say,

“Isn’t she beautiful Stuart? I bet you can’t wait to feel her smoothness, take her breasts into your mouth, kiss her all over?” Abby teased.

The vision in front of me was too amazing with Laura’s long auburn hair flowing down her young nubile body, Her large, firm tits standing proudly out and the sweetest bald little pussy just inviting attention to it. I could hardly wait for Abby to be in the same state and encouraged Laura to repay the favour that her friend had just paid her.

Abby immediately stood on the bed with her legs apart and her feet either side of my waist. Laura first removed her top to reveal a wonderful contrast to her own breasts. Abby’s tits are a lot smaller but are perfectly shaped and she has gorgeous dark nipples that seem to be permanently hard and erect.

“Take off my panties Laura, I want to be naked for you step-dad,” Abby ordered.

Laura did just that and in an instant I could see Abby’s horny little pussy. Instead of being totally bald Abby had shaved herself almost totally bald except for a tiny blonde triangle that pointed towards her clitoris. With her legs being apart I could see her perfect little pink pussy lips open slightly like a pink rose starting to bloom.

“Oh god,” I moaned, “You are both too beautiful, I can’t wait to have you both.” “Then you don’t have to wait,” Laura said, moving back onto the bed next to me.

“Absolutely,” agreed Abby as she lay the other side of me.

I was now laying on my back alternating between both girls kissing them, stroking their tits and teasing their nipples until I could türk porno stand it no longer and whilst kissing Laura I slid my hand down and began lightly stroking her between the legs. Her pussy felt as though it were on fire as her heat enveloped my hand. Her moistness made her pussy lips glisten in the light as I moved a finger between them gently, stroking the entrance to her tight little pussy.

I then turned over towards Abby and repeated my performance, eager to discover how wet and warm her pussy could get. Again her slit was deliciously tight despite her love oils easing the way for my finger.

“Oh yes!” I groaned, as both girls began stroking and playing with my cock and balls. They took it in turns, first one played with my balls then took my rock hard cock in their hand and began to wank my shaft.

Suddenly I felt Abby move from our embrace and slide her body down my chest. Lower and lower until her head was level with my cock. Laura looked down at Abby and commanded,

“Yes Abby take my dads cock in your mouth, Suck his big fat dick into your horny little mouth.”

“Oh yes, it will be my pleasure… he has got such a nice fat pole,” Abby replied.

So there we lay Abby desperately sucking my cock and Laura alternating between kissing me and letting me suck on her large tits. All the while two of my fingers were sliding deeper and deeper inside her pussy causing her to moan out loud.

“Oh yes Stu, your hands feel so good in my pussy. And watching my best friend suck your cock is such a turn on.” Laura panted.

“Call him Dad Laura, that will make him even more horny!” Abby suggested.

“Ooh yeah dad, fuck me with your fingers. Finger my little slit, make me cum dad!” Laura groaned.

“Oh Laura,” I panted, ” let me taste your sweet little pussy whilst Abby sucks my cock. I want to fuck your pussy with my mouth.”

With that Laura positioned herself over my head and slowly lowered her glistening bald pussy down onto my mouth. My tongue began to dart between her pussy lips, delving deeper inside her tight little quim with every second as Laura ground herself against my face, pushing her pussy harder against my mouth. All the time Abby was desperately sucking my pole whilst playing with my balls until I felt like I would explode.

It feels like hours but can only have been a few minutes when I sensed Laura’s breathing change and she quickened her thrusting, forcing my tongue deeper into her little twat. Abby noticed as well and knew that Laura was about to cum.

“Yeah baby,” Abby encouraged, ” Fuck your dads face and cum all over it. You know he wants you too. Cum in his mouth Laura, it’ll feel so good!”

Laura evidently can stand no more as I feel her pussy lips tighten as convulsions flood through her body and her sweet nectar floods into my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes! I’m cumming. Oh yeah you’re making me cum dad. I’m cumming in your mouth. Ooohhh”

Laura fell off me in a daze and lay there recovering a little whilst Abby began kissing me, desperately forcing her tongue into my mouth, eager to taste her friends pussy.

As we all lay there I just knew that I had to Taste Abby’s wet little cunt as well. I rolled her over onto her back and opened her legs apart as I slid down the bed until her delectable little pussy was level with my face.

“Abby I want to taste your cum as well. Shall I eat your little cunt now?” I asked.

“Yes do it! Eat my pussy Stuart, I want your tongue in my hole so bad. I need to cum quickly!” Abby responded.

So I began licking and sucking at Abby’s tight pussy, gently lapping at her clitoris every so often before once again forcing my tongue as far inside her pussy as possible. This also had the desired effect on Laura who began encouraging me.

“Yes dad, lick her cunt. Suck on her clit, she loves that. Abby how do you like my dad sucking on your clit?”

Abby moaned in response,

“It feels fucking great! His tongue feels so good deep in my cunt. Suck his cock Laura whilst he licks me. Taste how good your dads cock tastes.”

To my delight Laura didn’t even hesitate. She positioned herself underneath me and took my throbbing cock deep into her mouth and began sucking up and down my length. Her mouth felt amazing as she slurped at the end of my cock before sliding the full length of my cock into her mouth so that the end of my cock slid into her throat.

Abby continued to moan and groan as my mouth and tongue devoured her sweet petals and clitoris.

“Let me sit on your mouth please Stuart,” She begged, ” then I will flood your mouth with my cum.”

To enable this I rolled onto my back thus allowing Abby to sink her sweet little hole down onto my mouth. Laura needed no other encouragement to continue where she left off and soon began sucking my cock whilst sliding her hand up and down its length, wanking me into her mouth. As well as this I felt a new sensation as Laura wrapped her wonderful large tits around my shaft and began rolling them up and down my cock fucking me with her breasts.

This new pleasure türkçe alt yazı porno drove me on even further, desperately sliding my tongue deep inside Abby’s delicious young fuck hole.

“Oh yes suck my clit Stuart. Suck it and lick my cunt. God you’ve made me so horny, I want to cum all over your face.” Abby gasped.

“Go on Abby Fuck my dads face and cover him with cum. Let him taste your sweetness as you flood his mouth.” Laura said, whilst rubbing my penis between her amazing young, firm tits.

Finally Abby could hold back no more and sank herself down onto my face, taking my tongue as deeply inside her as she could. I could feel her contractions gripping my tongue as waves of pleasure flooded through her and her cum gushed into my willing mouth. The excitement of it all was too much for me and with a large groan I felt my cum begin to force its way up my length.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum too. Oh shit yes! Ooohhh yeeess!” I moaned as I felt my cum shoot between Laura’s tits. As I finally relaxed a little I opened my eyes to see Abby licking and sucking Laura’s breasts clean of my creamy load before sliding her cum covered tongue into Laura’s mouth, sharing my seed with my own step daughter.

As I slumped down temporarily exhausted I couldn’t believe what had just happened,

“Oh yes girls! That was the most amazing experience of my life!”

“But you never even fucked us Stuart,” Abby commented.

“Yes dad didn’t you want to fuck us?” Laura added.

“Of course I want to and in a few minutes I will endeavour to give you both the best fucking of your lives but for now I have to recover a little. To help me recover quicker you could show me what you were getting up to earlier in your room.”

“Oh yes,” cried Abby, “We’ll do what ever you want.”

“Yes dad, tell us what you want us to do. Let us help your cock return to life for us!” Laura begged.

“Ok, you can start by stroking each others tits before you take it in turns to suck on each others nipples,” I suggested.

Immediately Abby and Laura began doing as instructed, gently teasing and stroking each other, causing soft whimpers of delight to escape from their lips. Abby began slowly teasing Laura by rolling her tongue around Laura’s swollen nipples and gently sucking Laura’s breast into her fire hot mouth.

“Right Abby reach down and stroke Laura between the legs. I want to see my daughters pussy cover your hand with her cum. Finger her tight little hole for me,” I ordered.

Abby was only too happy to oblige and began slowly at first to toy with Laura’s puffy pussy lips before sliding a couple of fingers deep inside Laura’s twat.

Laura was soon moaning out loud,

“Yes Abby finger my wet pussy, slide your fingers deep inside my hot little cunt, that’s it suck and fuck me baby.”

Abby quickened her pace as Laura became more excited until I told her to stop and hold open Laura’s pussy lips so that I could see inside her pink pussy. Just the sight of Laura’s inner pussy had my cock twitching as it became harder and harder, however I had not finished with the girls and their little lesbian show. I ordered them to switch places so that Abby could enjoy the touch of another woman.

Almost at once Laura was sucking away furiously on Abby’s sweet little tits, her nipples standing at attention as they were devoured by Laura’s mouth. By moving slightly I got a better view of Laura’s hand as she began delving between Abby’s legs and slid first one, then two fingers all the way into Abby’s delicious little slit. Laura began earnestly frigging her friend until Abby cried out in ecstasy.

“Oh god Laura I’m gonna cum soon. Please don’t stop, fuck me faster,” Abby cried.

I couldn’t believe how horny I was again as my cock sprang to life. I was aching to fuck both girls but was determined to make it last as long as possible so I ordered Laura to continue fingering Abby until she came.

“I want to watch Abby’s pussy as she cums Laura. I want you to finger her until she cums then hold open her gorgeous little cunt so that I can watch her pussy cum.”

Now I can honestly say that I have never seen anything as horny as that. Abby little pussy was held wide open as wave after wave of cum flowed from her vitals down over Laura’s fingers.

A couple of minutes later and both girls lay there spent, recovering from their horny encounter when I realized that the one thing I had not watched them do was taste each others pussies.

“Girls I really want to fuck you both but first, please, I want to watch you both eat each others cunts. I want to see you ’69’ for me.”

With that Laura lay on her back whilst Abby straddled her face and gently lowered her swollen cunt on to her friends eager and waiting mouth and tongue. At the same time Abby lowered her head between Laura’s legs and began lapping at the entrance to Laura’s wet slit. Soon the bed was bouncing around freely as they both tongued each other’s twats and sucked greedily on each other’s erect clitorises. I could barely contain myself as both girls began moaning louder and louder until with an anguished cry they both came with wild abandon. Legs thrashed and hands were everywhere, stroking and pinching buttocks, frigging clits and slapping bare cheeks. Cum covered both their faces as they drank as much of each other as they could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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