Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 13

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After we had the meeting to discuss our new family dynamics, it was clear that as much as Dad seemed to be on board, he was terrified that it would get out and his job would probably be on the block. The old and staid members of the board of directors would not tolerate it for a moment.

The rest of the day was quiet. We were all tired after the alcohol, food, sun, fun and sex of yesterday had sapped us dry. The twins retired to their bedroom for a nap. Mom and Dad went to their room too. Whether it was for a nap in name only and they were really in their rooms having sex, I didn’t care. I crashed in a lounge chair by the pool and when that became too hot, I climbed onto a float in the pool and fell asleep.

Mom ordered take-out pizza for dinner and we sat around the dining table with little conversation. I wondered just how much including Dad in our family sex encounters would disrupt what we had going on before last night. I wondered just how long I’d feel nervous and uncomfortable having sex with my sisters and mother with Dad present and engaged too. Looking around the table, I had the distinct feeling that we were all trying to figure that out.

As far as I knew, everyone slept in their own bed that night, which was odd. The doors had been opened for free sex. No sneaking around trying to keep it quiet from Dad. Yet to my knowledge, nothing happened. I took the opportunity, with the lull in sexual activities and watched the video that I had recorded with Mom, Dad, Aunt Mary and her daughters in real time. Fuck, it was hot. I had fast forwarded through much of it before and stopped after I blew a load in a wad of tissues.

After Jillian and Jennifer showed up and started with oral sex with Mom and Aunt Mary, Jillian fucked Dad in a cowgirl position and then Dad fucked Jennifer in a missionary position. He had impressive stamina that I guess comes with age and experience. Jillian obviously had an orgasm and collapsed to the side while Mom and Aunt Mary helped themselves to her cream-pie. Dad timed his climax with Jennifer’s orgasm and then things slowed down to a stop. I was close to my climax and I backed up the video to watch Mom fucking Dad in a cowgirl position. The view from the camera looking straight down on Mom’s upraised face morphing from lust into an orgasm while she mashed her tits was more than enough and my orgasm crashed in on me. I groaned deep in my chest and blew my wad into the tissues.

I fell asleep shortly afterward. I woke in the night when the hall light came on and Mom walked across to the bathroom in the nude. I was hoping she would come down to my room to renew how we’d steal some sex before last night. She just walked back across the hall to her room and the light went out. My cock was hard with anticipation. I contemplated jerking off again but I fell back to sleep with my hand gripping it before I had made a decision.

In the morning, Mom didn’t even come to my room to wake me like she had been doing. I woke to Dad at the bottom of the stairs yelling, “Come on guys. It’s time to go to work.” I had forgot that today was to be the twin’s first day on the job as interns in the lab. I took a quick shower and was at the dining table twenty minutes later. The twins came out of their room dressed very professionally, but completely differently. I’d hardly ever seen them dressed differently.

Like on my first day of work, Mom had cooked up a big eggs, sausage and toast breakfast and again warned us that it was only to mark the special occasion and not to expect it every morning. We all nodded and filled our plates. Dad kept checking his watch and we shoveled the food in our faces.

After we were all in Dad’s car and on the way, he explained that we were free to drive our own cars if we liked but today, he wanted to introduce June and Julie to their respective supervisors and get them started. They were both sullen. You’d have thought they were being led off to the gallows.

None of us broached the subject of the new family sexual dynamics. That was going to just unfold on its own. There had been no stated rules. In fact, Dad had told me to just keep doing what I was doing, and rather than tip-toe around it, I was going to do just that until the rules changed. The twins and I hadn’t had a chance to talk about things and we really needed to, soon.

Dad parked in his assigned spot close to the front door and I went my way to my office after kissing June and Julie as I wished them a good day. The looks on their faces were like the gallows were now in sight and they could hear them testing the trap-door. I hugged them both and told them everything would be fine. They squeezed out a forced smile and hurried to catch up with Dad. I should have followed Dad too, so I could see Sylvia before starting my day. I decided to call her for lunch.

The hallways were a bustle of activity, even though it was just less than an hour before normal starting time. Ginger was already at her desk as I entered the ‘bull-pen’ vivid porno heading for my office. She grinned broadly at me as I came in. She has a nice smile. She’s a very pleasant woman, who isn’t hard to look at in spite of her nearly fifty years of age. She got my attention and I stopped in front of her desk and smiled down at her. She had an extra button undone this morning, exposing considerably more cleavage than usual. Her face was flushed a little and she was breathing a little heavy. I figured it was from walking the considerable distance from the general employee parking lot to her desk.

Ginger started to say something, but the words caught in her throat. She tried again and wheezed out, “Can we talk in your office?”

I smiled again and said, “Sure.” I headed to my closed office door and unlocked it and pushed it open as I motioned Ginger through the door. She was smoothing her skirt over her hips as she pushed past me into my office. I offered her one of the two chairs in front of my desk and sat beside her in the other, rather than take an officious position in my chair behind the desk or sit on the edge of the desk like so many management prigs do so that they was sitting on high looking down on the minnions.

She was very nervous acting. Her breathing had gotten heavier as her cleavage heaved up and down beneath her blouse. Her face reddened considerably and I had a feeling that this meeting had nothing to do with work. I let her get herself together and finally she cleared her throat and said in a croaking voice, “Last Friday, I let two very attractive young ladies wait for you in your office. You told me they were starting work here today.” I remembered very well and I nodded trying to be as calm as possible, but I had a feeling where this was going. “I overheard some rather erotic sounds and I sat down at the empty desk outside your office.” I remembered that too. “I saw those two beautiful girls get out of your Dad’s car with you this morning.” Her voice was getting stronger as she spoke. She was getting into her rhythm and I was sure that she would make an offer to keep her mouth shut. It wasn’t hard to figure out who those girls were. Now I was breathing harder and I could feel the heat building on my face. I nonchalantly wiped the palms of my hands on my thighs, willing myself to remain calm.

Ginger leaned forward in her chair toward me and unfastened another button on her blouse. All of her ample cleavage and her bra were now on display. I had to force my eyes to look away as her cleavage heaved with each breath. She looked down at my lap to see if her display was having an effect on me. As much as I prayed that it wouldn’t, my cock hardened in my pants and lifted the crotch to an obvious tent. My hands headed for my crotch but I stopped myself. That would have only made it worse.

Ginger smiled and then looked up at my face and said, “Your sisters, I presume.” She inched her chair closer to mine and continued, “Does your father know?” Every ounce of effort went into preventing my face from answering her question. She may know about me fucking my sisters in my office, but she couldn’t know that, while Dad didn’t know then, he does now.” I shook my head and looked down at her fingers slowly pulling the hem of her skirt over her knees and up her thighs. I was shocked when Ginger revealed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She just grinned at the expression on my face. She may have been very nervous to broach this subject, but she wasn’t nervous any more.

She inched a little closer and said, “I saw your erection in your pants last week when I was helping with your phone. I haven’t been able to concentrate on much of anything since. When I was sitting at the desk outside your office while you and your sisters were doing whatever you were doing, I envisioned that it was me instead of them. Is there anything you could do to help me realize that fantasy?” She smiled at me. She was in total control now and she knew it.

Ginger got out of her chair and went to the door and locked it before returning to stand by her chair. She already had unbuttoned her blouse and was pulling the shirt-tails out of her skirt. Her bra was a front fastening type and she nimbly unhooked it and hefted her large, full breasts in her hands. She peeled off the blouse and bra and laid them on my desk. I watched intently as my cock strained hard against the confines of my pants. Her eyes were glued to my lap. She turned her fingers to her skirt as she unbuckled the wide patent-leather belt. She unzipped and gently pushed her skirt over her hips and let it fall to her feet. She was naked except for her high-heels. Her hands ran up over her hips to her narrow waist and then up to her heavy breasts. They sagged a little. Considering their size and her age, they should have sagged more. I marveled at how well she kept herself in shape.

Ginger stepped close to me and offered me her hands. I took them and she helped me out of the chair. My cock woodman casting porno was pushing hard against my zipper and as she pushed her naked tits to my ribs, one hand went to my crotch while the other pulled down my tie and worked on my buttons. She unfastened my belt and pulled down my zipper. I was dressed commando, like usual and my cock forced its way out of my pants into her waiting hand. Her lips were inches from mine. I could feel her heavy breathing on my face. My heart was in my throat and I couldn’t breathe at all.

Ginger hadn’t made a verbal request for her silence and I was assuming that this was her price. When my cock dropped hard into her hand, her eyes went wide and she stepped back so she could look at it. She looked back up at me and said, “Holy shit, Dex. It’s bigger than I imagined.” She suddenly exhaled fully and after inhaling, she muttered, “Oh fuck, Dex. Hurry. I have to have this.” The lust in her eyes was palpable. She stretched up to kiss me and then apparently decided that she really wanted my cock in her mouth. She dropped to her knees and pulled my pants to the floor. I removed my suit coat, tie and shirt as she guided my cock to her lips with one hand and used her other to run her fingernails through the ripples of my ripped abs as she looked up my body to my face, she pushed her lips half-way down my shaft and promptly gagged and coughed forcing her way back off it. She rubbed in the following saliva and started a vigorous hand job while she rubbed my cock all over her face and then her tits and nipples, which were rock hard and very long.

Ginger was whimpering as she pushed her lips back over the firm, velvety knob and feverishly began a blow job on the top few inches while she stroked my shaft with both hands in counter-rotating spirals.

Ginger wasn’t married and never had been but she had skills and she obviously didn’t want me cumming in her mouth. She’d bring me up and let me back down. She did this several times before she pulled her lips off and stood up. She continued her hand job with one hand while she pushed things around my desk with the other. When she had cleared a spot for herself, she moved us both around and she pushed her ass up on the desk and laid back as her fingers went to her pussy and her hands held her legs splayed wide.

I moved into position and pulled her legs up over my shoulders. She groaned with just the thought of what was about to happen. She was gasping for oxygen. Her eyes were on fire. Her pussy was wetting the top of my desk. I teased her with my cock as I dragged the knob through her pink inner folds and Ginger groaned hard as it glided over her erect clitoris. She whimpered again and with considerable urgency said, “Please fuck me Dex. Fuck me with your monster cock.”

I chuckled to myself with the reference to my cock as being a monster. With my glans pushing firmly at the entrance to her vagina, I looked down into her fevered eyes and said, “I’m assuming that if we do this, that you will forget all about last Friday. Right?” She nodded vigorously and tried to push herself onto my cock using her legs. I pulled my cock back withholding it from her until I heard her say the words.

Ginger groaned and mumbled, “What happened last Friday?” She forced a grin as she tried to rock her hips forward onto my cock. I pushed in slowly and she shoved her wrist to her mouth to stifle a screech. Her head was flailing from side to side as I began fucking her in slow full depth strokes. With her legs on my shoulders she tried to pull herself on and off to aid my motion. I had it fully under control as I pummeled Ginger’s pussy through two hard orgasms. She was heaving air into her lungs as her tits heaved up at me in reaction.

I took her tits in my hand and caressed her nipples with my palms and she shrieked again, blocking most of the noise with her wrist over her mouth. She muttered, “Oh my gawwdd, Dex. I love your cock. Cum in me, please.”

I slowly pulled my cock from her and she thought I was withdrawing without giving her what she wanted. I was just taking a new position to piston-fuck her and when I started, it caught her off guard and she screamed hard and long and way to loud. I prayed that others weren’t in their offices yet. Thankfully, Ginger was the only secretary stationed in the ‘bull-pen’.

Ginger’s eyes went wide with my first piston-stroke and then she uttered one long word as her body convulsed on my desk, ‘FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK”. My climax was on its way and when my balls tightened and cum blasted into her, her body went rigid in a third orgasm. I was humping my hips at her and she was doing the same to me. She groaned with each shot until the last of them just drooled out of me.

When we were both done and our breathing was returning to normal, I pulled back and extracted my softening cock from her randomly clenching pussy. She tried to tighten her vaginal muscles to prevent me from pulling out. She giggled when cum drooled türkçe alt yazı porno out of her to the top of my desk. She waggled her ass in it before she sat up and let herself fall forward to her knees. She sucked my softening erection into her mouth and lashed it clean with her tongue. She pulled back off and smacked her tongue around her lips, savoring the taste. I helped her to her feet and she reached around and scooped a glob of cum off her ass and pushed her fingers into her mouth. She smiled after she swirled it around in her mouth and then swallowed. She kissed me and I could smell her cummy breath. She pulled back and said, “Someday soon, I’m gonna have to get a direct deposit right here,” as she pointed to her mouth, and giggled again. I wasn’t surprised that Ginger wasn’t going to let me off the hook so easily in trade for the knowledge that she had obtained. I was going to have to pay that debt with installments.

Ginger was collecting her clothes when we heard a key being pushed into the lock of the office next to mine. Ginger pushed her index finger to her lips. Other than the soft rustle of clothing, neither of us made a sound as we dressed.

In the office next door, we heard what was probably a briefcase being dropped heavily to the desk and then the squeak of the chair. I was amazed at how thin these walls were. It sounded like he was right in the office with us, which I’m sure he’d wish he was if he knew what we were doing.

Ginger fine tuned her appearance and pirouetted in a three-sixty so I could assess whether anything was out of place. I gave her a thumbs-up and she grinned and motioned for me to turn so she could check me. She smiled and quietly unlocked my office door. She checked to see if the coast was clear and then looked back at me, leaning against my desk, and gave me an air-kiss. Then she was gone. I watched her swaying her hips from side to side as she made her way across the bull-pen to her desk.

I had barely sat down at my desk and booted up the computer when my phone rang. I answered on the first ring and it was Ginger telling me that Sylvia was on the line. She giggled and said, “Some how your phone isn’t ringing through to your office again. I’ll be in later to fix it. Okay?” She giggled as she transferred the call. I had a good idea of how my phone got shut off again.

Without even a greeting, Sylvia started in, “Is the light for your phone line blinking or steady?”

I looked at the base unit of the phone and said, “It’s steady. Why?”

“Just making sure your secretary isn’t listening in. Jesus, Dex. Your family is insane. When I got home, I reviewed what I had seen at your party. It seemed that everyone was having sex with everyone else. Is that just my imagination? I never actually saw anything, but there seemed to be something in the air. I masturbated several times on Sunday just thinking about it. I’m getting hot now talking about it.”

I chuckled and lied, “It must be your imagination, and a fantastic imagination it is. Is there anything I can do for you now?”

She laughed and said, “No. I’m good. I’m not even being harassed by the usual managers. The word is out on these two gorgeous teenage girls starting work in the lab today. Your dad has been introducing them around all morning. It’s a ghost-town up here.” I laughed and asked her to lunch. She eagerly said, “Absolutely, but I’m not sure I want to eat, though.” She laughed again and we agreed to meet at her office at noon and decide what to do then.

I was busily engaged in my work for the rest of the morning, except for the phone call that Ginger put through. It was Mom. I checked the line indicator on the phone panel. It was blinking. Mom started to say something and I cut her off and told her to hold on a moment. I could have just said, “Ginger, please don’t listen in on my phone calls, but that would have alerted Mom to this little problem I was having with my secretary. Instead, I set the receiver on my desk and stepped to the door. Ginger was sitting at her desk with her receiver to her ear. She saw me standing in my door and she sheepishly set her receiver back in the cradle and went back to pecking on her keyboard without looking at me again. I shut my door and went back to the phone call. I kept an eye on the illuminated line indicator.

Mom said, “I just wanted to hear your voice. I’m home alone for the first time since your sisters were still in school before you came home from college. A lot has happened since then.” She said that she felt that she had to explain why she decided to tell Dad about our sexual relationships. She felt that the presence of Aunt Mary and her girls was the perfect time to broach the subject with him, since he’d been having sex with them for a couple years, even though it wasn’t very often. She was concerned how her revelations and Dad’s reaction to them were already impacting what she and I and she and the girls had going on before her confession.

I said, “Mom. Let things settle down a little so everyone can get their footing again. Dad told me to keep doing what I was doing. Do you think he really feels differently?” She didn’t have any reason to believe he felt differently, but I had to agree that things felt different between all of us.

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