Snow Sisters

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The journey had not been going well for Tanya and Amy. The two sisters had been traveling for six hours across icy roadways in an attempt to reach their grandfather’s home. The whole family had argued that it would be foolish for the elderly man to continue to live in the mountain foothills of the Rockies after his wife had died. And now Thanksgiving had come and gone and no one had heard from him.

Tanya and Amy, the youngest members of the large family, had volunteered to make the trip out to his home to ensure that everything was all right. The old cabin was normally only a three hour drive from their mother’s house, where they had spent Thanksgiving Day. But after only driving for an hour and a half, the temperatures had plummeted and snow had begun to fall. Very quickly they were forced to a crawl; the Audi’s all wheel drive constantly working to maintain traction on the road.

Amy had gone along on the trip because she was adventurous and carefree. Tanya had gone along because she was their grandfather’s favorite and he listened to no one but her. Tanya had been forced to leave behind her boyfriend and their seven month old baby. The plan had been to go to the house, make sure that Papa Armentz was all right, and then return to the family with him in tow. Normally a trip like that could have been accomplished, even with an ornery old man, in the better half of a day. Now, with heavy snow and icy roads it looked as if they would reach the cabin shortly after sundown and would likely have to stay the night there.

Tanya regretted her decision to go along. She had not been apart from her daughter for anything more than an hour or two since she had been born. And now in the icy silence of the winter she missed her terribly. Unsure of when the weather would let up and how long the drive would take, she rode along quietly. She wondered what she was doing. Was she hungry? Tired? Wet? Tanya just wished she had listened to her boyfriend and staid home.

Amy did not have a family of her own and had really just wanted to spend time with her older sister. The two had been very close growing up and had only stopped talking when Amy had moved away for college. Tanya had chosen a different route, becoming a stay at home mom of sorts. She and her boyfriend had been dating for several years now and were very committed to one another. He worked and paid the bills and she made sure that his home was well kept and his daughter well cared for. It was a very quaint and traditional set up. One that Amy was not fond of.

The rift between the women had largely been related to their differences of opinion in that matter. Amy had vocally opposed Tanya’s decision to not go to school and had insulter her husband and her. Amy felt that Tanya was throwing away a lot of potential and a future for herself. And Tanya had been hurt; feeling a bit of nervousness about the decision herself, and in her pride had refused to speak with Amy until this Thanksgiving.

Something had clicked over the turkey meal and the women had eagerly filled in the other on their lives and what they had missed. Amy had gushed about how cute Tanya’s daughter was and how she had her eyes. Tanya had lauded Amy for her success in school and her pending graduation from the university. No one really talked about what had happened between them and they had tried to pick up where they had left off.

Amy peered into the darkness, her mind wondering what her sister was thinking. Much of their conversation to that point had been shallow and she had so many things she wanted to ask and share with Tanya. But now with the treacherous roadways, she was unsure that any of the drive could be spent talking. However, she did have one big thing she needed to get off her chest before they were joined by their grandfather and she worried that as they got higher in the mountains that it would be less likely she would say it.

So like many things she said and did, Amy blurted it out. “I’m sorry, sis. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you when I said that stuff. I just missed you. We were best friends and I thought we were so alike.” She waited hoping that Tanya would say something. When her older sister did not, Amy turned towards her and repeated.

“I wish I had never said that stuff. Your life is perfect. You have a great guy and a beautiful kid. You’re so lucky.”

Tanya couldn’t take much more of her sister’s profuse apology. She had a confession of her own to make.

“Quiet, Amy. I was wrong. You were right. Don’t apologize again.”

Amy stared at her older sister surprised by this admission. “What?”

“I think Todd is cheating on me. We haven’t slept together since, like, my second trimester. It’s almost a year now. I love Dahlia, but I am worried that Todd will leave us. I made the wrong decision.”

“Are you sure? How do you know that he cheated? Have you said anything to him yet,” Amy blurted once more, surprise sounding in her voice.

“No, I haven’t said czech couples porno anything. I just know. He says he is at all these meetings all the time. He never has meetings. He’s a salesman for Christ’s sake.” Tanya could feel a lot of emotions welling up within her. She didn’t want Amy to see them; she didn’t want to be weak in front of someone whose opinion she so highly valued.

“I don’t want to be right any more. I just want us to be friends again. I want to be your little sister again. Please?”

Tanya wiped away a tear and said with some finality, “Deal.”

Tanya leaned in to give her sister a hug. Amy released the wheel with her right arm and circled it around her sister’s neck. They were just breaking their embrace when the road veered sharply to the right. Amy reacted as most people would, one foot slamming home the brake and her arms hastily working to turn the car. But even with all wheel drive the vehicle drove off the edge of a ten foot embankment and its nose crumpled against a young fir tree.

Both women were thrown forward hard, the air bags exploding just before their heads impacted the dash. Then they were thrown back, their bodies slammed against the seat by the force of the deployment. The car’s automatic fuel shutoff switch kicked on and the engine’s uneven whine faltered to a stop. Then everything went quiet.

Amy was the first to move, hurriedly thrashing the air bag down against the steering wheel and trying to get some indication of her sister’s health. Tanya woozily stirred at her sister’s touch, one hand drifting to the side of her head and the other reaching for the door handle.

Tanya stumbled out of the warm interior of the car and landed waist deep in the snow drift. This high above sea level, snow had been falling for the better part of a week, and now the car and its passengers were irrevocably stuck in it. Tanya tried pivoting back to the car but could not turn her feet beneath the cold grip of the white powder. Amy leaned across the passenger’s seat and grabbed her sister beneath the arms. Together the two women managed to free Tanya and get her back into her seat. The door closed safely behind her, and the women stared at each other fearful and bewildered.

Amy tried restarting the car, but was rewarded with the simple whine of an ignition with no gas. Then both women reached for their cell phones. Amy had no reception but tried to dial 911 anyways. Tanya merely threw her phone against the dash. The high priced device splintered on impact, its dead battery dropping to the floor. Amy felt tears well up in her eyes as the repeated buzz of no signal blared from her phone.

“What do we do? What do we do? We’re trapped. What are we going to do,” she stuttered over and over again. Tanya tried comforting her, but her mind reeled at the gravity of the situation they found themselves in. She tried calming herself down enough to think clearly.

It was then she remembered the story of a family who had slid off a road and not been found for seventeen days. They had stayed put, not venturing out into the weather, and had waited for rescue.

As calmly as possible she tried explaining to Amy what they had to do.

“Sis. Sis. It’ll be okay. They’ll come looking for us. They’ll know when we aren’t back this evening and they can’t reach us. They know where we were going. We’ll be okay.”

“But what if it doesn’t stop snowing,” Amy pleaded. “They can’t go out in this. They won’t see our tire tracks. They won’t find us.”

“Quiet, sister. I need you to be calm for me. Do you have any emergency equipment? A safety kit or anything like that?” Amy’s bewildered shrug and steadily increasing sobs told her that her little sister had no idea. Tanya was getting cold, the frozen ice and snow covering her jeans quickly soaking into the material as it melted. She leaned back her seat and sorely crawled into the rear of the station wagon. After digging for several minutes she managed to come up with a small dealer equipped emergency preparedness kit. Once again she crawled back to her passenger seat.

Amy watched as her sister dug through the kit, pulling different items out. She had started to calm, but was still quite scared of what challenges lay ahead. She tried starting the car again, it merely whined feebly. That was when she noticed the red light of the clock. 8:30.

Amy dropped back to her seat, the air rushing out of her. 8:30? 8:30? They had left at nine in the morning. She remembered having driven for six hours. But that would only make it around 3:00 in the afternoon. She turned panicking once more to her older sister.

Tanya saw the whirl out of the corner of her eye and turned to address Amy. But her little sister spoke first.

“It’s 8:30! It’s 8:30! We’ve been out here for over five hours. Do you remember anything? Anything?”

Tanya’s mind was thrown off balance by this new piece of information. She turned to the czech estrogenolit porno rear of the car and saw that the rear window was covered in snow. In fact, the nose of the car seemed to be resting down hill with snow gradually climbing farther and farther up the hood. She tried to remember anything. Had she woken up? What happened? Was she unconscious? Her hand went to her head and felt a large tender bruise over her right ear. She must have hit the door frame on impact. Her puzzled face did little to reassure her sister.

Amy saw the look and tried starting the car once again. Once more, only the high pitched whine of an engine without fuel. As she went to shut the car off, Tanya’s hand shot out and stopped it, the key still in the on position.

“We’ll need the heat. The battery will die soon. But we’ll need the heat. Leave it on. Turn the lights off and the radio and everything except for the heat.” She was already feeling the crippling cold emanating from the windows of the car and her legs were shivering under the wet denim. She pulled the flare gun from the kit and read the instructions under the light of Amy’s cell phone. After loading one she prepared to step outside of the car and shoot it back towards the road.

“No sis…. You’re already soaked. You can’t go back out there. Let me do it,” Amy interrupted. Tanya was barely given the opportunity to argue. Her younger sister grabbed the gun and stepped into the swirling snow. Just as her sister had done, Amy quickly sunk into the snow. Ignoring the intense cold, the young woman aimed the flare back towards the rear of the vehicle and into the sky. With a sudden puff and a bright glow of orange light, the flare raced back towards the road.

The sisters would have no way of knowing that in the accident, the car had landed at an angle not parallel to the road. The flare would fly uselessly into the night and would only survive long enough to melt a wide hole in a snow bank. No one would see it.

Amy clamored to get back into the vehicle. She had not realized how cold it was outside of the vehicle and was eager to escape it. Once the door was safely closed again the two sisters cranked the heat up and huddled in silence. Eventually the dull aching cold of their wet jeans would become too much.

Tanya would remove her pants first, then Amy would follow suit. The jeans were laid over the front seats to dry, hopefully, in the ensuing hours of waiting. Then the sisters climbed over the console and into the wide open space of the folded down back seats and storage area.

Amy had climbed first, a lacy red Victoria’s Secret panties riding between her thighs. Tanya gazed in envy at the still petite frame of her sister. She had put on a lot of weight with her pregnancy and despite having lost nearly all of it; she was still sensitive about the increased curves of her body. Part of the reason was her husband’s cold treatment of her while she was pregnant and beyond. No amount of working out had been able to minimize the increase in her bust size or the more significant flair of her hips. Her sister retained the family ass, perfectly balanced and pronounced by a slim waist. Tanya had to admit her sister was keeping in great shape.

Amy slipped into something of an alcove between a seat and a door. Tanya crawled in next to Amy, dragging a large emergency blanket with her. The two siblings huddled close to one another, their legs rubbing together for warmth.

The next several hours were spent that way. Periodically Amy would try her phone, hoping that by some random chance that it would get reception. Always the same short bleeps of noise indicating no signal.

The temperatures outside would continue to fall and Tanya would begin to fear that there was not much power left in the battery. At some point, in an effort to cheer up, Amy had broken open the only food or drink they had. Whiskey. Jack Daniels Whiskey. It was to have been a peace offering for their grandfather- his favorite. But now, trapped beneath an ever growing snow bank it was the last chance of happiness the women thought they had.

The bottle was passed back and forth, warming their stomachs and loosening them up. At first they would just joke about the past, about growing up together. Then the conversation turned to the present. With half of the large bottle left, the whiskey was set aside and the women opened up to each other.

Tanya revealed her insecurities about her body and about her appearance. She talked about how she envied her younger sister and her still perfect ass and smaller breasts. That is what her husband liked and she wished that she still had it.

Amy would reply with the prerequisite bashing of the husband and then would enthusiastically encourage her sister. She talked about how on campus her small breasts and flared hips would only draw lesbians and older men looking for a “daughter” to play with. Amy was truthful in this czech experiment porno and her honesty showed through. For the first time in a while Tanya had begun to feel positive about her appearance.

As they grew tired, they would slip to the floor, hugging tightly. Amy fell asleep first, her breathing deep and even. Tanya would just stare into the darkness. She was happy that this had happened, in a way. She was glad that she and Amy were closer again. But she was still quite afraid of what the next hours might hold. Nervously, and with a twisted stomach, she would slip into an uneasy sleep.

The younger of the two sisters would wake first, slightly embarrassed by the heat that she felt emanating from within her. Amy had a dream about her sister, in a very un-sisterly way. Amy had not yet been able to bring herself to tell her sister that she was bisexual, but she was certain if Tanya woke now that she would figure it out. One of her legs was pressed against Amy’s crotch, which was filled with familiar, pulsing warmth. Amy knew that her pussy would have covered her panties and Tanya’s naked thigh in her juices. She tried to shift away, but each time she did, Tanya would stir.

So in tortured silence she would rest, her head on her older sister’s chest, wondering what the future would hold for them. Some of her nervousness about her own biological reaction to the warm pressure on her vulva would dissipate when she came to the realization that there was a large and growing wet spot spreading across the front of Tanya’s sweatshirt. She was lactating! Well, Amy thought, at least I won’t be the only one covered in bodily fluids.

An hour or so later, Tanya would awaken to a growling stomach. She was quite hungry and thirsty, the alcohol having left her with cotton mouth. While trying to come up with something to eat, she realized that her breasts were making quite a milky mess. With a grumble she tried wiping at the large, cooling stains on her chest. The heater was still going; although its fans seemed quieter then they had the night before. A glance at the dimming clock told her that they had been out in the snow for over twenty hours already.

When Amy realized that Tanya was awake she spoke up. She had been thinking for over an hour of her wet pussy and her sister’s wet sweater. Something of a fantasy had arisen from it and she desperately wanted to try her sister’s breast milk. She wasn’t sure where the notion had come from, but the persistent moistness of her panties was a good indicator that it was something she really wanted. After one particularly bad stomach growl, which caused both she and her older sister to laugh, she decided to put her plan into action.

“This is going to sound weird. But. Well. I’m really hungry.”

“No kidding? Me too,” Tanya interjected with a playful smile on her face.

“Well. I was thinking. We’re hungry and well. Well. You’re lactating and I was wondering if… You know.”

Tanya was puzzled for a second. She wasn’t quite sure if she had understood the stream of thought there. But as Amy just stared questioningly up into her face she knew that she had not misheard. The notion seemed quite foreign to her, but she knew that both facts were true. They were hungry and she was lactating. Her baby was at home with plenty of bottled milk and would not need it anytime soon. The large wet spots would become irritating quickly if the heater gave out. Tanya didn’t see why not. Except she wasn’t sure how she would be fed.

“What about me,” she asked.

Amy had thought of that too, while detailing her fantasy in her mind. “I could, umm, drink some and then store it and then give it to you.”

Tanya took another second to try and decipher that. So her sister would drink her breast milk, then keep it in her mouth, then relay it to her, mouth to mouth? It seemed like a good plan, albeit an uncomfortable one. Tanya agreed, but began to wonder about the quickness with which her younger sister had proposed the plan.

With one more nervous glance towards one another, Tanya pulled her sweatshirt up over her breasts. She had not worn a bra and regretted it somewhat now. Amy looked up into her sister’s eyes, wondering if Tanya detected the other need which had driven the request and if she did what she thought of it. Then her eyes would trail downward to the full milky breasts and their pink areolas.

Amy hungrily examined the large globes of flesh that still jutted proudly from her sister’s chest. They sagged a little under their own weight, but no braless woman could support the increased size of maternity. Amy felt her pussy spasm as she weighed which of the breasts she would drink from. She had to fight an urge to slip a hand between her thighs right then.

With a subtle bite of her bottom lip, Amy lowered her head to her sister’s tit. Her lips fastened over the nipple, pursing as they sucked the fleshy nub into her mouth. At first there was nothing, so she flicked the hardening nipple with her tongue. Immediately a steady stream of warm thick milk poured into her mouth. Hungrily and full of desire, Amy slurped down the liquid. She analyzed its taste, its thickness, and its flow. Her tongue continued to flick over her sister’s nipple every once in a while. It always seemed to bring a newer more intense flow.

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