Son in Law Lust Ch. 02

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Joan walked back into her bedroom with 2 cups of coffee, one for her and one for her son in law who was lying naked on her bed. She put the coffee down and stared at her lover and particularly at his lovely cock which was still glistening with the wetness from her pussy that he had been fucking just 15 minutes earlier.

As she sat on the bed he reached for her and started to stroke her large flabby tits, “God I love these Joany,” he told her.

She closed her eyes as her daughter’s husband fondled her, taking her nipples between his fingers and tweaking them. She reached across for his cock which had started to grow again and slowly jerked him off, loving the feel of him against her hand.

“It’s time we got a bit more adventurous,” Andrew said.


“Time we expanded our fun.”

Up to now they had just met once a week for a sex session lasting about an hour , by which time she was always exhausted and often sore. Those sessions like today usually consisted of plenty of foreplay including some mutual masturbation and ended up in a nice long fuck with him either on top of her or giving it to her from behind.

Now Andrew wanted something else.

“What is it you want?” Joan asked wanting desperately to please him.

“I want to fuck your arse Joan.”

She was a bit taken aback, though she knew anal sex was popular, she hadn’t expected him to want to fuck a 60 year old woman up the arse.

“I’m not sure about that, it hurts enough after you’ve fucked my pussy, what’s it going to feel like after your cock has been up my bum?”

“I’ll be gentle, promise.”

Andrew slipped down the bed and started to lick Joan’s cunt, pushing his tongue as far as he could inside her. Joan tilted her head back in sheer ecstasy as the passion rose within her. Andrew licked for a while and then gently eased Joan onto her side. He continued to lick her but every now and then his tongue flicked past her pussy lips to her rectum. Joan couldn’t believe the mofos porno sensation it gave her and when his tongue and lips stayed on her arse, she knew it wouldn’t be long until she orgasmed. In all her years of being married her husband had never ever gone near her arse and now she knew what she had been missing. Joan flopped on her front and Andrew now spread her arse cheeks and was licking her arse hole sticking his tongue in as far as he could. Joan’s cum started to seep from her and he used his hand to spread her juices back over her arse. Joan was biting the pillow with excitement and then there was a new sensation as she felt him push a finger into her. This was just amazing and now she wanted nothing more than to have his cock inside her arse. He finger fucked her for a bit then he moved her back on her side and she felt him move up behind her. Andrew rubbed the end of his cock against her anus and Joan willingly pushed against him. For a minute or so his wet cock against her wet arse meant that he just kept sliding up her crack, but then he managed to penetrate her. Joan felt an inch or so of his cock inside her and at first thought he was going to cause some serious damage, but then to her amazement he moved further into her and the initial pain eased, to be replaced by sheer delight. His hands groped her breasts as very gingerly he fucked her arse.

“You’re a dirty old woman,” he whispered into her ear.

“I know and you love it you horny little bastard,”

He grunted as he continued to fuck her.

“Do you like Mommy’s arse?” she asked him.

“Fuck Joan it is wonderful.”

She used her muscles to grip him hard.

“Cum up Mom’s bum,” she said, knowing how he loved it when she referred to herself as Mom.

She felt the spasm in his cock and then the awesome feeling as he spurted his spunk into her rectum. As soon as he had, he pulled out and Joan felt the strange feeling of his cum dribbling from her anus.

“Good?” naughty america porno he said.

She turned over to face him, “Wonderful darling.”

They lay there cuddling for a while and then both sipped at their semi cold coffee. For the first time after making love, Joan still felt really horny. Most times after sex they had got dressed and he had gone home, but now she didn’t want him to go.

“Do you fuck Allly’s bum like that?”


Her innards tingled at the mental picture of Andrew screwing her daughter.

“What else can we do that you like?”

“Wow Joany you’re feeling horny today, I thought you’d be worn out now,” Andrew replied.

She reached down for his limp cock and started to play with him.

“No I want some more before you go, what can I do to get this nice and hard again?”

“How dirty are you feeling?”

“As dirty as a naughty Mom can with her favourite son in law.”

“Anything I want?” he asked.


Andrew stood up and grabbed Joan’s hand.

“Come on then.”

“Where to?” she asked.

“The bathroom.”

Joan thought that they were going to shower which really turned her on but when they got to the bathroom Andrew guided her to the toilet.

“Sit down,” he said.

She sat down on the toilet seat and he knelt in front of her.

“I want you to pee, so I can watch and then I want you to pee on me.”

Once again Joan was taken aback, anal sex she knew about, but she had never heard about anyone wanting to be pissed over.

“I can’t do that,” she said, “That’s really dirty.”

“You said anything, you said that my Mom would do anything and that one thing is for you to pee.”

“I won’t be able to with you here I know I won’t.”

Andrew started to rub her pussy lips gently and knelt up so he could suck her nipples.

“I want to feel your piss all over me Joany, I want to taste your golden pee, please.”

His public agent porno fingers were fantastic and she could feel herself getting very moist. She knew herself that often when she masturbated she would end up squirting a little bit of pee when she orgasmed and now she knew she would let her bladder relax completely if he made her cum,

“Make Mommy cum darling and we’ll see what we can do.”

His fingers worked on her clit and his lips and teeth on her nipples until once again she felt the pressure rise inside her 60 year old body and she knew that for the third time that afternoon she was going to cum.

She let out a gasp as she did so and then let herself go completely and she felt the relief as her piss started to flow.

“Yes, Joan, Oh that is wonderful,” he gasped.

She then eased herself forward as she held her pee back and then relaxed and squirted into his lap. The sight of her yellow urine splashing onto Andrew’s erect cock was beyond describing and she knew that this would be a regular thing from now on. She halted the flow again.

“Mommy wants to pee in your mouth you naughty little boy.”

He moved down until his mouth was under her pussy. She reached down and opened herself up and again released the muscles retaining her piss. She let out a long stream into him.

“Drink Mommy’s pee darling.”

He gulped it down and she continued to piss over his face until she was spent.

The bathroom stank of her urine and Andrew was covered in it, but he stood up, reached down for his cock and finished himself off by wanking in front of her shooting his cum over her face.

Joan loved the splash of his hot cum onto her cheeks and nose and into her mouth and she knew she had really pleased him.

When he had done he knelt in front of her again and thanked her.

“No thank you darling, from now on I’ll be saving it all up for you, I loved watching you drink my pee, next time I want yours though as well.”

“Joan that is bad,” Andrew said.

“Why, I’ve peed for you, next time I want to hold your cock whilst you pee and guide it over my tits.”

“I seemed to have turned my Mother in Law into a real whore.”

“No you have turned Mom into a real whore and you are going to reap the benefits young man.”

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