Son’s Advantage Ch. 01

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I am just finishing up with my volunteer work at the church when I get a text from my youngest son, Andy. He is telling me we need to talk and the picture he sent causes my heart to stop. It is one of many my husband was supposed to have deleted a long time ago. Ever since he passed away, I have been unable to look through a single file of his. Despite the time that has passed, it is still far too painful to sort out his affairs.

I wasn’t always a church goer and didn’t always have faith in much of anything. That picture is a reminder of those dark days and I hoped they would never come to light. I see my younger self with a black dick buried deeply in my mouth and I quickly turn it off to prevent any of the other volunteers, or Pastor Brown, from seeing anything.

I make up an excuse to leave early and start the drive home that will take me to my waiting son. I have no idea what I’m going to say to him as the miles pass by, but I suspect he has seen far more than just that one picture. In the bad old days, we threw a lot of special parties and my husband took plenty of pictures, not to mention the countless hours of video of me with other men. I curse the lie my husband told me just days before the accident and I curse myself for not checking.

I feel my pale cheeks burning brighter as I can only imagine how much of his mother he has seen. Had it been the occasional swingers party, I might be able to convince him of the follies of my youth. However, the gangbangs were far more difficult to write off. There is no denying the truth of the physical pleasure that accompanied every party, but the shame it brings me now is tremendous. I hope he doesn’t ask for too many details of my dark past, but I will not lie to him any longer.

All four of my kids were the product of me and my husband. We took special precautions to ensure I did not get pregnant by anyone else and made certain there was no room for error. Anyone entering my pussy had to wear a condom, but that was the only place that happened. I loved the feel of men filling me with their cum and pregnancy was a time to let myself go completely.

Out of all our kids, Andy looks most like me. We have the same blond hair, same blue eyes and the same facial features and have always found it a little eerie to see so much of myself when I look at him. I know some innocence has been lost to him, but there is nothing I can do to change the past.

It wasn’t the loss of my husband that had driven me to attend church services. I had been feeling empty for a long time and decided to attend a service in secret. It was not long after that moment that brought me to the point of telling my husband I could not be a part of that darkness any longer. He told me he understood, but would continue with the lifestyle. I didn’t feel betrayed, since it was the only world he knew.

I have given natural birth to four wonderful boys and we kept the secret from them throughout their entire lives. The only one still living at home with me is Andy and he is my youngest. He is the one that helped most when my husband passed and encouraged me to return to church. Out of all of my children, Andy is the one I regret discovery of my darkness the most and I remain at a loss for words.

I take a deep breath as I open the door to my house and still have no idea what I am going to say to my son. I walk in and close the door behind me to start the search for my son. There is no sign of him as I walk into the house and make my way through the kitchen. I continue to search out something to say as I move further through the house and find him in the living room and his blue eyes start burning deeply into mine with tremendous anger.

I am on the verge of opening my mouth when he snaps out at me, “Does your church know you’re a whore, mom?”

I grimace at his words and say, “Andy, I know your upset, but don’t call me a whore. I’m your mother.”

He scowls as he says, “It’s the truth and I’ll call you whatever the hell I want. Do the women know your banging their husbands at church?”

I did tell Pastor Brown in confidence about my darkness and he counseled me, but he never once tried to take advantage of the situation. Not one man at my church ever tried to do anything untoward and I know they are all good people. It hurts to hear my son ask about such things, but I also know he is very upset right now and has every right to be angry with me.

I want to keep things honest as I say, “I haven’t done anything like that with any man at church. What you saw was from a long time ago.”

He calls out, “Bullshit!”

My blue eyes get a little wide at his increasing hostility and say, “I’m telling the truth, Andy. Me and your father used to have certain parties and he liked to take pictures and record videos, stranded teens porno but I have not been involved in anything like that in years. He told me he had deleted everything.”

I can see the anger continuing to build within him as he says, “Guess that means he lied to you, because there’s a lot of shit there. Doesn’t matter, mom, because I know your banging every guy at church.”

I am starting to get upset at how he is talking to me and snap, “Don’t take that tone with me, Andrew Harding. Despite what you think, you have no right to talk to me like that.”

A smirk crosses his pale face as he says, “I’ll talk to you however I fucking want.”

Anger flashes through me and my hand makes contact with his face and I can clearly see the red left by my hand. His hand starts to move to rub away the pain I caused and I immediately regret what I have done. I shake my head and start to open my mouth to apologize.

He spits out, “You hit me, you fucking bitch.”

Another bout of anger rises within me and I raise my hand to strike him harder, but he grabs my wrist hard to prevent another strike. My other hand seeks justice and it is soon joined to the other. I start to struggle for freedom, but his hands are too strong and I can find no means of escaping his powerful grip.

He glares into my eyes with far more anger than I have ever seen in Andy and says, “I was planning on letting you off easy, mom, but that’s not happening now. Get on your knees.”

Panic starts to fill my mind as I cry out, “No.”

Fire fills his face as he spits out, “Get on your fucking knees. You’re going to suck my dick like a good fucking whore.”

The fire within me matches him as I say, “That’s fucking sick. You want your dick sucked, get your girlfriend to suck it, because there is no way you’re putting it anywhere near me.”

There is something very dark building behind his eyes as he says, “That’s it. I’m through playing games. I’m sending a mass email to everyone at your church. All the women will know what you do with the men.”

I shake my head in a panic and say, “You can’t do that.”

His fingers tighten on my wrists as he says, “Yes I can.”

Tears are starting to fill my eyes and I beg, “Please don’t do this, Andy”

He adjusts his grip to free one hand and grabs my long hair, then pulls hard as he says, “That’s it. I’m sending the email. Afterwards, mom, I’m going to bend you over and fucking rape you.”

I cry out as he pulls my hair back and try to find some sense he was not being serious about the threat. There is none to be found and I know he is telling the truth about both of his threats. I am terrified and can find no way to escape his wrath. His grip tightens and my head is pulled painfully back, which causes more tears to flow across my face.

Unable to find any means of getting out of this unscathed. I worry only about the members of my church. They are all innocent and the emails could destroy good people. He will either take me willingly or by force, but there is a chance I can prevent the innocent from being caught up in the darkness of my past. The idea of sucking my son’s dick sickens me, but being raped would be far worse.

I say, “I’ll do it, Andy. Just promise me you won’t let anyone else know about what you found.”

I feel my head move painfully and I am looking into his fury filled eyes as he says, “Fine. But don’t think a blowjob is going to be the end of it. Your ass is mine, mom.”

There is no means of escape as I say, “I know.”

He releases his grip on my hair and wrists, then says, “I’m going to cum in your mouth and don’t spit it out. I want you to keep it in there until I tell you to swallow my load. Now get on your knees and suck my dick.”

Tears continue to fall as my knees reach the old familiarity of my carpet and I watch as he drops his pants to reveal seven inches of very erect manhood. He may have gotten his head from me, but this is definitely his father’s dick. I close my eyes to keep from seeing my son as I reach out my hands to start what he wants. Everything within me is shouting to stop and I have to override the impulse of revulsion as my hands make contact with his hardened flesh.

My head is pulled back with great force as he demands, “Open your eyes and look at my face. I don’t want you to even think of fantasizing about being with anyone else.”

My eyes open and he is scowling down at me, which causes chills to run up and down my spine. My lips part and he forces my lips to take what it has not known in a long time. While my lips close tight around his large shaft, my hands start to move up and down with the proper grip. It may have been a while since I’ve done anything with a man, but I am far student sex parties porno too experienced in such matters for me to give my son anything other than my full attention.

I see my face so clearly on my son as he forces me to the gagging point and I want to vomit. There is little doubt that he would make me continue regardless of what was released from my throat, so I find the strength to force the sensation back down to my gut. His fingers relax their grip on my blond hair, but he is still very much in control.

He holds my head in place while his hips start to move back and forth with great force and I am reminded of the sensation of so many before him. Despite looking up into our shared blue eyes, I am trying to find some way to fantasize about being with someone else. Our shared features are too great for that to happen and I just want this nightmare to end.

There is something new growing in his eyes and I am worried he is about to force me to do something else. My only hope is to ensure a quick end to this madness and strive to give him all the pleasure I can bring to his body. My hands start to move with the pace of his thrusts and my tongue does its due diligence, which causes him to moan as the result of my work.

He moans a little louder, then says, “That’s it, mom. Oh fuck, mom. Suck your son’s dick like the whore you are.”

I know his words are meant as a reminder to me that I am giving my son pleasure, but that is far from necessary. There is no way to pretend this is anything other than an incestuous act and I continue to fight hard to prevent myself from vomiting on his thrusting dick. I just want this to be over and my son is very close to releasing himself, which brings about a new battle with the desire to vomit.

After a particularly intense moan, he says, “I’m close, mom. Oh fuck, mom, that’s it. I’m so fucking close to cumming.”

His hips thrust hard against the back of my throat and he pulls back across my tightened lips. The tip stops just before complete removal and his moans become very guttural. His eyes close tightly in preparation for his release and I continue to wish we didn’t share so many features. I am unable to pretend there is no relation between us, despite his closed eyes.

I feel his cum shoot out and fight the urge to pull away as I feel his release on my tongue. The sensation brings back pleasant memories to my mouth, but there is nothing pleasant about this action. Another shot of his white quickly joins the first and my mouth is filling with what my son is forcing me to keep. The next release causes my mouth to overflow and I feel it start to ooze down to my chin. Had it been anyone other than my son I would have enjoyed the sensation of cum in my full mouth, but it isn’t anyone else and I can find no pleasure in what he is forcing me to do.

His grip starts to loosen as the last of him is released and his eyes have a glazed look as he grins down at my face. He pulls away and my lips are finally free of his dick. My hands release their grip from his softening shaft and I still feel them on my flesh. I am waiting for him to tell me to swallow so I can end this ordeal. Hopefully, his anger will be abated and I will never have to do anything like this with him ever again, but I have little room for hope and dread what will be coming once his hardness returns.

He smirks as he says, “Swallow my cum, mom.”

I press my lips together and try to swallow everything at once, but there is far too much. I feel his release move down my throat in a very familiar way and it is not easy to keep his release down. I will myself to swallow a second time to remove the last of him from my mouth, but I can taste him on my tongue and wish I could gargle with acid to permanently remove any hint he had ever been inside of my mouth.

His glazed eyes continue to look down on my face as he says, “Stay on your knees until I tell you to move, mom.”

I want to tell him to go to hell, but if I open my mouth I will vomit. There is no way I am giving him the satisfaction of further humiliation, so I glare at him in silence with a great deal of anger. He starts to remove his clothing and reveals his athletic body, which is so much like his father. Once there is nothing left for him to remove, he sits on the black sofa with his knees spread. My eyes refuse to look down from his face.

The glaze is no longer covering our shared eyes as he says, “Stand up and take your clothes off, mom.”

I shake my head out of instinct and say, “I just sucked your dick and swallowed your cum. Isn’t that enough, Andy?”

He smirks as he says, “No, mom, it isn’t. I guess you don’t think I’m serious about sending the email.”

I drop my eyes and submissive cuckolds porno catch a glimpse of his soft dick and balls as I say, “I believe you.”

I feel his eyes burn into my head as he says, “Then stand up and strip for me.”

I can feel his remnant starting to dry as I slowly stand to give him what he wants. I slowly reveal my petite body to my son’s leering eyes and I want to claw them out of his face. My small tits do not come as any kind of surprise, since he saw them in the pictures and videos. His eyes are gazing at my dark nipples against the pale flesh and I just want him to end this before anything else is revealed to my son.

There is no sign of him wanting me to stop, so my fingers press against the sides of my panties and I reveal my full bush to him. I try my best to prevent him from seeing anything else, but I know some of the pink becomes visible as I remove my panties completely. I see him make a motion with his finger to indicate he wants to turn around and I have no choice in the matter. I feel his eyes burn into my round cheeks and I fight back the urge to cry.

I hear my son get up from the couch and know he is heading towards me. I do my best to prepare myself for the contact my body will soon receive, but jump as his hands reach around my body and feel his hands on my tits. His soft dick presses firmly against the crack of my ass and I feel some of his earlier release on my cheeks.

His hands are exploring my tits with far more force than I like, but can do nothing to lessen his grip. His fingers caress my nipples and I feel his breath on my ear. He starts to rock his hips slowly as his fingers reach my nipples and pinches them tightly. I want to yell out from the pain he is bringing my body, but I refuse to give him any sense of accomplishment.

His fingers twist my nipples hard and I let out a yelp, which causes him to laugh. My nipples are released from the clamps of his fingers and his hands start to move quickly down past my blonde bush. My clit hardens at his touch, which is not what I desire. Fingers from both hands start to explore the edges of my clit and I fight off the sensation of pleasure he is trying to bring.

His breath brushes my ears as he says, “Moan for me, mom.”

I keep my lips sealed tightly, since I have no interest in giving him any hint I am enjoying his touch. One of his hands relieves itself of my clit and I feel his fingers squeezing my nipple with far more force than before. I cry out from the pain he is bringing, despite my desire for silence.

His fingers twist hard as he says, “Moan for me, mom, or both nipples are going to feel a hell of a lot more.”

He releases my nipple and moves his hand back down. Despite the pain, I start to moan for my son’s enjoyment. A long hidden darkness is starting to return as his fingers send signals of pleasure through my body. I feel the wetness starting to build and the darkness has returned to take its rightful place within me. I lick my lips and taste the remnant of my son, which sends additional waves of pleasure through my body.

My legs spread to give him access to anything he desires and my hips match his movements. I feel his fingers explore my pink with a tender touch and I feel myself starting to drip out of a hole yearning for attention. I search for any sign of hardening from his shaft, but there is not so much as a twitch. I no longer care that he is my son, as this darkness is all consuming, and I want far more than his fingers between my legs.

He whispers into my ear, “Do you want me to eat your pussy, mom?”

With the darkness fully awakened and filling every fiber of my being, I moan out, “Yes, Andy. I want you to eat my pussy.”

He pulls away and I search out for his touch, but there is none to be found. I lay on my back and spread my legs wide as I watch my son look between my legs with hunger over my blond bush. His blue eyes move to mine as his tongue makes contact with my very hard clit and I start to moan at the pleasure he is bringing to my body.

I no longer have any interest in avoiding his face, which is adding to the pleasure of the darkness. His hands are caressing my thighs and his tongue is bringing back wonders that had been lost to time. I fight to hold myself from reaching the edge, since my eyes will close and I will not be able to see my son’s face peaking up over my full bush.

My body tightens and my head forces itself back hard. My eyes close tightly as I scream out with the first release for my son. The waves crash over my body with a force long since forgotten and I feel my eruption on his cheeks. His tongue continues to work wonders on my clit and the eruptions intensify into a tsunami of pleasure.

The waves fall to a ripple and his tongue removes itself to explore other areas of my pussy. My body is exhausted as I feel the tingling sensation his tongue is bringing in his quest to find the remnant of my release. His tongue enters my slick hole and I sigh in appreciation for my son’s work. My eyes open and I am happy to see my features staring back at me with every ounce of our shared desire.

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