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The following story is based in truth, although some literary license has been taken.

All persons are 18 or older.

It all started about a year ago. It was a Friday night and my wife and I were sitting in the living room watching a movie – No Way Out with Kevin Costner and Sean Young. Anyone who’s seen it will never forget the very steamy limo scene between Costner & Young.

Anyway, my wife and I were watching the movie and as the limo scene was playing out I was getting hard and my wife cuddled in close and began stroking my cock through my jeans.

As you might imagine, one thing led to another and soon my wife was on her knees in front of me sucking me like the cock-sucking champ she is. Bathing my cock with her wet mouth… slow strokes on the underside with her tongue… licking and sucking on my balls… I knew she was hungry for my cum and she knew exactly how to milk me dry with her mouth while she fingered herself.

As I was enjoying this incredible blowjob, I thought I detected movement out of the corner of my eye, over my right shoulder.

My oldest stepdaughter, now a senior in high school, lived in a basement bedroom that had its own full bath. It was an awesome bachelorette pad, complete with a ‘family room’ area that included a wall mounted plasma tv and surround sound stereo. To get to the basement stairs, you had to walk from the living room through an arched opening into the kitchen and across the kitchen to a door leading to the stairs down into the basement.

It was movement at the arched opening that caught my attention and as my wife continued to suck my cock I turned my head to see what drew my attention. As I turned my head I thought I saw someone duck behind the wall to the right of the opening. I realized it must be my stepdaughter and that she must’ve come upstairs to get something from the kitchen and heard the noises coming from the living room and when she saw what was happening, was peeping around the edge of the door watching her mother give me a world class blow job.

My first thought was, “What the fuck?!,” but it was quickly replaced by a surge of hardness to my cock that even my wife noticed as I heard and felt her moan in response to my twitching cock in her mouth.

Perhaps now would be a good time to describe my stepdaughter. Ashley stands a petite 5′-3″ and has the most incredibly perky 34C tits I’ve ever seen. Yes, I’ve seen them. She also has a set of hips and an ass that gets her noticed by men of all ages. All of this mounted atop a very, very nice set of legs – no doubt from all the exercise from being a cheerleader for all 4 of her high school years.

How have I seen her tits, you ask? Well, most nights, my routine at the end of the day is to walk the house, checking to make sure all doors are locked and everyone is tucked in safely before retiring to the master bedroom and joining my wife in bed.

During these security walkabouts, I would open the bedroom doors of my two stepdaughters and check to make sure they were tucked in. Often I would walk in and pull the covers up over them if they had kicked them off. When Ashley moved to the basement for her senior year of high school, I would check on her after checking the basement door, before moving on to the main level of the house.

On one particular night, I saw that Ashley had kicked the covers down to the foot of her bed so I stepped into her room canlı bahis to pull them up over her. As I got close to her bed I froze in my tracks as I realized she was lying naked, legs askew and breathing heavily, but apparently asleep.

I cautiously stepped closer, staring intently at her face for any sign that she was awake or might wake up, but she didn’t move. I could feel my cock stirring at the sight of this beautiful, exposed young woman in front of me. The light coming through the open door illuminating her body and giving me an excellent view of her figure.

As I stepped closer I detected a familiar aroma in the air and my senses exploded in activity as my eyes saw first, the purple vibrator laying next to her right hip, then the familiar swollen lips of a recently excited pussy; followed by my nose inhaling a scent that I recognized as the smell of a woman’s sex.

Holy shit! I realized that Ashley had masturbated herself to orgasm and had apparently fallen asleep, aglow in the aftermath of her pleasure, without pulling the covers up over her delicious body.

I recalled a conversation her mother and I’d had a few months prior, during which she told me that Ashley had come to her with some serious questions about her body and what she was feeling and after a detailed conversation between mother and daughter, my wife had shown Ashley her vibrator and explained how it worked and how she used it. By the end of the conversation, mother and daughter were on their way to the local adult store so Ashley could pick out her own vibrator.

I also remember the raging hard-on I had by the end of my wife’s story and her commenting after we had fucked each other silly that night, that I seemed particularly fired up.

After some tedious exploratory questions, we both accepted the fact that it turned both of us on that ‘our’ daughter was becoming a young sexual woman. Thankfully, my wife and I have a very open and honest relationship!

I have a very good relationship with both of my stepdaughters, so much so that even before their mother and I married, they had gotten accustomed to my presence in their home and it wasn’t unusual for me to see Ashley walking around in her bra and panties or her panties and a spaghetti halter top, braless. And the last few months before we were married, she seemed to always find an excuse to sit on my lap, dressed in very little – I’m sure, on some level, she knew what she was doing. I’m also sure she could feel my cock grow as she sat in my lap.

Her mother and I recognized very quickly that she was exhibiting mild flirtatious behavior towards me and took it to be a positive reaction of acceptance by a pretty young lady whose hormones were raging causing her to want to know if men thought she was ‘sexy’.

But, I digress…

I was now standing directly over Ashley as she slept soundly, her nubile young body fully exposed to me. Her nipples were still erect and swollen from her masturbation.

My cock was hard as fucking steel and I was struggling with the fact that all my blood had rushed to my cock, leaving my brain woefully deprived of the ability to make good decisions at that point.

My hand trembled slightly as I reached towards the breast closest to me and let my fingers lightly settle upon her soft skin, just above her nipple. The shock of the warmth of her skin and the excitement of the moment caused me to pull my hand bahis siteleri away suddenly, as if I had touched a hot burner. I watched intently to see if she might awaken, but she didn’t move.

I leaned over and put my face as close as I dared to her nipple and inhaled the scent of her body. Fuck, now my cock was stretching my shorts and dripping pre-cum.

In a moment of insanity, I leaned closer and open my lips just enough to allow her nipple to slide between them – pulling away almost immediately, fearing she would stir.

Her breathing remained steady and she remained fast asleep. I had no idea how much time had passed, and my little brain didn’t care as it encouraged me to explore further.

I moved down towards the foot of the bed and was now looking directly at her swollen pussy lips, still parted and moist from the ministrations of her vibrator. I again leaned over so that my nose was directly above her pussy and inhaled. Oh fuck! She smelled so sweet! Her aroma inflaming my nose and causing my mouth to water at the thought of how she must taste!

I wanted to touch her, but didn’t dare.

It was at this point that I realized that my hand had moved down and was slowly stroking my cock through my shorts. My little brain assessed the situation and reassured me that it would be fine to snake my cock out of my shorts and stroke it as I continued my sensual experience.

I inhaled the aroma of her moist pussy a couple more times before realizing that I was now stroking my cock in earnest and my own breathing had begun to increase.

I stood straight up and continued stroking my cock. She was an incredibly erotic sight before me and in the back of my mind I think I knew that my wife would be getting a good fucking when I finally made it upstairs.

Or so I thought…

I was so lost in the pleasure of the moment that I realized too late that my balls had responded to the visual and physical stimulation by sending a full load of hot cum into ‘the chamber’ and my cock was shooting spasm after spasm of cum onto the bed next to my daughter, before a ribbon of cum landed squarely on her hip.

My eyes were wild with excitement and fear! Holy shit! What had I just done?! I was standing over my barely 19 year old stepdaughter with my withering cock in my hand, and my cum all over her bed and hip.

I was fucked.

I stuffed my cock back into my shorts and reached down and pulled the covers up over Ashley’s body, leaving my cum in place for fear of waking her if I tried to clean it off of her.

I skipped the rest of my walkabout and went straight to our master bedroom. By the time I got there, my mind was swirling with thoughts of what had just happened. I knew my wife and I had a very healthy and open attitude about sex, but I was pretty sure she wouldn’t approve of what I had just done.

But I also realized that my cock was already hard again by the time I got to our bedroom. I saw that my wife had already slipped between the sheets and was thankful that the lights were out. I went into our master bath, brushed my teeth and splashed some water on my face to help gather myself.

I checked my shorts for traces of cum as I took them off and slipped into my pajama bottoms sans underwear, then exited and climbed into bed. Only then did I realize that my wife was awake and was casually stroking her pussy – clearly, she was in the mood, and when bahis şirketleri she reached for my cock and found it fully erect, she knew I was too.

I fucked her hard that night, closing my eyes and letting the images of my stepdaughter drive me to an orgasm deep in her mother’s pussy.

Ok, so now… back to the present and the incredible blowjob I was getting from my wife, when I detected movement out of the corner of my eye, in the area of the arched opening into the kitchen…

Not sure of what I saw, but suspecting Ashley had come upstairs and accidentally caught us, I refocused my attention on her mother’s mouth and its treatment of my cock.

My wife was taking her time and dragging out the pleasure she was giving me, and after a couple of minutes I thought I detected motion again.

This time, I waited an instant, checking to see that my wife was fully engrossed with attending to my hard-on before I quickly turned my head towards the kitchen and found myself looking directly into Ashley’s eyes.

She pulled back behind the wall, but then, giving into the realization that I had seen her, slowly peered back around the corner, making eye contact with me again. It was then that I noticed that I could see her right shoulder and it was clearly moving in a motion that told me her hand was rubbing her pussy – a fact that was confirmed as she moved more of her body out from behind the wall and I could see her right arm was inside the waist band of her pajama’s and she was clearly rubbing herself.

I quickly determined that her mother’s view of her would only be slightly blocked by the back of the sofa, and after putting my left hand on the top of her mother’s head and pushing it down to make sure she couldn’t look up, I raised my right hand, placing my index finger to my lips and giving Ashley a “shhhh” signal.

Her expression changed only slightly as her eyes widened in acknowledgement of our ‘secret.’

Ashley stood up a little straighter to get a better view over the back of the couch, and I knew if I let go of her mother’s head, she would be able to see Ashley if she looked up. I placed my right hand along-side her mother’s face to block her peripheral vision and then stood and turned slightly so that Ashley had a better profile view and also so that her mother’s back was more towards the kitchen.

I had my left leg on the floor and my right leg bent so my knee was on the sofa cushion. I kept my right hand along-side my wife’s face to further ensure that she wouldn’t detect any movement out of the corner of her eye, as I had.

I looked over at Ashley and her face was flushed with excitement. I decided to give her a good show and picked up my pace, fucking her mother’s mouth in front of her. I knew she had a clear view of my cock in her mother’s mouth and I pulled it out of her mouth a couple of times to slap her face with it, before stuffing it back in her mouth and continuing to face fuck her.

I could feel my balls begin to twitch and my cock swell and my orgasm soon exploded into her mother’s mouth. After the first couple of spurts, I pulled out and finished cumming all over her mother’s face.

My wife had her eyes closed as I was covering her face with cum and I looked over at Ashley one last time, only to see her tense up, her mouth slightly open as her own orgasm washed over her.

Then, she quickly turned and was gone.

I scooped my cum from my wife’s face and fed it to her until she was clean. We turned off the movie and retired for the evening…

But I knew Ashley and I had entered a new phase in our ‘relationship.’

More to cum…

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