Sunday Morning

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You are the first to awake.

The sun is streaming in through the curtains, the birds are singing and you can hear my soft gentle snoozes as I lie sleeping beside you. A quick glance at the clock tells you it is still early but you don’t feel like sleeping.

You roll over closer to me, I’m lying on my side with my back to you, the duvet has slipped from my shoulders revealing my bare back and the thin strap of the satin slip I am wearing. You slip your arm casually through my arm and ever so gently lay it upon my left breast. You aren’t sure if I am awake and don’t want to disturb my peaceful slumbers. You gently cup your fingers around my breast, loving the way they feel much bigger when I lie on my side and loving the feel of the satin beneath your fingers. You slowly run them over the cool material following the curve of my breast. You gasp when to your surprise your fingertips brush over a partly erect nipple. You slowly move back again over the satin to find it again. It is definitely harder. You are in no hurry after all this is Sunday morning.

You playfully circle my nipple with your finger, every now and then ‘accidentally’ brushing my nipple to find it becoming more erect and harder.

I roll slightly more towards you, this change in position exposing my other breast. You proceed to change the pattern of your hand movements to take in this welcome addition. By now I am awake and well aware of what you are doing but I still feign sleep. As you start to work escort bostancı on both breasts you find you can touch both nipples with your index finger and thumb and alternate between circling around and softly flicking their tips through the silky material.

I am most definitely awake now and let you know by starting to slowly move my hips. You feel the soft cheeks of my bum brush against your now hard cock, the head of which keeps slipping into the warm inviting cleft between my buttocks. You circle your other arm around behind my head and move your hand down the loose top of my slip. I let out a soft moan as your hand cups my breast and softly kneads their silky smoothness with your fingers. Your free hand tracing patterns over my hip as I turn my head towards you.

Our mouths meet, hot, wet. open, tongue darting against tongue in some soft slow erotic ballet. My breath now coming in short hot pants of unbridled lust.

You toss back the duvet, it’s getting hot under there. I know just which way you want this to go, So obligingly I raise myself up from the bed and get on my hands and knees so you can kneel behind me. I turn my head to make sure I can see our reflection in the full length mirror and watch as your hands move over the soft skin of my back then underneath me to encompass my breasts which swing away from my body in all their splendour. You gently squeeze them as I push my luscious bottom towards you.

I can feel your erect cock hard between ümraniye escort my thighs and I rock back and forth running my wet pussy lips along it. You have been very patient so far but now more than ever you need to be inside me. With one hand round the base of your rock hard cock and the other gently parting my cheeks, you plunge deep into my welcoming pussy. this takes me by surprise, I gasp with pleasure and drop to my elbows, burying my face in the pillows.

You withdraw slowly so that the tip of your penis swirls between my lips which are now dripping with my delicious love juices. Again you thrust deep into my core feeling my warmth envelop your cock. My moans of delight muffled by the pillows till I turn my head to watch our exploits in the mirror.

You take advantage of this. You know how I like to watch your cock slide in and out of me, so you make the most of this by thrusting as deep as you can go then slowly withdrawing till only the tip is just within my wet swollen lips.

We play this voyeuristic game for what seems like ages, neither of us wanting it to stop. You love the way I push my hips to meet your thrusts and the delicious little wiggle I do when you are deep within me. You really have to concentrate to control your emotions. It feels heavenly. My pussy so hot, wet and tingling, every nerve ending on your swollen glans sending waves of pleasure to your brain.

Your hands leave my hips and slide up to my breasts. you are watching kartal escort bayan in the mirror as they jiggle and sway below me. I know you find my breasts such a turn on and seeing them move like this arouses you even more.

You stay deep inside me and with both hands rub my soft breasts and hard nipples. I respond with a slow rhythmic circling of my bottom against you, stirring your hardness within.

You take one of your hands from my breast and move it to seek out that special nub of mine which because of our particular position isn’t getting much attention. You slide your fingers into my wet slit and have no trouble at all in finding my clit. Immediately you go to work rubbing it gently at first then with more urgency as you feel me thrust harder against you.

You look in the mirror to find me totally lost in ecstasy, cries of passion coming from my open mouth. I open my eyes and meet yours as you look at me. The look of lust on my face spurns you on to a series of deeper thrusts and more finger work on my clit. This has the effect we both know it would.

It starts when you feel me tighten against your hardness. I let out a deep moan which seems to come from my very soul. You feel spasm after spasm grip your cock. After another couple of deep thrusts you begin to lose control and waves of orgasmic sensations precede the urgent rush of hot cum from your cock. I feel it spurt deep inside me as you drop your head onto my back.

You are totally spent now but your cock is still jumping inside me as you feel my little post orgasm contractions. Reluctantly you withdraw from my warm wet pussy and we collapse beside each other, a tangle of arms and legs, panting, breathless and totally satisfied.

I love Sunday mornings.

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