Tables Are Turned

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As he walks through the front door, he spots a glass of wine and a note on the table:

Be at this hotel in one hour.
Something Erotic

Getting home late from work, he checks the time with a puzzled look and wonders what she’s up to. Taking a sip of wine, he walks into the other room, stops suddenly, seeing the front door to the bedroom is open with a full view of the bed. Catching his eye is colored tissue paper hanging off the foot board with a big, unmarked white box on the floor. He looks around the room, thinking there would be some clues as to what was going on.

Walking toward the closet, he kicks off his shoes, opens the doors and hangs up his jacket. He gets undressed and heads for the shower to pass some time. As he walks into the bathroom, he can smell her sweet perfume, so intoxicating. He remembers the last time she wore it. She’d put it at the base of her neck and between her thighs. He turns and sees the mirror.

“The things I am gonna’ do to you.” is written in bright red lipstick. He looks at the time, ticking by so slowly, he can’t wait to see her. After a long shower, he shaves, looking at her lipstick on the mirror.

“Hmm, what are you going to do?” Feeling a rush of excitement, he realizes the time and quickly gets dressed, leaving in a hurry.

Traffic is backed up as he looks at the time again. “Geez, I’m gonna’ be late.”

Finally arriving at the front of the hotel, he hands the keys over to the valet, wishing that she was standing there waiting for him. He stops just inside the doors as they close behind him, glancing around the lobby for her. No trace as he starts walking toward the front desk, seeing the clock, almost 10:30pm.

“Rats! I am late.”

“Can I help you sir?” a guy at the front desk questions him.

“Oh, no. No thanks. I am waiting for someone.” he says, looking around the lobby.

“Very well, Sir.” He turns his attention to the front door as they slide open, still no sign of her.

While waiting, the red arrow on the elevator door lights up. The door opens but no one gets out. A few minutes pass and he wonders if he missed her. He leans up against the front desk and checks his cell phone, no messages. Once again the elevator lights up and the doors open. Almost looking away, he realizes she’s standing there. Totally stunning, leaning up against the railing of the elevator.

A long, black leather jacket comfortably goes down past her knees. Black shiny heels and red lipstick, she stood there with her hair up and her jacket slightly open at the top. Seductively smiling at him, she slips her hand down into the inside of her jacket, moving it open so one of her legs is exposed to him. He looks at her, his eyes following her beautiful, uncovered skin all the way up to where the belt is tied in the middle. He eagerly walks towards the doors, turning back for a second to see if the man was still at the escort kartal front desk.

“You find that someone, Sir?” with a small smirk on his face.

“Yes. Thank you.” he said, smiling, walking quickly to the elevator door.

He steps in, his body facing out towards the front desk, but never take his eyes off her. She glances at the man leaning into the front desk and with a evil grin. She takes her finger and puts it to her lips with a wink.


As the doors close, he smiles at her, watching until there wasn’t anything left to see. She turns slowly, placing her hand on his shoulder. Looking into her eyes, he begins to speak. Stopping him with her finger firmly placed on his lips, she slowly backs up as she presses all the buttons up to the 20th floor. With a lustful stare, reaching for his hand, she starts kissing the top of it, brushing it across her cheek and down her neck. She sucks on the end of his finger only to bite the tip before removing it.

“Ouch! Going to be naughty or nice?” he asks.

Her finger reaches for his lips, she rubs them softly, letting his hand slip down into her jacket and over her warm breast. “Mmm, miss me, baby?” helping him rub his wet finger over her nipple.

“Mmm, you know I do.” as he lets out a sigh. The very thought of her completely nude under her jacket is making him so hard.

She sticks her finger into his month, playing with his tongue. Grabbing her jacket, moving it to expose part of her breast to him. “Oh, mmm. ” as the elevator suddenly starts to slow, coming to a stop.

The doors open and, with her back to the door, people start to file in. His hand slowly pulls away from her jacket as he leans forward to kiss her on the forehead. She looks up at him and smiles, cupping his cock in her hand, squeezing ever so lightly. Quiet in the elevator except for a couple talking, the elevator slows and the doors open again.

Everyone gets out except one man, who stands straight forward waiting for the doors to close. She begins moving her hand, unable to remain still, he grabs her wrist to pull it away as her grip tightens.

Without warning, he moans.”Uhhh”

Suddenly the man turns his head to look at them. He smiles then turns back to the elevator doors as they open and they hear him leave.

“Afraid he might see?” she asks, turning, then leans up against him, pressing her ass into him. Feeling his pants stretched tight, she pushes into him, leaning her head back onto his shoulder.

“I want to see, show me.” he says with a husky voice.

She reaches down, slipping her hand between her jacket, two fingers probing between the folds of her soft skin. So much wetness, they slide quickly over her clit. Pulling them away, she takes them, placing them at his lips. He can smell and taste her sweet scent as he suddenly grabs her shoulders, quickly and firmly spinning her around, putting her maltepe escort back up against the railing. Grabbing at her belt, he pulls it loose quickly, opening her jacket with force, pinning it to the wall behind her.

Her arms are trapped. He takes one of his knees, pushes her legs apart as she catches her breath, watching him drag his tongue over her nipples, tugging on them with his teeth. She shuts her eyes from the sudden rush of pleasure then opens them to see him looking up at her, almost on his knees.

“Go ahead! Come on, fuck me.” she barks, as the elevator starts to come to a stop.

He sticks his tongue out and leans forward brushing her clit with his tongue. “Ooh, yeah!” she moans, staring at the door.

The door opens and her heart starts pounding harder.

“Oh, if they could see you now. What would they do? Do you think they would watch or would they turn away?” he asks under his breath, leans forward again to flick his tongue across her clit.

Still, no one is there waiting, she shuts her eyes as he continues to tease her with the door still open. She hears voices in the hall as they start getting closer and closer to the door. He pushes his tongue inside her wet tunnel.

“Mmm, ooh.” she moans, realizing she’s made so much noise as the door starts to close.

A voice is right outside. “Get the door, honey! Get the door!” someone says, running up to the elevator door, trying to stop it from closing. The elevator starts to move again as she looks up, three more stops to the top. She breaks her arms free and grabs the top of his head, pullin’ his hair.

“Mmm, yeah, deeper baby.” she lifts her leg, the back of her knee resting on his shoulder as his mouth completely covers her pussy.

He grabs her ass tightly, squeezing it as the elevator moves, her hips pushing toward his mouth. The elevator comes to a stop and opens once again. Sliding her leg off his shoulder, pulling his head away.

“Come here, kiss me.” she says.

He stands quickly, pressing the palms of his hands on the elevator wall behind her. Leaning into her, his tongue fills her mouth aggressively, twisting with hers, her breath quick and out of control. The doors close, she breaks off the kiss and pushes him back, forcing his back into the corner of the elevator. Grabbing him and kissing him hard, she bites at his bottom lip.

“It’s your turn, baby. You’d better hold on.” she says, gripping his chest, dragging her fingernails down the top of his shirt.

Her stare is intense as she stops at his jeans. He looks down, her leather jacket is wide open, he can see her breasts which are flushed pink with color. Unbuttoning his jeans, she reaches in, grabbing for his cock, holding it tightly in her hand. She rubs it across her lips, leaving her mouth slightly open.

“Oh, you are so hard. You’re making my lips all shiny, baby ” she says, as she takes him pendik escort bayan into her mouth, sucking softly and rolling her tongue over the top.

“Mmm, yes, I love the way your lips slide over me.” he says, moaning, holding her jaw in his hands as he watches his cock disappear, over and over.

His knees start to buckle and his hips move forward. His breath gets deeper. “Yes! Don’t stop! Let me see those hungry eyes.” he says heatedly. She looks at him, not turning away.

“We made it to the top, baby!” he smiles, and the elevator doors open.

She hears another voice. “Hold that elevator.” she stands quickly, grabbing his face with both her hands, pressing her body into his. His sweet taste on her lips, she covers him, kissing him like no one was there. The man steps into the elevator. He wraps his arms around her, embracing her tightly.

The man stands there without a word or a sound. The elevator door opens and he walks out.

She stops kissing him and then drops back down onto her knees, taking him back into her mouth again.

“Oh, you’re a devil! Mmm.” he moans, as she keeps him pinned in the corner.

Reaching for the basement button with it lit up, now going straight to the bottom floor. Like the elevator moving so fast, her mouth was on him quickly and eagerly taking him in. The pleasure so intense, his head falls back into the wall behind him. His eyes roll back with his moans growing deeper.


Finally they reach the basement. The doors open, he quickly reaches under her jacket, grabbing under her arms, picking her up and placing her on his hips. Her ass held tightly in his hands, he walks out into the parking garage.

“A little farther.” as he looks around.

“Ohh, I want you! Just fuck me right here!” she moans in his ear, with the soft light of the garage.

Her back is now pressed against the concrete wall. He enters her, his thrusting deep, quick, and without mercy. Her arms tight around his neck, holding onto him, her ankles locking around his back. Her high heels fall to the floor. The deep throbbing turns into a strong, continuous, and pulsating grab. She feels it start to take over.

”Ohh! Yes, I’m going cum!” she cries, not able to catch her breath. “Ohh…uhhhh…mmmm.” throwing her head back as her mouth drops open, whimpering at each passing squeeze. Her nails dig into his shoulders.

“Ooh, yeah, baby. Uhhh…” he grunts as he pulls her ass down into him, thrusting harder and quicker. “Ohh. You’re gonna make me cum, too.” he growls in her ear as she feels him flinch over and over, the warm sensation filling her.

Both barely able to stand, he sets her down. Leaning her against the wall to catch her breath, she smiles at him.

“Want to go for another ride?” he laughs.

“Next time you can pick the elevator!” she snickers, then ties her jacket as he buttons his jeans, getting back into the elevator, pushing the button for the lobby.

Once there, the doors open. Leaning across the front desk, looking over towards the elevator is the same man, smiling as they both briskly walk by the front desk. Smiling back at him, they leave the hotel.

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