Temptress of the Rolling Boulder

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[This is a stand alone sequel to “Jackpot at the Casino”}

It had been about six months since my last visit to the Rolling Boulder Casino. There are two other gambling joints within an easy drive of my home. In the city there is the Big Feather Casino and forty minutes down the interstate, in the lakes region, there’s Casa Largo Resort. They are both bigger than the Rolling Boulder with more gaming tables and video slot terminals. The more players the better the chance I’ll find what I’m looking for.

You can find them at any casino. They look like zombies, staring blankly at a video game terminal but not playing because they’ve lost all their money, again. Maybe it was the rent money, the car payment, or the grocery budget. I look for the married ones. I chat them up and lure them into a game of side bets with bartering that leads to a chance to win back their loses with sex. Every once in a while I get a hankering for a country gal’s pussy so I drive out to the Rolling Boulder. I checked into my room at the hotel then did the usual walk around of the gaming rooms to get in the mood and look for prospects. They usually aren’t at the poker or blackjack tables where the serious gamblers play. I’m just heading for the rows of video slot machines when I hear a voice shout out behind me.

“Don! I’m so glad to see you!”

I turn to see who’s calling. Mary has her arms out and is walking toward me. She’s wearing a close but not tight fitting sleeveless blue dress, short but not slutty, with a low neckline. Black stockings and high heels add to the appeal of her outfit. She wraps me in a tight hug and kisses me. I’d hustled Mary on my last trip to the Boulder. I had hoped that she would have quit gambling after our encounter. I encouraged her to. I always do after I show them what hitting bottom has turned them into, So as nice as it was to see her I was also a bit disappointed. I really thought Mary had gotten the message.

“Mary! Hi! You look good! I’m glad to see you again but I really hoped you wouldn’t be here.”

“Oh, I’m not here to lose my money. I don’t do that anymore. I took your advice and it changed my life. I’m here hustling just like you are. You saved me, Don. I hated what you did to me that day but I love you for it. I owe you so much. Oh, I want to tell you all about it! Let me take you to dinner and we can talk. I insist! I’ve been hoping you’d come here again and here you are!”

“I’d love to hear it. I never know what happens, if the women get help quitting or anything. I’m happy for you.”

She whispers to me, “By the way there are three prospects for you at the slots terminals. They’ve all been losers here before, just your type.” She winks. “If you’re still interested after I’m through with you that is.”

We walk out into the concourse area and decide on a restaurant. When we’ve ordered our meal she says. “I got so furious with you and with myself on the drive home that day. You called me a cheating whore and I was one. I felt so cheap. At least I could buy groceries and pick up my husband’s laptop and I felt better about that. I rushed to get a meal cooked for him when he got home. But one of his friends had seen me playing the slots that day and we had a terrible argument. He beat me.”

“Oh, Mary, that’s terrible. I’m sorry that you had to go through that.”

“I called the gambler’s hot line the next day and the day after that I moved into a women’s shelter and filed for divorce.”

“I’m glad things have gotten better for you. You look so much happier now. Tell me about this hustle you are working. I’m intrigued.”

There is a glow to her smile and a sparkle in her eyes as she speaks. “Later, there’s more I want to tell you first. You said something to me that day that I’ve kept with me. You said the gambling wasn’t my fault and that I deserve to be a winner and would be some day. My husband, my parents, everyone, they did blame me. He was always running me down, calling me stupid, and blaming me for everything that went wrong. I realized after escort ataşehir I left the bastard that HE was the cause of my gambling. I was chasing that winning high as compensation.”

“You know,” I tease her, “I say that to all the girls.”

“I know. It’s part of your hustle.”

“It is. But I was quite sincere and meant it. The hustle doesn’t work well if that’s not real.”

She looks me in the eyes, “Well Don, that saved my life. It was the only thing I had that made me feel life was worthwhile. I would have given up. When I was able to think about what you had done that day and analyze how you had done it, and why I fell for it, I realized how slick you’d been in setting me up and seducing me. I kind of admired it. And I’ve copied it. I do the same kind of hustle but on men, on the ones who come along with their wives but really don’t like gambling much themselves. While their wives ignore them I play that same side bet game you used on me. Once I’ve let them peek at my panties I work them up into them into betting whether they are the kind of guy who would pay $200 to fuck me. Or more, sometimes. Almost all of them are.”

“So I really did turn you into a whore?”

“It’s part of the hustle. It’s not like pay to play in the back alley. Those are the girls the casino chases out. I keep it very sophisticated and classy. And discrete. I have to be careful not to look like a hooker or the casino gets nervous.” We’ve nearly finished dinner when the waiter brings the check. She picks it up and says, “This is my treat today. Shall we go to your room or mine so I can thank you properly for saving me? I’m going to ride you until you can’t fuck anymore.”

We decide on my room because it is closer. As the door closes behind us she faces me and says “Hey, mister, wanna see my bra?” She drops the front of her dress down. She’s wearing a nearly sheer black bra that show off her delightfully round and full orbs. She takes a few steps back, toward the bed then lifts up the hem of her dress and says, “Hey, mister, wanna see my panties?” They are the same sheer black as her bra and the sight tickles my balls. I love that she is parodying the hustle I’d used on her last time.

“Here, Don,” she says, “sit on the bed.” I do and she unbuttons my shirt and takes it off then lifts my tee shirt over my head and drops it on the floor. She steps back and slowly peels off her dress. She’s wearing a garter belt for the stockings and I see she’s put her panties on over the straps. My hardness grows.

“You look even hotter than last time,” I tell her. “I love that fuck me look.” She reaches behind and undoes her bra, letting it fall. She slowly peels off her panties, moves closer and unfastens my pants. I help her slide them past my butt and she pulls them with my shorts down to my ankles. She takes my dick in her hand and licks the tip then circles the head with her tongue. I’m rock hard now. She runs her tongue down the underside to my balls, She sucks on each then slides her slippery tongue back up. Her lips surround the head again and her tongue teases the tip. Her hand strokes my shaft as she takes the head out and back into her lips. And again, and again, in a slow rhythm.

“Oh, Mary. Oh, yes honey!” My balls twitch and my cock is throbbing in delight. She begins taking it deeper in her mouth with each stroke. I begin thrusting my hips slightly with each plunge of her mouth down my rod. My balls tighten with each stroke of her lips. I feel the spasms about to start. and I hold them off as long as I can. She plunges fast and goes slow back up. Until I can’t hold it anymore.

“Oh, baby! It’s coming honey!” She takes my balls in her hand and massages them. “Oh yes! AHHHH!” She holds me in her moth and starts sucking. The spasm starts in my balls like a bolt of electricity along my whole cock as I spurt into her mouth. Another. And another. My whole body is tingling and writhing in delight. She swallows every drop until I’m spent. She releases me and cuddles next to me on the kadıköy escort bed.

After a few minutes she says, “I’ve wanted to do that ever since you hummed on my clit last time.”

“You are amazing, Mary.”

She sits up. “Now it’s your turn.” She straddles my chest facing me cowboy style. She slides her wet pussy up and down on my chest, moving up a bit each time until she buries my face between her pussy lips. My tongue searches for her clit. She shifts herself to press it to my mouth. I suck it in and flick it with my tongue. She moans in delight. She slides up some until I find her cunt and slip my tongue in as deep as I can. She gently sways her pelvis. I take my tongue out and then back in. Her swaying becomes harder as I tongue fuck her. I try to match her pace.

“Ohh. Ohh, oh yes! God that’s good!” Soon she slides back down and I suck her clit again. I start humming. “OH. Ohh! Yes, yes!” she pants. I reach up and put my hands on her tits. Her swaying becomes twitching as her orgasm makes her pelvis shake and and I can feel the shivers of pleasure through her whole body. When she stops she gets off my face and cuddles next to me again.

After a few minutes of snuggling and smooching she suggests we have a drink. She gets up to go to the minibar. “What would you like?”

“Whiskey and ginger ale is OK.” She pours two drinks. I admire her beautiful curves while she doing it. Her tits bounce just ever so much as she brings them over and sets them on the night stand. We sit sipping our drinks for a bit.

Don says, “You are even hotter than last time and not at all nervous like you were then.”

“I was scared last time and ashamed of myself. I had never cheated on my husband. I didn’t really want to do it but I was desperate to “win” back his money. I didn’t dare go home without it.”

I say, “You warmed up to it pretty good though. I can always tell when women have cheated on their husbands before. They don’t get nervous. It’s always a little extra exciting if it’s her first time.”

“It didn’t take long for you to make me forget about my husband. You had said you were pretty good at it when you were hustling me and you are. Plus my husband had never been very good at licking me. He wasn’t a hummer like you are. That was such a hot turn on for me.”

“I’m glad you liked it. The way you responded to it was a hot turn on for me.”

“After, I was upset that I had let myself get in a spot like that and after my husband beat me I realized that something was really wrong with my life. I’m glad you did it and I’ve been wanting to thank you ever since. And I’m not done yet!” She got into the middle of the bed, on all fours, with her buttocks toward me. Her knees were slightly apart, pussy open and waiting.

“You are making me hard again, Mary,” I tease her.

She gives her behind a wiggle. “Good! Show me what you do with it when it gets hard.”

I get on my knees behind her. With my hand I slide my growing member up her left thigh until it’s pressed against her warm wetness. I slide myself back until the tip just gets to her honey hole. I flirt with it then push forward again gliding along her slit until my balls are between her legs. My dick is getting wet with her juices. She gives her ass a little shake. I pull back a little then take it in my hand again and slide down her right thigh. Then back up and across and down the other thigh. I bring it back up and guide it straight into her eager beaver. Mary gasps with delight.

The warm wetness sends waves of pleasure down to my balls. I hold myself in deep inside her and lean over to kiss the back of her neck. I feel her cunt squeezing tighter as my kisses move to the side of her neck and behind her ear. She pulls herself forward a little then back, humping my fully immersed manhood. I start swaying with her. I blow hot breath in her ear.

“Oh baby, you are one hot fuck. You’re the best thing that’s happened to my cock since my first wife’s mother.”

“You really are a perv, aren’t maltepe escort bayan you?”

“What can I say. I told you before I like what comes in panties. And she came on to me wearing my wife’s panties and nightie.”

“Oh, that sounds kinda hot.”

“It was. And she was the better fuck too.”

I start really pumping in and out, pushing in hard and holding before coming out again. “Oh, Oh, yes! Just like that. Give it to me! Do me hard!” I cup her tit with my right hand while my thumb and finger twiddle her nipple. The excitement in my cock is electric. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she pants with each stroke. Her pelvis is working me for all the pleasure she can get. My balls are twitching and I feel the shooting about to start. I hold myself back.

I move my hand from her breast to her pussy and flitter my fingers on her clit. Her pelvis rocks so hard she almost throws me off. “OHHH! OHH BABY, BABY!” she screams. It’s all I can do to hold my cum in. I’m not ready yet. Her body is shivering with pleasure. I hold myself hard in her until she stops humping.

“Lay on your back and spread your legs,” I tell her. I lean over and kiss her clit then I start to climb on top of her.

She pleads, “Put it back in.” My tip parts her pussy lips and I tip fuck her a few times. “All the way. Give it to me all the way!” Watching it disappear into her vagina makes it throb and pulse even more. I notice her watching too. After a couple of thrusts in and out I withdraw and rub it between her pussy and her thigh, one side then the other. Then I slide it along her slit until my balls are pressed against her womanhood and my shaft is nestled in her furry bush.

“You have such a hot pussy. I want to fuck all of it not just your cunt,” I tell her. I slide back down and start slapping her clit with the tip.

“In again! In again! Oh baby, oh honey.” I slide back in. She pumps me hard with pelvic thrusts and I ride it.

“Oh Mary! Do me baby!” I kiss her. Or tongues meet again. I pump her with full strokes matching her thrusts all the way in and all the way out. My cock is on fire. There is no holding it back this time. I push in deep and let it cum. “Take all of it! Ohhhh. BABY!” I start pulling out, moaning at each spasm. All the way out, I lie on top of her, my balls rubbing her bush, and let it finish on her belly. I keep her there for a few minutes, kissing and smearing the cum between us. I roll off and cuddle next to her. I don’t know how long we stayed there. Time really didn’t matter right then. Not much did.

Then I sighed, “Oh, Mary.”

She cooed, “Oh Don.”

Eventually time and other things started to matter again. “Well Mary, I’ve certainly gotten what I came here for today and then some. Thank you honey. But you aren’t really getting what you came for. You aren’t meeting any lonely husbands with deep pockets.”

She says, “But I have gotten what I want. I’m so glad I got to thank you like that. You are way better than most of those lonely husbands. They’re lousy at it. No wonder their wives gamble so much. Not all. There are a few. But not hot like you. Anyway, I’m not in the mood to fuck anyone else tonight, Don.”

As we start to get dressed I say, “I never would have figured you to be a hustler. You were so broken that night.”

“I was. Maybe because I was broken I was ready to become something different. Or rediscover my true self, the person I was before she got lost in that awful marriage. You had seemed like such a strong and confident person. I wanted to feel like that myself.”

“You certainly have succeeded.”

“You taught me much more than you realized that day. I’m going to thank you for that again every time I see you.”

I smile and say, “You will be very welcome every time, too, baby.” I walk her to the door as I finish buttoning up my shirt.

She says, “Give me your phone number. I don’t want to wait until you come here again who knows when. You know, for when I feel like thanking you more. And maybe we can get together sometime and talk shop. I’m sure we cold learn some things from each other, don’t you think?”

We trade phone numbers and hug in a passionate and erotic kiss goodbye at the door. This time I don’t have to walk her to her car to keep her from gambling again and that feels very good to me.

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