The Airplane Ride Home Ch. 03

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John had nearly caught his wife and son fucking in the kitchen. He had stood at the top of the stairs while they were caught up in their carnal act of incest. Jamie had been on her hands and knees thrusting her ass back hard against Sam`s dick, rutting like a bitch in heat. He might have heard her begging for more of his son’s massive tool. He might have seen his son smacking his wife`s fat ass, calling her a bitch and urging her to fuck harder. But he hadn’t.

Now he sat next to the boy who was cuckolding him sharing Jamie’s excellent Spanish eggs and bacon. There were piles of hot buttered toast. The glass pitcher brimmed with fresh squeezed orange juices. The fragrant aroma of cinnamon rolls wafted through the air.

John`s main concern was that Sam act more responsibly, more like a man. He thought his wife pampered the boy too much. He thought the boy would never be a man if Jamie kept pampering him. She needed to be firmer with the boy.

“What’s so funny?” John asked.

“What dad?” Sam mumbled absently, his mouth stuffed with food.

“I asked what was so funny. You are sitting there with your mouth full grinning like an idiot.”

“Oh I don’t know, dad. Lots of things! I’m off to college in a few weeks. I was thinking of how much I was going to miss you and mom! I’ll miss the good times we had.”

Jamie’s face reddened. She understood what the good times were.

Your wife, my mother, our woman! We share her, old man! How’s that for being a man?, Sam thought.


Jamie busied herself preparing food for the annual family vacation. Each year the family spent several weekends at the lake. It was one of those family rituals that all families had. John had purchased a lot on this lake and was having a cabin built.

She also mentally prepared herself for three days of close contact with John and Sam. She smiled quietly as she reminisced about the closeness of her family. John was a good husband and provider. He tended to be a little officious but he meant well.

He was a great lover. True, he was only the second cock she had but it satisfied her. Aside from that first sweaty encounter in the backseat of a Chevy, Jamie’s entire sexual experience was with John. An outsider might say that their sex was one dimensional, that it lacked variety and spice. But it is a truism of life that you can’t miss what you never had!

This year was different. Sam would be leaving for college shortly after they got back. This may be the last time for these kinds of family vacations. She felt her panties dampen as she thought about the other thing that was different about this vacation. She was fucking her son!

She felt the conflict and moral ambiguity of that forbidden relationship. That first time on the airplane may be charged off to too much alcohol and mistaken identity. But there was no excuse for the other morning on the kitchen floor. Jamie knew that was wrong. She knew she should have been the strong one. She had no idea what was wrong with her. For the umpteenth she thought about menopause. But none of the literature said anything about it increasing your desire for incest.


The early Friday morning start was lost when John`s office called about a lost shipment. He hurried to handle this potential disaster.

While he was gone, Sam and Jamie finished loading the food, alcohol and sundry other items they would need for their weekend trip. Throughout this process, Sam took every opportunity he could to feel up his mom.

He would slide past her in the tight confines of the cab over and let his cock rub across her ample ass. He seemed to find many opportunities to “accidentally” touch her breasts. Sam was like a kid in a candy store. His mother was the forbidden sweets and he couldn’t stop lusting for her.

For her part Jamie felt a deep sense of guilt and personal responsibility. In her mind she had caused her son to behave this way. She believed that she had been weak and it was causing her son to act out, to see her as a sex object.

That same outside observer would have noted that despite 20 years of marriage, Jamie was sexually inexperienced and somewhat sexually repressed. Sam had released a sexual demon. That demon clawed at the veneer of repression that hid her volcanic libido. Jamie was a volcano ready to explode in an orgy of excess.

Late in the day, Jamie was on her hands and knees storing can goods into the lower cabinets. John was fussy about how things were packed away and she wanted to be sure he wasn’t annoyed with her. His fastidiousness was a real pain sometime.

Jamie wore an old wifebeater tee shirt that was perhaps a size or two too small. The sweat shorts she wore were just a touch too tight. She had rationalized that she needed old clothes for the hot tedious task of preparing the RV for the road. If it was suggested to her that this type of dress might fan the flames of lust her 18 year old son felt for her, that she was in fact dressing to excite him, she would have indignantly denied it.

The canlı bahis effect of his mom’s dress was not lost on Sam. In his mind she was a plus size version of a Hooter’s waitress. The tee shirt, the tight shorts had him in a constant state of arousal. He was transfixed as he covertly watched his mom bend, stretch and kneel. Her braless tits bounced disturbingly. When she bent over to reach a lower cabinet, the already tight shorts, stretched and strained to contain their contents.

Finally he had come up behind her and tried to pull Jamie’s shorts down. After a brief struggle, Sam had her shorts and panties around her knees. Embarrassed, Jamie felt her pussy lubricating as she struggled to get away. Despite herself she was enjoying this rough foreplay. And when Sam got his cock at the entrance to her dripping cunt, she did push back. But as the fat head of his enormous cock tried to force its way into her all too willing love hole, the angel of social propriety screamed its displeasure in her ear. Jamie fought to get her emotions under control.

“Goddammit Sam, stop it!”

Despite her head buzzing with her incredible state of arousal, despite the fact that she could feel juices running down her ample thighs, she managed her best “mom is pissed voice”. Sam stopped, his overly large mushroom shaped dick head barely splitting his mom`s pussy. The little head said slam home. But the big head responded to 18 years of parental conditioning. He pulled out.

“Awwww mom! We have time. Dad won’t be home for at least an hour!”

Jamie turned and sat on her butt. Her shorts and panties were around her ankles, her legs spread at the knees. She was aware that Sam’s gaze was fixed on her swollen pussy lips and wet, matted pubic hair. Her own gaze was riveted on Sam’s 9″ inch cock as it pointed rigidly at the ceiling of the RV.

“Sam, I am NOT one of your little whores from school! I am your MOTHER!

Jamie was building to a righteous tirade. She was going to put an end to this incest thing. But as she gathered herself to launch a barrage of maternal outrage, both she and Sam froze at the sound of a familiar voice.

“Jamie! Sam! Where are you guys?”

John was home. Sam was first to react, pulling his shorts up and forcing his tumescent love pole back in. It lay flat against his belly, trapped by the waistband. He hurriedly pulled his tee shirt over it to hide the 4″ that rested against his belly. But still the bulge was unmistakable.

“Hello!! Anybody home?”

Jamie’s legs were hogtied by the panties and shorts around her ankles. In her fevered panic, her eyes wide as saucers, she kept yanking ineffectually at her clothes. Seeing his mom was paralyzed with fear, Sam grabbed her arms and pulled her to her feet. He knelt in her front of her, grabbed her shorts and panties and began to pull them up.

But Sam was 18. Hormones coursed through his veins like a raging river. His face was even with his mom`s dripping wet pussy. The pungent aroma of her arousal filled his nostrils. Impulsively Sam buried his face in his mom’s bristly womanhood. He forced his tongue between her still swollen labia and licked hungrily.

For the first time in her 45 years, a male had his mouth on Jamie’s sex. Conflicting thoughts raced uncontrolled through her mind. She worried that she was so sweaty and aroused. She wished she had showered. What was he doing with her clit? It felt incredible! John was coming, John was coming! This is so wrong! O my fucking god I’m coming!

Reflexively Jamie grabbed her son’s head. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she desperately tried to push him away. Then she pressed his face hard into her erupting pussy. Sam pulled back, licking his lips at the fragrant juices that covered his face. He finished helping his mom pull her clothes up. He turned and stepped to the door. He saw his dad`s back as he started up the driveway.

Sam looked back. His mom had her back to him. Her head was bowed and she was using the counter to support.

“We are in here, dad!”


Sam was two hours into the four hour drive to the lake. Behind him his parents were well on their way to getting drunk. Dad`s excuse was the stress generated by the screw up at work.

Jamie was fighting lust. She was acutely aware of her son not four feet away. Her pussy was still tingling. As she maintained her end of the inane drunken conversation, in her mind she replayed the moment Sam had taken her clit in his mouth and sucked it. Even now her knees got weak. She recalled feeling of his tongue as it penetrated her labia. It was like a French kiss, so intimate, so exciting. Her pussy flooded her panties. The wet stickiness only increased her arousal. The sex demon had clawed the last vestige of repression from Jamie’s libido. There was a heat in her thighs like she had never felt. She crossed and recrossed her legs. Feeling, yes almost hearing, her flooded pussy react.

Jamie didn’t know it, but she had crossed a threshold. She liked getting her pussy licked. She bahis siteleri wanted more!

She continued to match her husband drink for drink.

Lord, she thought, I can still smell my arousal. My panties are still soaked. I`m in heat for my teenage son! What kind of bitch am I??


Sam guided the RV off the expressway. Behind him he could hear the snoring of his mom and dad. As usual, when they had free time, they had drank and then fucked. Sam had listened intently to the sounds of their lovemaking. His dad wasn’t much on foreplay. Sam knew that from the many nights he had listened at the common wall between their bedrooms.

There was little traffic as the RV moved smoothly through the small town.

As best as he could figure, dad was a missionary guy. He sucked mom’s tits, fingered her pussy and then climbed into the saddle. But the old guy had stamina. They went 25-30 minutes before dad popped. And mom was a screamer!

About 2 miles outside town he saw the sign for the right turn onto the road leading to the lake. The road changed from asphalt to gravel as it wound through the trees toward the lake.

Sam also suspected that his dad was old school and didn’t eat pussy. Sam smiled. He was licking pussy before he actually fucked. In his circle of friends, the girls gave hand and blow jobs. The guys got to feel up, suck their tits and lick their pussy. Oh they did their share of fucking but that came later.

Sam turned left at their road. The trees closed in on either side. Presently he saw the black emptiness of the lake. It was circled by a necklace of diamond like lights that marked the other properties. The headlights of the RV caught the skeletal hulk of the unfinished cabin.

Sam pulled past it and parked so that the door of RV faced the lake with the other side facing the uncompleted cabin. The blackness of night closed in when he turned off the headlights. Sam flipped on an interior light. In the dim light he could see the outline of his parents in the queen sized bed in the rear. He rummaged through a drawer and found a flashlight.

Sam stretched and stepped toward the door. He grabbed a lawn chair and a beer from the fridge. He flipped off the interior light and turned on the flashlight. The yellow cone of light pierced the darkness. It provided a corridor of light through the all-encompassing darkness. He took two steps down into starless blackness of the night.

Jamie woke in the stifling heat of the RV. She was naked, covered only in a thin sheen of perspiration. Next to her John snored loudly. The tight confines of the back of the RV held the scent of their lovemaking. She rose and walked naked to the front of the RV. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind the angel of social propriety warned her to cover her nakedness. Her son was somewhere near. The devil of incest and lust said fuck it.

Jamie turned on an interior light. Sam must be outside. She sighed and went to the closet. She found a robe. It was an old thing that she had for several years. The weight she gained made it ride higher on her body. It hit her mid-thigh. The buttons strained to contain her 38D’s.

The air was sultry. The high humidity and suffocating heat promised a summer storm soon. The katydids repetitive song filled the air. As Sam was taking a swig of the ice cold beer, he heard the RV door open behind him. He glanced back and saw his mom clad in her old robe.

“Out here, mom!”

He turned on the flashlight to light her way. Jamie held a beer in one hand and with other switched off the interior light.

He could see her carrying a chair and the beer in the yellow cone of light from the flashlight. Sam went over, grabbed his mom`s chair and set it up next to his. After they both settle in the chairs, Sam turned off the flashlight. The darkness settled in like black velvet blanket. Though they were only a few feet apart, they could barely make out the shape of each other.

“My god, the heat is unbelievable!” Jamie said thickly. She was still feeling the effects of the alcohol she and her husband had drunk.

“Yes, I think we are going to get thunderstorm in the next few days.”

In the thick still summer air, Sam was acutely aware of the sexual musk his mom exuded. He felt his dick harden as he inhaled this heady aroma.

Jamie knew she needed a shower. She thought that she must smell like a goat. She was hot and sweaty. She was leaking her husband’s come. Her pussy was still damp and swollen. Her arousal had begun some 5 hours ago with Sam. That was followed by a very satisfying fuck in the RV. Wickedly, she wondered if Sam had heard her screams of passion. Inwardly she hoped he had. She was instantly ashamed of herself.

“Want another beer, mom?”

“Yes baby, thank you.”

Jamie undid the buttons on her robe. She pulled it back and exposed herself to the sultry night air. In the distance she heard the thrum of a motorboat on the lake. Her hand drifted to her overheated sex. A thrill shot through her body as she touched bahis şirketleri her clit. She dipped a finger in her heated cauldron. It came out coated in her juices and John’s cum.

Tentatively she moved her finger to her mouth. It was an odd taste but not that unpleasant. She added a finger and scooped out more. She sucked hungrily. A faint memory of the taste came to her. That first time in the Chevy! Her head had been forced down on her date’s cock. She recalled the heady sweetness of his pre cum, the musk of his arousal.

John hated oral sex. They had never done it. She had convinced herself that she didn’t need it.

When Sam came back with the unopened beers, he walked up behind his mom and playfully put the cold can on her neck. She shrieked and jumped up. Playfully she tried to grab him. He scooted away toward the lake. She cut him off. She grabbed him around the waist. They fell in heap in the grass, both giggling loudly.

Sam could feel Jamie’s nakedness under him. He ran his hands over her body. He recalled a name from art class, Rubenesque. It was used to describe the women painted by Rubens. They were all full figured women. His mom was Rubenesque.

In the dark their lips met. Sam pressed his tongue hotly against his mom`s trembling lips. Slowly, almost hesitantly, Jamie allowed his tongue to enter her mouth. Sam probed deep, pushing Jamie’s tongue into the recesses of her mouth. She responded by dueling with his tongue for entrance into the sanctuary of his mouth.

Sam’s hand found the plump nipple of his mother’s breast. He squeezed it roughly and pulled it, eliciting throaty moans from Jamie. In turn her hand slid between their sweat soaked bodies and found his rigid tool. She pumped it vigorously, marveling that her fingers could not circle its circumference. Sam groaned loudly from his mom`s stroking.

Sam slid slowly down her body, pausing to nip lightly on each nipple, eliciting a near scream from Jamie as she writhed under him. He drew his tongue down her belly causing Jamie to start thrusting her hips violently up and down. When his tongue flicked her navel she screamed into the midnight black darkness of the summer night as her orgasm overtook her.

Jamie felt her orgasm burst wetly from her. She soaked Sam’s tee shirt with the volume and force of her release. Still Sam moved downward. His tongue traced the hard outline of her hood, licked lightly at her love button.

Jamie’s orgasm was almost continuous now. She growled and snarled like an animal of the night. In self-defense Sam wrapped his arms around his mother’s thrusting hips. His face was buried in the pungent crevice of her volcano like pussy. It constantly spewed the molten lava of her erupting sex.

Sam thrust two fingers into the scalding heat of her pussy. If he could have seen her eyes, he would have known that pupils had rolled back in her head. She was a woman possessed. At 45 she was experiencing sex as she never had before.

Sam turned slowly. He pulled his mom slightly to her side. He helped her raise one leg and then buried his face in the love arch formed. He was drunk with the musty sweetness of her pussy. He lapped greedily at her pussy. What was that taste? Oh yes, he thought! His dad he come in her! He greedily licked the heavy cream, his head almost exploding at the incredible sensation.

Jamie was having an out of body experience. Despite the complete darkness she thought she could see her son between her legs. Something hit her in the face. She reached and touched Sam’s man meat. She licked and it and tasted his sweatiness. She heard the blood roaring in her ears as she kissed the mushroom. With an effort she managed to get her mouth around it. Her jaw ached but she had it in her mouth. Jamie rose to one elbow and used her free hand to stroke her son’s manhood.

Sam had his mom’s clit in his mouth. His thumb was in her pussy and his finger penetrated her ass. Jamie bucked hard against Sam’s mouth. She was riding waves of orgasms, building to a crest and dropping to a trough only to rise again.

Sam knew he was going to come. He felt that itch in his scrotum that moved into his balls. He pumped his cock hard into his mom’s mouth. Jamie’s saliva was drooling out the corners of her mouth. Almost impossibly she felt Sam’s cock growing in her mouth. As she bucked against his mouth, he exploded in hers. The force of his ejaculation forced her head back. She caught a fire house sized stream of Sam’s man juice in her mouth. It gagged her and she began to cough. This caused the rest of his steaming man juice to assault her eyes, drenched her hair and inundated her breasts.

Jamie rolled on her back. Sensations coursed through her body like jolts of electricity. Her heart beat like a trip hammer. She couldn’t get her breath. She felt like she was dying. Never, never in her life had she experienced sex like this. And it was with her son!!

And, just when she thought she would pass out, when her weary body wanted to rest, she felt the weight of her son’s body press down on her. The bulbous head of Sam’s enormous cock slide between her labia. She realized that the moaning she was hearing was her as her birth canal expanded to its limits to accommodate her son.

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