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You have been painting all day. I can hear you in the other room. I long to be close to you but didn’t want to interrupt you as my presence would be no doubt keep you from your work. So I contentedly sing and play my guitar in the other room hoping you can hear me and know that my songs of love are for you. I smile to myself as I remember you calling me your muse and hope that is true.

You finish for that day and come to me, we embrace and I consume your sweet flavor, an aprodisious cocktail of your bodily pheromones combined with the odors of your artistic endeavor, intoxicating me to the very cellular level of my being. I nuzzle closer to enjoy the feel of your body against me and slip my hand gently behind the waistband of your panties and rub my fingers lightly between your hungry lips, You beg for more but I remove my hand and suckle my fingers, dying for a taste of you.

As we kiss, I pull my fingers away to feel your full tongue in me. I am so aroused, hard and ready but we must wait as we have a full evening of passion planed.

I have cooked you a wonderful dinner( one of my pendik escort specialties ) shrimp champignons with honey roasted shallots and red peppers in a creamy Godiva liquor sauce. I pour us a glass of champagne and we move to the next room to enjoy our meal in front of the fire. We are naked as I feed you and eat using your body as my plate, sucking shrimp from your breasts and between you legs and everywhere else imaginable. Savoring you even more than the meal, licking the sauce from your navel and neck, you glow with desire. I enjoy the taste of one last shrimp from between the cheeks of your lovely derriere and than lead you to the bathroom where I have prepared a sumptuous candlelight bubble bath for our pleasure.

You step into the tub, silhouetted in a reflection of candlelight as I drink in the curves of your body. You moan as I start to lovingly soap your neck, under arms, back and breasts, working my way down lower and lower to your thighs, knees and calves and back up again until my hands rest at the edge of your labia. The tips of my fingers tease you softly, the kiss of maltepe escort a butterfly. The water seems to warm a few degrees from your heat and the air crackles with animal lust as I climb in beside you.

You run your soapy palms up and down my body, touching me all over, squeezing my slippery nuts with your firm grip. You grin as you stick your fingers inside me, spraying warm water from your mouth over my penis. While pushing your fingers deeper inside me, you kiss the head of my cock. I have to grab my self hard to stop the cum from exploding into your mouth. But I do, knowing that the best is still to come.

We exit the bath, slowly dry each other and glide to our boudoir. I lay you down and start simultaneously rubbing and licking your toes and feet. Slowly working my way up your body inch by inch kissing and rubbing, loving every inch with my mouth, hands, teeth and tongue I lick your sweet slit as my penis brushes against your feet.and my pre-cum drips on your ankles, my fingers deep inside you and my tongue fluttering on your clit. I roll you over to rub your back a kartal escort bit, deep and hard starting at the base of your spine and working my way up as I spread your lovely cheeks and kiss your sweet ass button. I continue to touch your back, up and down, the length of it until I reach your buttocks to caress your beautiful flesh. I slowly roll you onto your back and press my head between your thighs to drink in the aroma of your musky womanhood. Your juices are so copious they nearly drown me in joyful fluid. I kiss and lick and suck as you moan with delight until you can stand it no longer and beg me to fuck you. I can wait no longer either so I spread your legs and pull you closer to me, rubbing the head of my shaft slowly around the out side of your sex. You whimper in delight as I stick the tip in just slightly at first then deeper and deeper, in and out slowly a half an inch at a time. In and out, up and down, with thoughts of anything else stripped from my mind until I am buried deep inside you and my balls are resting on your ass. I put my full weight on you as we breathe together speaking our own private language of love. While our hearts beat together, I look into your eyes knowing this is where I have always dreamed of being, deep inside you. . after what seems like an eternity of bliss we start moving together. . slowly at first. .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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