The Demise of Innocence Ch. 03

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So, that’s how things started between them. Sabrina was barely 18, Jim was in his early 40’s and happily married to Sabrina’s mom. Everything was going well for the two of them during the past few weeks. A lot of innocent flirting took place too. For instance, if Sabrina were bending over the clothes dryer to get her clothes out Jim would stand beside her with his hand on her ass and ask how she was doing. Or if she were knelt down at the base cabinets in the kitchen looking for a certain cooking pot, Jim would stand almost directly in front of her with the zipper of his jeans practically inches from her face, tempting not only her but him too. There was also a lot of weekday morning fun after Sabrina and Jim had both showered, and after his wife/her mom had left for work, leaving the two of them, patient step-father and innocently eager to learn step-daughter, alone in the house together. No matter what the circumstances, when the two of them were left alone they both felt the need to touch each other, the desire to be close to one another, it was almost like a magnet existed inside of them both, pulling them together.

It was always the same routine, always oral sex or masturbation between the two of them. As a small gift to Sabrina, Jim had even bought Sabrina a pair of large gold hoop earrings with little bunny heads on them for her to wear. He had purchased them from Playboy. He told her that on those “special occasions” she should wear them for him because it was a turn on for him to see them dangling about, against the side of her pretty young face as her head bobbed up and down, working wonders on his manhood as he verbally instructed her in the ways of orally pleasing a man. He also told her that she could wear her new earrings in front of him even when her mom was around, that it would be a way to send a signal to him, letting him know she needed his attention.

Jim drove a four wheel drive pickup truck with tinted windows and a lift kit so it sat up higher than most standard models. Between the tinted windows and the lift kit, there was no way anyone could see inside the cab of the truck unless they made some real effort to do so. Needless to say, Jim and Sabrina made good use of his truck on several opportunities, first finding a place to meet each other, then parking Sabrina’s car while driving to a more secluded location in Jim’s truck. This is the very place that Sabrina gave herself up to Jim for the first time.

“I swear Pumpkin, you make me so horny.” Jim said as they sat in his truck, listening to the local country radio station with the windows rolled halfway down. Playing with each other, Jim kissing her pussy and finger fucking her while she stroked his cock and balls with her soft and tender hand. “I know it’s not right, but sometimes I feel like I need more Sabrina.”

“You mean you want to?” Sabrina asked in an anxious voice.

Jim interrupted: “Yes Baby, nothing would please me more than to be inside you.”

“Oh Jim, I want that too, in fact I’ve been wanting that for a long time but I was afraid to be the first one to mention it.” Sabrina said as her hand suddenly stayed perfectly still on Jim’s swollen shaft, as if she could not concentrate on stroking him while at the same time talking to him about the subject of sexual intercourse.

They were silent again, enjoying each other’s company and what they came there to do. The night air was cool when suddenly Sabrina asked: “Can we roll the windows up?”

“Sure Sweety, you cold?”

“Yes, a little bit.”

“There how’s that?” Jim asked her as he took her hand in his and placed it back on his penis.

“That’s better, but listen.”

“What is it Pumpkin, I don’t hear anything.”

“I know, that’s just it. If the windows were rolled down we could hear if someone were coming. Don’t you think we should lock the doors too? I’d just die if someone were to catch us together. I mean think about, this is not really very cool anyway, I mean gosh Jim, how many pickup trucks do you know of that look like your’s? Please? I’d feel safer if we did.”

After rolling the windows up and locking the doors, making sure Pumpkin felt secure, Jim laid back on the driver’s side door with his legs spread, one leg was on the seat and the other on the floor. “Ok now. Look Princess, forget what I said, we can just do like we canlı bahis always do, it’s ok.” Jim said. Sabrina knew what to do, it had been five days since they were able to play and she desperately wanted to be fucked in her mouth. She had become quite good at performing fellatio, in fact she even started feeling comfortable with doing it too, so much so that she would talk and whisper to Jim as she did so.

“Mmmm.” Sabrina said as she stroked his balls with her left hand while holding his thick shaft with the other. Twisting her mouth up and down…up and down, alternately probing his tiny slit and swirling her tongue around the head. Doing everything Jim had taught her, doing everything she could to make him want a steady rhythmic motion. He felt the tightness of her lips around his cock, his hips began to buck in perfect unison with the bobbing of her pretty little head. Jim had told her that it was all about rhythm and he also knew how small her mouth was verses the tupperware glass like thickness of his cock, so he couldn’t get carried away to awfully much.

“Gawd fuckin’ damn little girl! Mmm, Mmm, Mmmmmm…” Jim exclaimed through clenched teeth. “You’re good Sweetheart, you’re very good. Uhuh…Yes you are. You’ve learned to like this haven’t you Cupcake? Yes you have, uhuh…that’s it Baby girl, up and down that shaft Princess. Sloooow…Yes that’s it, make love to my cock with your mouth.”

With her mouth still working Jim over, Sabrina looked him in the eye and smiled.”

“I just want to do be good at making a man happy. I want to be able to please my husband one day when ever I decide to get married.”

“Sabrina, stop Sweetheart or I’m gonna blow my wad.”

“Mmmmm….., yes!” Sabrina said eagerly.

“Sabrina, no…quit Sweetheart. This is not how I want this to happen this time. Remember when I told you that you made me so horny that it just feels like I need more?”

“Yes, yes I…I do, but I’m not ready for that yet Jim, I…”

Jim interrupted her: “Oohh Baby, feel how hard I am, you know you’d like to see what it feels like with me rubbing against the inside of you.”

“But you told me that if you weren’t inside of me then it really wasn’t like we were having sex. I mean gosh Jim, you’re married to my mom. I don’t know.”

Jim tried soothing her: “Well…Ok Sweetheart I’ll tell you what. I have a condom in my wallet, if we use a condom there will at least be something between us that keeps us from touching each other, but you will still get to experience what it feels like to have me inside you.”

Sabrina sat there next to Jim, thinking to herself. “I’d really like to do this, I want to do this, my body is telling me to do it. I’d rather do this with Jim than with some boy who tells me he loves me and then decides he doesn’t want me anymore after he gets what he wants. Finally Sabrina spoke: “You have a condom?”

“Yea sure Sweetheart. Here, see?”

“Oh Jim, I am so horny I can’t even think straight, are you sure this is ok? I mean, it’s not going to hurt is it? I mean can’t we just do like we always do? What about mom?”

“Oh no Sugar, I promise you it will not hurt at all, we’ll go slow and I’ll be easy, you know me Sabrina, I’m always wanting what is best for my little girl.” Jim said as he stroked the side of her face and her hair.

“I’ve never seen a condom, can I see it?” Sabrina asked.

“Sure Honey, here let me open it.”

Sabrina giggled and said: “It feels funny, are you going to put it on?”

“Uhuh, watch me Sweetheart.”

Jim removed the condom from the package as Sabrina sat nervously watching out the truck windows while alternately watching what Jim was doing, leaning back against the door, running her fingers through her thick pussy hair. She never thought much about her pubic hair until Jim started showing his appreciation for it. Knowing that Jim got turned on by it, she delighted in it too. “Here watch me baby, see? All you have to do is slip it over the head and then slowly roll it down the length of the shaft.” Jim moved around in the truck, getting closer to Sabrina.

“What are you doing?” Sabrina asked.

“Easy Baby, trust me.”

“What are you doing, how do you want me?” Sabrina asked again.

“Lie down on your stomach on the seat and face the passenger door.”

“Jim, I – I don’t bahis siteleri know.”

“Of course you don’t know, you’ve never done this before. Trust me Sweetheart. Raise your butt up for me.” Jim instructed her.

Once Sabrina was positioned in the truck like Jim wanted her, he licked her pussy really good. Up one side first and then down the other, spreading her wide with his thumbs before inserting his tongue into her vagina, making sure that she was good and lubricated.”

“Oh gawd Jim, I love it when you kiss me like that.” Sabrina panted as she raised her tender young ass even higher for Jim.

“Uhum.” Jim moaned as he positioned himself behind her. Holding his thick cock in his right hand while holding Sabrina’s left ass cheek with his left hand Jim said: “Easy Baby, easy girl…I just want you to feel the head pressing against you, ok?”

“Uhuh.” Sabrina panted.

“Yes, oh gawd!”

“What?!” Sabrina asked as if something was not to Jim’s liking.

“Oh Baby, you’re tight, it feels so good splitting your thick pussy hair, you don’t even know how tight you are baby.” Jim continued saying to her as held still held his cock in his hand, working the head up and down the opening of her tightness, working it, making her wet, making her want him inside her.

“It feels like you’re splitting me. Is it good? Do you want me another way?”

“Ohhh no Sweetheart, just relax baby.” Jim said as he continued pushing his cock a little deeper. Once the head of Jim’s thick cock was comfortably positioned inside of Sabrina’s tight, thick lipped hairy pussy, he placed both of his hands on the sides of her small butt cheeks. Her butt was so small that his hands covered her entire ass from side to side. He placed his thumbs ever so close to her anus, applying a little bit of pressure, spreading her wide, getting her ready for a good solid fucking.”

“C’mon now girl, keep that butt up for me.”

“Ahhh Jim, yes, it feels so…ooohhh…mmmm…yeeaa.” Sabrina said while letting out a breath of air.

“Yes.” Jim said as he pushed further inside her young pussy. “Oh gawd Sabrina, if you only knew.”

“What Jim?”

“Oh Baby, if you only knew how bad I’ve been wanting this, how bad I’ve been wanting to make you feel good. I’ve been wanting this ever since you turned fifteen years old. I remember the first time I really noticed you fixing yourself up for school, wearing your tightest jeans. I always loved how the seam in the back rode up into the crack of your ass and dissappeared.” Jim continued saying as the two of them started to breath quicker. Jim noticed the windows on the truck were totally fogged up at this point and he knew no one could see inside even from a distance. Jim was in control of Sabrina now.

“Oh Baby, all the way in now, ok?” Sabrina was so tiny Jim thought. She was like some sort of miniscule toy, a miniature doll except only she was alive and breathing and accepting his advances. She almost felt like some sort of pleasuring device, or a blowup doll even, she was just so small and petite.

“Ohhh yes Jim, please yes!”

Jim slowly pushed his cock further inside her tight young love hole, backing out, then pushing back in as he continued talking to her. “I’ve been wondering what this would be like ever since you were fifteen baby. But I knew that I couldn’t do it, I knew I couldn’t have you like this. I knew it wouldn’t be right and that I had to leave you alone and let you concentrate on finishing high school. But now look at you, you’re a full grown woman experiencing the intimate pleasures that can be shared between a man and a woman. You’re all grown up now Pumpkin, and that pussy…oh sweetheart that precious pussy, don’t never ever let some guy talk you into shaving that precious sweet pussy.”

“Ohh gawwwd Jim, yes! You’re splitting me! Do it! Please Jim, stab me with it!” Sabrina said with such animal like passion that she didn’t even think about what she was saying before she spoke. “Ohhh gawwd Jim, is this how you and mom do it?”

By hearing how Sabrina was talking, Jim knew she was ready to be fucked. And fuck her he did. He pressed his thumbs ever so close against her tiny puckered anus, spreading it wide as his cock now glided back and forth easily. Back and forth, back and forth, steady and repeatedly with deep penetrating strokes. He bahis şirketleri didn’t go real fast, but more like at a medium steady controlled pace. With each thrust he could feel his large hanging hairy nut sack slapping against her clit. Sabrina was so small that Jim effortlessly reached under her stomach to find her swollen bud. Once he found it he started massaging it, rolling it across the tips of his fingers as he continued fucking her from behind. “Damn you’re tight Princess, damn you’re soooo tight Honey.” Jim could feel himself bottoming out each time he thrust his manhood into her. “Sabrina was right.” Jim thought. “If the tightness of her pussy gliding back and forth over my cock is any indication, I really am splitting this sweet little girl.”

“Oh Sabrina Baby, my cum is working it’s way out of my balls Sweetheart. You’re milking me baby.”

“How do you want me?” Is all Sabrina could manage to say.

Jim released her clit and grabbed onto her ass with both hands as he drove his manhood home. “Reach underneath you, reach between your legs Sweetheart and stroke my balls.”

“Like I always do? You mean like this?” Sabrina said as she reached underneath her as Jim instructed her. Jim’s testicles were to large for her petite hands but she did the best she knew how to do.

“Ooohhhhh, yeeaa, uhummm, just like that Princess.” Jim moaned. “Ok now girl, I’m getting ready to shoot. Ohhhh mother fuck!…You tight little tease you, Ooh…whew little girl, am I ever going to shoot?!…That’s it Baby, keep stroking my nut sack, hold my balls Precious…C’mon now!…Ooohhh fuck Pumpkin, here it comes baby, I’m gonna fill you up girl! Oohhh yes, OohhHH YEESS!!!! Mmmm, Aarrrgghhh….Mmmmm YES!!” Jim exclaimed as he continued working her pussy like a man without any other need, thought or care, thrusting his pelvis into her, feeling his seed empty into the sheath that covered his cock.

Sabrina didn’t say a word, she had never seen Jim have this tone with her during any of the previous rendevous’ they shared together, she was not sure what to do, Jim seemed so aggressive. She was feeling his cock swell and spasm inside of her, she felt how hard his cock was inside her, it was hard like a broom stick only much thicker, she felt it twitching inside her. She knew by his reactions that he was pumping his jizz. All she could do, all she wanted to do was spread herself wider for him, leaving her hand between her legs and keeping a nice hold on his testicles as she felt him unload. She felt like this was exactly what Jim had been needing. She felt good about herself, about the fact that she could make Jim react so wildly like that. She loved she feeling she was having at this moment, the feeling of pleasing a man’s natural instinctive need and hunger. The feeling of having Jim spending his seed with her made her feel so womanly.

After Jim had came, he remained inside her as his cock slowly withered. Both of them were a mess, Sabrina had produced so much vaginal secretion that she had coated the entire front side of Jim’s thighs. The inside of Jim’s truck smelled of sex. The radio continued playing as Jim stroked Sabrina’s beautiful mane of hair.

“Mmmm…Oh Jim, I never knew what I had been missing. My girlfriends always talked about how their boyfriends fucked them but they never told me about how they felt after it was over.” Sabrina said while still in the doggy style position with her eyes shut almost as if she were dreaming.

“Well, maybe their boyfriends were in it more for themselves than the girls they were with, maybe your girlfriends didn’t get the attention that I just gave you.” Jim said as he continued stroking Sabrina’s hair.


“Yes Cupcake?”

I have some older girlfriends too, some of which that have gone on to college. Do you remember Jessi?”

“Oh yes of course, I remember Jessi, how’s she doing?”

“She’s doing ok, she has a boyfriend she met in college. Um…and that’s what I’d like to talk about.”

“What is it Pumpkin?”

“Well, when she came home during Christmas break, she told me about the sex she was having with her new boyfriend.”

“Yes?” Jim said with true curiosity.

“Well….she told me that she had learned so much from him and that a girl has never really had sex until she has been penetrated anally.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes, that’s what she told me.”

“Ohhh Pumpkin, there is so much more, let’s just keep what we share together our little secret, ok.?

“Mmmm…yes Jim, I promise.”

To be continued…

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