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She sat at her desk. Little did she know that someone was beneath it, waiting for the right time. She was typing away, lost in her own thoughts. She had created a world only she could understand. A hand skimmed across her calf. A small yelp came from the back of her throat. She didn’t have time to bend down and look under to see whose hand it was because two hands came out and grasped her hips. They held her in place while a mouth came close. Damn it! She thought. I shouldn’t have worn a skirt today. Her mind was fleeting, she struggled to think of who it might be. But she couldn’t put normal thoughts together.

This skirt was just not going to work, she thought. I can’t believe I wore this today, her mind screamed. A hand was on her thigh creeping ever so slowly towards the part that made her woman. She could feel her body heat up, her blood pulsing towards a spot that no one had touched in some time. She sat back, impulsively. But the hand didn’t leave her. A tongue replaced the hand and started to lick the inside of her soft, creamy white thigh. She sighed. Looking around behind her, she saw no one in the now empty office. It was after hours. She couldn’t take this kind of casino oyna risk.

But it felt so good. The tongue was licking its way higher, towards her. She slid forward a little in her seat. She could feel herself beginning to wet her panties. The tongue brushed over her, and she gasped. A hand came up to tear at them. She lifted off her seat so that they could be removed. She heard them fall to the floor. Sitting at the edge of her seat, she spread her legs a little. A chuckle could be heard from under her desk. She thought she recognized the sound. But couldn’t place it. Her mind was working overtime. Reaching out, she grabbed the edge of the desk and thrust forward until a hand came into contact with her. Swelling and wet, she felt a finger brush over her clit. Oh, how she wanted that hand on her. Those fingers inside her. A tongue licking her senseless. The tongue was licking all around her but was not giving in to the sweet sensation she wanted so much.

A finger whispered over her button. She bit back a groan. Then, the finger slid past her and into her. Her strength all but melted from her body. Slouching down in her chair, she opened wider for him. She could feel a head in canlı casino between her thighs. Lifting slightly from the chair, she brought herself closer to those fingers and what she hoped would be lips. The fingers were ravaging her, wrecking her. She clamped down around them and rocked back and forth. They kept the rhythm. And not once did they completely leave her. She was being damaged, and wanted to be damaged.

All at once, the fingers were removed. She couldn’t suppress a shudder of disappointment. But all too quickly there was a new sensation. One of hot, wet velvet. A tongue. It was on her clit, licking and then, it was sucking. She was being taken into a mouth! Wanting to come apart, she held onto the desk with all she had. She could feel the sucking pressure all around her button. And the tongue was traveling downwards, towards her hole. It bypassed it and kept traveling down. “Oh my God” was the last thought she had as it slid over her back door hole. Her mind went completely blank. The only thing she could do was slide completely to the edge of her chair and grip the edges of the desk. A finger came back to probe inside her as the hot, expert tongue traveled over the ridges kaçak casino of her second hole.

A hot, blinding orgasm ripped through her. Swallowing a scream, she rode the waves pulsing through her. Flying in a golden sky, she felt the finger being withdrawn and something replacing it. It was hard and unrelenting. It rammed into her, again and again. The tongue was still in the dark depths, probing and swabbing. She was bucking against tongue and object, wanting to come again. A finger settled over her already swollen clit. Her head dropped onto the back of the chair. Who was it and what was he doing to her? What was it that was inside her? It didn’t feel like a normal object, like one of the many toys she collected. It wasn’t yielding to her and she wasn’t forming around it. But yet, it felt good. She could feel herself getting ready to come again.

Finger, and tongue, and object were wrecking her. Were obliterating her. She thrust herself into his face. The tongue forged into her tight little hole. She never in her life had had a tongue buried inside that part of her. She couldn’t see, couldn’t breathe. The sensations were overtaking her again. The object thrust in and out of her, a tongue inside her, and a finger over her clit. She was coming. Again. This time she did scream. Loudly. She desperately hoped no one was left in the office. Her last thought was “Damn this desk!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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