The Friends of Paul , Sally Ch. 01

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Nowadays, watching Sally is complete pleasure. I admit that in the early days I was nervous, wondering whether I would be jealous, wondering whether she would find a larger cock preferable to mine, and a dozen other doubts. I need not have been apprehensive. Sally has always made it clear that I am, and will remain, her number one priority. The people we meet and enjoy add to our relationship; they take nothing away.

Moreover, knowing that before the session ends I will fuck the female half of the couple enables me to relax and relish the full extent of Sally’s repertoire. Whether with the other woman or the man Sally can be by turns dominant or passive (although passive doesn’t truly describe the way she uses her voluptuous abandonment to enhance the pleasure of her partner). Knowing how skilfully she can convey her response with minute variations of position or pressure, how generously she will open her body to every advance, I am constantly thrilled to observe the pleasure she gives and receives.

We didn’t embark on this lightly. We both have careers to protect in our community, which is relatively small. No contacts within a fifty mile radius was the basic criterion. Also, we wanted intelligent people with a good standard of living, an open mind about sex, and a desire to develop a relationship over time. It took several months to find the first couple, Alan and Trish, that we felt entirely compatible with. The initial meeting was good if inevitably somewhat hesitant and exploratory. Now that Trish has shed her shyness, largely thanks to Sally’s subtle encouragement, we have gradually shed virtually every taboo.

That began about eighteen months ago. In the meanwhile, we have added two more couples: Selma and Mike, and Linda and Gary. Selma and Mike have been crucial to the success of the group: they run a small, upmarket bed and breakfast which we are able to use if they have a gap in their more formal bookings. As a result, meetings are irregular and infrequent but completely uninhibited when they occur, which adds to the excitement. Sometimes there are only two couples, usually there are more. We ourselves are not always able to be involved. However, there was recently a memorable get-together when all eight of us enjoyed a full weekend. Over the course of the forty-eight hours we managed almost every permutation, whether in pairs or in groups of varying numbers.

Inevitably, there had to be periods of rest and recuperation, and it was during one of these that we confessed to being the joint authors of a number of stories published on Literotica. There was a demand to know if the stories were fact or fiction. Of course, most have some basis in our own experience but always heavily disguised out of respect for all concerned, ourselves not least. Would this session feature in the future, we were asked? Possibly, but not certainly.

Later, however, Selma said that she and Mike might like to have a story of their own on the site but they didn’t really feel capable of getting it down in writing. That view was echoed by the others. After some discussion, Gary suggested that Sally and I might act as ghost writers for them: the idea was that each time we felt the need to pause and recharge our batteries one of the couples would tell their story. Doubtless it would have the desired effect of arousal but would later be polished and published by Sally and me.

Here then are the three tales, shaped here and there by us but essentially as they were told in an erotic miasma of half-fulfilled, half-unfinished sex during the intervals in that week-end’s activity. Whether the stories are based on truth or are pure fantasy is hard to say, although there is one which we believe has a very plausible ring. They deal, respectively, with role playing, sex with strangers, and incest.

Linda and Gary’s story.

This is a scenario that developed during a series of meetings with another couple we will call Amanda and Barry. Linda’s petite girlish figure led to an idea which gave full rein to our shared interest in role playing. It is best set out here as the script for a mini drama. Linda is a nineteen-year old who is about to leave the exclusive girl’s school at which she has been a pupil for the last five years. Gary is her father. Amanda plays a teacher at Linda’s school, where Barry is the Head Master.

The scene is Dr Barry Gordon’s study. He sits behind a large desk. Miss Amanda Sutton, a teacher, is in a chair at the side of the desk. Facing them are Linda, dressed in white blouse and navy skirt which ends just above her knees, and Gary Thomas, her father.

Dr Gordon: Thank you for taking the time to come in, Mr. cebeci escort Thomas. I’m sure you have many demands on your time, but we felt you should have a personal report on Linda’s achievements now that she is about to leave us.

Gary: Yes, of course. Thank you.

Dr Gordon: We pride ourselves, as you know, on discovering and developing whatever special talents a pupil may have, whether they may be artistic, academic, scientific or whatever. The fees we charge entitle you to expect nothing less.

Gary: Yes, I understand that. But Linda isn’t very communicative. As far as her mother and I are concerned, she tells us almost nothing about her experiences here. She says she’s been happy here and that’s about it. Isn’t that true, Linda?

With a half-smile, Linda nods. Gary looks to Doctor Gordon.

Dr Gordon: You knew when you enrolled her that Linda was joining an establishment which is not exactly – shall we say, orthodox in its methods, but it does promise results.

Gary: Yes.

Dr Gordon: Well, in Linda’s case I have to tell you that in most areas her performance has been a little above average but not a great deal. Her University place is secure and she will do well enough. However, I wanted to speak to you personally to tell you about the outstanding special talent which has emerged and which Miss Sutton has been able to encourage and take forward. Would it surprise you, Mr Thomas, to learn that we have an elite Sexual Development group?

Gary (after a pause): It would indeed.

He looks at Linda who avoids eye contact.

Dr Gordon: The elite group varies in the number of its members but, for obvious reasons, it is very limited. I can understand if you find this difficult to take in but I must urge you not to be embarrassed – and please don’t rush to judgement. Because Linda has been one of the most accomplished pupils the group has ever produced.

Gary: In what way?

Dr Gordon: I think it would be best if we let Miss Sutton explain. Perhaps, Amanda, you could begin by telling Mr Thomas how you first discovered Linda’s talent.

Miss Sutton: To be honest, it wasn’t difficult. I was passing through the cloakroom one afternoon when the girls were on recreational activities: hockey, netball, gymnastics for the sporty types, music and art for others. The cloakroom should have been empty but I was surprised to hear quite unmistakable sounds. A girl was masturbating and was obviously close to orgasm.

Please understand, this kind of activity isn’t unusual in pubescent girls and we always treat it sympathetically. So, not wanting to startle this particular girl, I found a vantage point where I could observe without being seen. The girl, of course, was Linda. And what struck me at once was the complete sensual abandonment, the look of total pleasure on her face. She was sitting on a corner bench, leaning against the wall. Her skirt was around her waist and her knickers were pushed down. Here eyes were on her right hand which was very slowly rubbing her clitoris, not directly on the point but with a finger along each side. The sounds she was making suggested that her orgasm was imminent, but she seemed able to control the feeling, keeping herself on a high. This is a gift you rarely encounter in an experienced mature woman; in a girl it is exceptional.

Dr Gordon: I wonder, Linda, if you would care to demonstrate? I would like your father to understand why we have come to admire you so much.

Linda does not reply.

Dr Gordon: Amanda, perhaps if you were to lock the door to ensure we are not disturbed, then you could give Linda a little assistance.

Miss Sutton rises from her chair, turns the key in the study door and returns to stand behind Linda. She reaches round and unbuttons the front of the girl’s blouse. Releasing well-formed but not large breasts from a white bra, she gently massages them before murmuring in Linda’s ear.

For a while Linda does not respond but it becomes apparent that her nipples are hardening under the teacher’s subtle touch. Miss Sutton leans forward and kisses the top of Linda’s head, then applies her tongue to the girl’s ear. Linda sighs softly – from frustration? from desire? the two men cannot tell. But almost involuntarily, it seems, her hands reach for the hem of her skirt. She lifts herself in the chair and pushes the skirt back underneath her, exposing white knickers which she then slides down below her knees.

Miss Sutton: Yes, Linda, that’s fine. Just relax. Take your time and enjoy.

Linda widens her legs. Her right hand searches through downy pubic hair and parts the vagina lips. With cebeci escort bayan her index finger one side of the clitoris and her middle finger the other, she begins a very slow manipulation. Her father has turned his chair to watch closely. His eyes are fastened on the now glistening labia and prominent stalk of the clitoris. Subconsciously, he registers the sound of Dr Gordon opening the zip of his trousers. He is aware of pressure from his own erection. The only other sounds are a steady stream of muted words of encouragement from Miss Sutton and Linda’s deep breathing.

Miss Sutton (having allowed Linda several minutes of intensely private self-stimulating now begins to work harder on the girl’s breasts, kneading and squeezing the orbs, drawing out the engorged nipples): Faster, now, Linda. Show us how you come.

Linda (speaking for the first time, almost gasping): I’m not ready.

Miss Sutton: You’re very close, dear. Do it now.

The teacher’s grip on her pupil’s breasts tightens. Behind the desk, Dr Gordon is stroking the long shaft of his penis. Linda’s hand movements quicken until suddenly she closes her eyes, screws up her face and emits a long, deep sigh.

Miss Sutton: Excellent, Linda, excellent.

The demonstration over, the girl subsides in her chair, momentarily drained by the power of her orgasm. Miss Sutton helps her to return her breasts to her bra, takes a tissue from her pocket and gently cleans the moisture from the vagina lips before returning to her chair at the Head Master’s side. Dr Gordon pushes his penis back out of sight. Linda, composure recovered, pulls up her knickers, smoothes down her skirt and sits with her hands in her lap.

Dr Gordon: Thank you, Linda. I think we all found that very – stimulating. Mr Thomas?

Gary (after a pause): I’m not sure I should admit it …

Dr Gordon: Naturally. But there is no need. Anything said or done here remains between these four walls. So if you wish, we can tell you more about Linda’s progress.

Gary: Perhaps you should.

Dr Gordon: Amanda?

Miss Sutton: Well, that day in the cloakroom I thought it best not to intrude. I simply reported what I had seen to Dr Gordon and we agreed that she should be offered a place in the Sexual Development elite group. When the opportunity arose, I told Linda what I had seen, explained that I was not upset and asked her if she would be interested in joining two or three other girls who were receiving special tuition in that area.

Gary: Obviously she said yes.

Miss Sutton: She was remarkably grown-up about it. She said she knew that sex was going to be important in her life and wanted to enjoy it – make the most of it, were her words.

Gary: So what exactly does this elite group do?

Miss Sutton: Essentially, it instructs pupils in the full gamut of sexual activity, not least hygiene. They are taught physical exercises to give them exceptional control of vital muscles. Also exercises to adopt a wide range of positions. Clothing, lingerie in particular, is important to the curriculum. We explore bisexuality, exhibitionism and, in one or two unusual cases, the possibilities of bondage and SM. Overall we aim to create an environment in which the girls can investigate fully their personal desires and erotic propensities. No two girls are the same.

Gary: And Linda?

Miss Sutton: Frankly, Mr Thomas, in my experience she is as gifted as any girl I have taught. And at least one of our former pupils is currently the mistress of a high-ranking cabinet officer. Another has made a career as a television presenter by calculatedly bestowing sexual favours. When Linda leaves us, she will still have a long way to go in reaching emotional maturity, and she will eventually make her own choices. Whether as a wife, as a mistress, or as an independent woman who takes her pleasures where and when she needs them, Linda will derive sexual pleasure unknown to most women. And whoever shares her body will enjoy equally vivid rewards.

Gary: I suppose you can understand that I’m find all this a bit hard to take in.

Dr Gordon (looks at his watch): I have another appointment in half an hour. If you agree, I suggest we can best conclude this interview with another demonstration.

When Gary says nothing, Dr Gordon rises from his chair and motions Miss Sutton to Linda’s side.

Dr Gordon: For a long while we found one unusual area of reticence in Linda’s progress. There will be circumstances in which her partner’s – and possibly her own – arousal will be enhanced by the use of the basic language of sex. Our girls are taught that there escort cebeci are times when it helps to call a fuck a fuck. Linda seemed unwilling to embrace that simple requirement. Her refusal became so stubborn that she had to be chastised. And that was how we discovered that spanking was a prime motivation for her. So, if you will, Amanda – a little example, please.

Miss Sutton takes Linda’s hands and asks her to stand. The teacher then takes the chair herself and motions for the girl to lie across her lap. The skirt is raised and Miss Sutton runs her hands sensuously across the rounded cheeks that stretch the white fabric. She feels between the girls legs.

Miss Sutton (to Gary): She hardly needs this – she is still wet from her own efforts, as you’ve seen. This will bring her to the edge very quickly so, if I start her off, perhaps you would like to join in when I say.

Gary nods, not trusting himself to speak. Miss Sutton does nothing for several seconds. Linda begins to squirm on the teacher’s lap. Miss Sutton tightens her hold.

Linda: Do it, please, Miss Sutton. Hard. I’m ready.

The teacher raises her hand and slaps. She pauses. Slaps again. Five times.

Miss Sutton: Like that, Linda?

Linda: Harder. You know I can take it.

Miss Sutton nods to Gary who is standing behind his daughter, out of her sight. Tentatively, he brings his palm down on the thinly-clad bottom. Linda wriggles encouragingly. He slaps again, a little harder. Then harder still.

Dr Gordon (who has been watching closely): Is that working for you, Linda?

Linda: Yes, sir. It’s very good.

Dr Gordon: Is your cunt wet?

Linda: Yes, sir. Miss Sutton can tell you.

Dr Gordon: Do you want more?

Linda: Yes, sir.

He nods to Gary, a cue that he should resume spanking.

Dr Gordon: Would you like something else as well, Linda?

Linda: I want to suck your cock, sir.

Immediately, the Head Master opens his trousers and reveals a distended member with a large, circumcised, rounded head. After one more slap from Gary, Miss Sutton pushes his hand away and indicates that he should remove his daughter’s knickers. When he does so, she widens the girls legs exposing the tight pink bottom opening and the well-lubricated cunt lips. She nods to Gary who at first fails to realise what is being offered to him. He watches fascinated as Linda opens her mouth to accept Dr Gordon’s cock. Miss Sutton rests a firm hand on the back of her pupil’s head as the older man begins a slow repetition of insertion and withdrawal. Unable to control himself, Gary kneels and begins to lick Linda’s bottom, moving down to taste the juice oozing from her cunt. The two men find an equilibrium to which Linda responds with little moans of pleasure. Eventually, there has to be a resolution.

Miss Sutton: I think we need to remember the Head’s next appointment – but we shouldn’t deny ourselves the ultimate pleasure, should we?

Dr Gordon (removing his cock from Linda’s mouth): That’s a hint from Amanda that she is the only one who hasn’t yet been on the receiving end of anything. We can do something about that, and I suggest my desk is the place.

Releasing Linda, Miss Sutton stands, swiftly steps out of her dress to reveal black underwear and stockings. She lies on the desk top, legs raised. Dr Gordon urges Linda to kneel between them. The girl moves the knickers to one side and starts greedily lapping. Gary follows the Head Master’s example and strips. Both men unroll condoms the teacher produces from a desk drawer. Before long, a cry from Miss Sutton announces that Linda’s tongue has done its job.

Dr Gordon (to Gary): Obviously, there will be a lot for you and your daughter to discuss – perhaps with your wife, too. So I think it would be best now if you take Amanda while I see to Linda. Which, I may say, will be a privilege.

Side by side on the desk top the two couples fuck. Miss Sutton’s verbal encouragement of Gary finds an echo from Linda, whose vocabulary once released proves to be as extensive as it is imaginative. Perhaps not surprisingly, it is Gary who finishes first, pumping hard into Miss Sutton as his spunk fills the condom. The image at her side of her father fucking her mentor pushes Linda to the limit. She cries out that she needs to come. Dr Gordon instantly withdraws, strips off the condom and shoots a jet of oleaginous cum on to the girl’s tits as she massages herself to orgasm.

When the next parents arrive shortly afterwards they pass a thoughtful Gary and a smiling Linda on the way out.

And that, apart from a little touching up here and there, is the story as told by Linda and Gary. By the end, te whole group was very aroused again and ready to continue the action. Interestingly, Linda was wearing white knickers and responded in a most satisfactory way when Mike put her over his knee. Coincidence? Wish fulfilment? Who can tell?

(To be continued)

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