The Journey

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He met her at the airport when her late night flight landed from LAX. She was nervous, this was the first time she had ever really met anyone in person from the internet. As she walked from the check point, she wondered what he was going to think of her. She had spent many hours online with him and on the phone. He was the kind of man that knew who and what she was. He knew she was a creature of passion and desire like himself. Together they had shared her first joining and rebirth. He was her guide that unlocked the mysteries for her being.

She looked around the airport waiting room and she saw him sitting off to one side. He looked nervous himself. As she turned and started to walk toward him he looked up. His eyes filled with wonder as she got closer to him. A smile crossed his face and he stood up and walked to meet her in the middle of the room. His breath caught in his throat when she looked up at him with her very pretty blue-green eyes. She looked into his beautiful blue eyes for some sign of approval from him. She knew he had never seen her, not even in pictures. His eyes gave her the answer she had hoped for. His arms closed around her and his lips softly met hers. She marveled at the way they felt on hers, canlı bahis soft and gentle at first. Her heart began to pound in her chest as their kiss turned passionate. She reached up and pulled him closer to her, drinking in his passion and letting him drink of hers. Their tongues played with each others in a sensual dance, a dance of desire and passion they both knew burned deep inside of each other. As they broke away from each other, they both tried to regain some control over the feelings they both felt deep inside each other. A quick look into his eyes reflected the fires that burn deep in his soul. He took her by the hand and pulled her back against him.” Come on hon., lets get you out of here.”, He told her in a low voice. They gathered her luggage and headed out of the airport. His car was parked in the front parking lot not far from the airport entrance. He said very little on the way to the hotel room he had found, mostly the customary chit chat.

She checked in at the front desk and smiled at the clerk as he handed her the card key to her room. They walked down the hall and up the stairs. All the while she felt his hand on the small of her back, it steadily grew warmer. She stopped in front of the room bahis siteleri that was given to her by the clerk. She opened the door and stepped inside and found a light switch and flipped it on. She hadn’t noticed that he had put her suitcase just inside the door as he had closed it, and had come up behind her. As she turned to ask him to leave her bags there, she felt his arms encircle her. He pulled her close to him and brushed his lips across hers as he whispers to her, ” This is what I have been waiting for hon. To get you alone and away from everyone.” His lips came down on hers in a deep kiss of passion and desire. Her lips parted in answer to his, tasting the sweetness of his mouth. Their tongues played with one another in the heat of their passion, entangling and dancing together. His hands made short work of her clothes as they seem to disappear from her body, his lips never leaving hers. His hands roamed her body freely setting fire to her senses. Her passion came up too, met his, her body tingled as every nerve came alive. His lips left hers and began a trail of fire across her skin where he touched it. She gasped as his tongue brushed over her nipple ever so lightly. He paused as he felt a shiver run through bahis şirketleri her. He glanced up into her eyes to see the fires glowing in them, he knew she was ready for what was to come.

He pulled her back to the bed with him. Never once letting her leave his embrace. His arms encircled her as they dropped to the bed, pulling her close to him. His mouth came down over her nipples, first one then the other sucking them and bring them to hard points in his mouth. He bit them gently and rolled them between lips and tongue, sending waves of pleasure racing through her body. He heard the sweet moans escaping from her lips and felt her hands entangle in his hair. Her body fully reacting to his teasing. Her hips pushed up against his stomach. His hand ran slowly the length of her stomach and down between her legs. His fingers played softly, caressing her. He felt her grip tighten in his hair. He could feel her moistness seeping from her. He could smell her lust and passion fill the air. The musky sweet smell filled his senses, and setting renewed fire to his own deep passions.

His mouth left her nipples. He began to lay soft kisses down her stomach, stopping now and then to tease her with his tongue, licking her, tantalizing her with what was to come. He knew their first night together would be one of passion and lust, and that both of them would experience the magic and wonder of what they both knew each other to be.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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