The Kind Stranger

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He didn’t look forward to this gathering asthey always ended in some kind of drama. There were just too many family members with too many kids to make it a simple family reunion. It had been years since he attended the last one.He’d gone off to follow his career and escaped the small town trap that seemed to envelop the remainder of his relatives.

As a matter of fact, it had been close to two years since he even visited his parents and a lot longer since he’d seen his extended family. He happened to have business in the area this time, so it worked out.

He’d suck it up and attend to get his mom off his back. Not only could kill two birds with one stone, he could even make it a business expense!

His flight had been delayed due to bad weather. Storms had been ripping through the Midwest. By the time he made it to Atlanta his connecting flight had been cancelled. The earliest flight wasn’t until the following morning. There was no choice but to find a place for the night.

The screaming is what drew his attention. The cute little blonde was giving the ticketing agent hell. Unfortunately for her, the agent had been through this 1,000 times today. She was just one more, angry customer.

“Sorry ma’am.” the agent said one last time. “There is nothing we can do but put you on the 1st flight in the morning”.

“Then why can’t you put me up in a room then?” the tiny blonde asked angrily.

“Ma’am, our policy covers hotels in the event of a mechanical problem, but acts of nature are not covered.” The agent repeated.

“Damn it, I can’t afford this!” the girl mumbled to herself as she stomped past him, pacing along the bay of windows.

He studied her while he waited in line. She paced back and forth for a while. She attempted to make some phone calls which did not seem to help her situation. Then she sat and cried, folding her head between her legs to hide her embarrassment.

The agent told him the same news, first flight tomorrow morning. He took his ticket stubs and headed to the terminal. The girl was still there.

Normally he was not inclined to help strangers, but this girl piqued his curiosity.

She looked to be about twenty five. She was blonde haired, blue eyed, petite, but shapely. What really got him though was the fact that she was so feisty! He’s always loved a feisty woman.

She obviously didn’t have a lot of experience flying, nor any expendable income.

Maybe it was compassion, as he remembered the first time he was stranded. He was just a little younger than her and was flying out on spring break to see his aunt. It was the same situation and he ended trying to sleep in the terminal. It was a long night of wondering if the vagrants would kill him or if he’d catch something from the coughing old lady next to him.

Maybe it was his attraction to her. Most likely it was his attraction to her.

He decided to do the good deed and offer to pay for her room. He had plenty of rewards points and cashing in another night for a stranger’s room was really nothing,he rarely used them anyway.

“I Might as well offer”, he thought and approached her.

Her anger had turned to tears as she came to the realization that she had to spend the night in the airport. She’d already had a bad week and this was just the icing on the cake…….

Classes were over and she headed home for the summer. Weeks prior she had caught her boyfriend with her roommate. As a result, she hastily ran out and drove to another friend’s house across campus, getting in a crash along the way. Her car was totaled. Her studies had dropped off. She thinks she failed her final exams. And now this!

Since she couldn’t drive home, she used her last bit of money to put her furnishings in storage. She had just enough to buy lunch. Fortunately her parents had paid for a flight back home……. She missed Rick even though he had cheated on her. Not so much Rick, but Rick’s dick. It had been over a month since they last had sex and her body was craving it. She didn’t know why she was thinking about sex when she was going to have to sleep in a nasty airport…….

She sobbed to herself silently as someone tapped her on her shoulder.

She looked up at them through her puffy red eyes.

“Sorry to bother you.” he said. “I couldn’t help but notice your predicament.” He smiled down to her. “I think I can help…” he trailed off as he was interrupted.

“You perverts are all alike! ” She glared at him, standing with her fists in balls.

“I suppose you’re offering to let me stay in your room, aren’t you? Or maybe you want to give me some money for a blow job? Sleep with you perhaps?” she fumed. Looking up to his smiling face, sneering.

Passers by’s gave them a wide berth. Several looked on in curiosity.

Laughing but trying to look serious at the same time he said “Well…” before he was interrupted again.

“What the hell is so God Damn funny?!” She fumed further.

“Well,” he said calmly.”I was going bostancı escort to offer you a room, but not with me or for any type of barter system. I happen to have a few extra rewards points and thought I’d offer some for you to get a room. I’ve been in your position before, it is not fun.”

She studied him, considering his offer. “How do I know you’re not a serial killer or something?” she asked, tempted by the offer. A hot bath would be nice.

“Well, if you don’t trust that we are in a public place discussing this with a dozen people watching like we were on stage…” gesturing to their audience who suddenly started looking busy with something else “then I guess nothing aside from the fact that we will be taking a public shuttle to a public hotel and checking into two separate public rooms.” he said smugly. “I can even offer up a business card as future evidence if you like.” offering one up for examination.

“I’m…I’m sorry.” she apologized as she studied the card he offered as proof. “I’m just…well…my boyfriend.My car…this…” She trailed off, her eyes welling up.

“No worries, I understand” he offered. “I have three sisters…and countless female cousins.” he said smiling. “I know exactly what you are going through.”

She wiped away her tears, smiling for the first time today. “OK, but if they find me dead tomorrow, I’m going to kill you! And only because you look harmless, not because I trust you.” She warned.

“Deal!” he said as he shook her hand. What a good grip! he thought to himself as he helped her with her baggage. They walked to the tram.

Neither spoke much as they walked. She was texting while he made arrangements with the hotel desk clerk on his Blackberry.

They arrived to the tram just as it arrived. They slipped in with the rushing crowd.

She was finishing a text as the tram shot off to the next gate. She was not prepared and the sudden shift caused her to lose her balance. She took a step back, reaching backwards to break her fall, losing her footing in the process.

It wouldn’t have bee be a big deal except she broke her fall right into the crotch of the friendly stranger. He quickly deflected her contact but failed to catch her as she tumbled to his feet. She was sprawled around his feet, completely embarrassed.

He smiled down to her, offering a hand. “I said no need for bartering.” He said jokingly to diffuse her embarrassment.

“Sorry.” She stammered before she trailed off, too embarrassed to speak as she put her phone away and grabbed the hand bar. She could feel the heat on her cheeks as she blushed.

Idiotshe told herself.How embarrassing.She hoped she didn’t hurt him, pondering the reality of the contact. Not a bad package. She thought, immediately thinking of her ex which caused her tears to start welling up again. She was torn between anger and pain whenever anything reminded her of him.

They arrived to the T gate and she followed him as he expertly navigated the airport crowd. She was starting to warm up to him as he was a full gentleman, getting every door for her. Who does this for a stranger this day and age? she pondered as they boarded the hotel shuttle.

He was on the phone with colleges most of the way. She busied herself by reading his business card over and over. The company was nothing she had ever heard of, the card was pretty plain with some official looking graphics, address and phone numbers.

Jerry Smith, junior associate. Hmmm. she wondered. What the heck position is that?She chuckled at the name. Jerry was such an ambiguous name. She had some Smiths in her family. Her aunt married into some Smiths. She had a nerdy cousin they used to call “pimples”.She didn’t even know his real name. There were so many Smiths she didn’t even think to ask if he was related, she knew the answer.

The shuttle driver swung a sharp turn, jostling him into her this time. His weight suddenly on top of her brought her back to reality. His warm hand was on her inner thigh. She squeaked a yelp in surprise.

They were suddenly face to face and struggling to get back upright as the driver acted like he did nothing wrong. His cologne was still lingered in her nostrils when she spoke up.

“Hey, remember our agreement?” she asked teasingly. She smiled over to him as they both laughed awkwardly.

They skidded to a halt at the hotel jut as darkness was starting to fall. They exited the coolness of the shuttle to be enveloped by the putrid southern humidity.Instantly sweating in the heat, she circled around the shuttle as he was tipping the driver.

He handed her bag to her and she followed him to the desk.

He greeted the desk clerk warmly.

“Are you checking in?” the desk clerk asked methodically with a fake smile.

“Yes, two rooms. I made reservations just a few moments ago.” he stated proudly. He fumbled for his wallet, providing his ID.

“Welcome back Mr. Smith, we are so happy to have a platinum member ümraniye escort bayan staying with us.” she beamed to him with invigorated niceness.

“Two rooms?” she asked inquisitively.

“Yes, this is my colleague; she will be staying in the suite.” he said, introducing her to the desk clerk like an old friend.

She smiled nervously to the clerk thinking Colleague?

“Nice to meet you.” she said. She wasn’t sure of what she should say to a hotel desk clerk.

“Welcome.” the clerk responded back.”Let me know if you need anything”.

The clerk suspiciously studied the girl who was not much younger than she was.Not the typical escort deal. she thought as she handed them their keys. “The elevator is to the right.”

“What time does the bar close?” he asked as he walked towards the elevator.

“11 o’clock.” the clerk smiled a fake smile as they boarded the elevator.

He looked over to his new acquaintance. “I’m starving and could use a good drink after that shuttle ride.” He was smiling again, he couldn’t help himself.

He has such a great personality; nobody is a stranger to him. She thought as she responded. “Yeah, me too, that driver was a mad man!”

“Yes he was.” he said.

“Tell you what, I’m going to get settled in and go down to the bar.You’re welcome to join me if you want.” He said. “It’ll be my treat.Otherwise, I’ll just see you in the morning.” He told her indifferently.

“Maybe.” she said to him in a flirty tone as the elevator chimed to announce their stop.

“Deal.” he said again, smiling back as they got their bearings and went to their rooms.

She couldn’t believe she was flirting with this guy. He’s at least 8 years older than me. she thought. Older, sexy, nice, great personality, successful… She argued with herself, looking back to his door as she went into her suite.

At precisely the same time, he looked back at her. He gave her a nod and a smile and slipped into his room. Red with embarrassment for getting caught checking him out, she stepped into her own room.

“Wow, this is nice!” she gasped aloud as she took in her surroundings. The room was bigger than her apartment and had a bedroom off to the side. The bathroom was even nicer with a Jacuzzi tub and stand up shower.It was not the typical hotel room.”My god, I could get used to this!” she thought as she explored the space.

It took her a while to get to the bar. He had already ordered appetizers and was on his second beer by the time she strolled up. She was beaming.He and every other guy in the bar soaked her in as she sauntered up.

“Oh my god, how can I ever thank you?” she exclaimed as she plopped next to him. “My room is so nice! The shower is amazing!”

“You look nice.” was his response. She had her hair pulled up and was wearing a white sun dress with a flower design on it. Strapless shoes accentuated her dainty feet.

“What? Oh, yeah. I felt so nasty after flying all day. I needed to clean up, sorry I’m late.” She smiled at him. The extra time masturbating in the tub didn’t help. She thought to herself.

“No worries.” he said without a care in the world. “A good shower always clears my head.” He was unknowingly thinking the same thing. “Wait till you lay down in the bed, you’ll sleep like a baby tonight” he smirked. “What’ll you have?” he offered.

“Oh, I don’t know.” She hesitated, waving to the bar tender. “Excuse me, sir, what kind of rum do you have?” trying to look like she knew something.

“Anything you would ever need.” the bar tender said, pointing to the shelf on the wall.

“Well, I’ll have a mojito. Then and bring us two shots of Crown, put them on my tab”, she ordered as she handed him her credit card knowing she couldn’t really afford it.

“Will do ma’am.” the bartender replied as he got to work making her drink.

She beamed proudly, realizing this was something she was finally familiar with. “I hope you’ll do a shot with me, it’s the least I can do. “

“Ok.” he said knowing it was a bad idea. How could I refuse a pretty lady? He thought to himself. He offered up some of is appetizers and they ate, and made conversation.

“So, what exactly is a Junior Associate anyway?” she inquired as she chewed a mozzarella stick.

“Just as it says.” He said teasingly. “I’ve not got enough grey hairs to be a Senior Associate.” pausing when he realized she was serious and he needed to tone it down. “I’m part owner in a partnership, nothing special, but we are hoping our product takes off soon. If it does, it could be purchased by a larger company. It’s a lot of work but it’ll pay off if it works.” He smiled, taking her in again. “My job can be summed up best by saying I’m in sales.” he told her proudly. He had worked hard to get where he is.

“Interesting, so were you must have been a business major?” She inquired as the shots arrived.

“No, bio-engineering actually.” he smirked. “Seriously!” he told her when he saw the kartal escort confused look on her face. He took his shot in his hand and scooted hers to her. “I’m a geek at heart!” he said proudly.

Interesting, he doesn’t look like a geek she thought as she proposed the toast. “To new acquaintances” she said.

“To new friends.” he replied cheerfully. They took their shots. The night slipped on as they got to know each other better.

She was an accounting major working on her MBA mainly because she couldn’t find a job when she graduated. He was a young executive supported by a good idea and wealthy investor. They had both grown up in rural settings not too far from each other. He was ten years her elder. They found it ironic but didn’t bother to find how they would have known each other.

She explained how she had recently gone through a break up with her boyfriend of six years, having caught him in bed with her roommate. She only found out because her class was cancelled. Her mom bought her a ticket home.

He let her do most of the talking. She did learn that he was on his way home to visit family as well. He deliberately left it vague because he was too embarrassed to mention the family he was embarrassed of, or the reunion. He preferred to keep his distance from his family these days and was afraid to mention any of them for fear of her knowing them.

As the night wore on, they were the only two in the bar. It was past eleven by the time they did their fourth shot, along with their other drinks. They were both feeling it. They rung out and headed to the elevator.

Somehow the 1st round of shots didn’t ring up on her tab. “Damn it”, she ranted. “The one thing I could do to return the favor and the bar tender made it a courtesy drink!” She didn’t know that he tipped the bartender to give him the full bill.

“I still appreciate the gesture!” he nodded tipsily. Bowing to her causing her to laugh and shove him teasingly as the elevator arrived.

“Smart ass.” she said as they boarded. “You shut up, Mr. Junior Executive!” she said. Pushing his chest and falling into him in the process. There was an uncomfortable silence as their faces lingered within inches of each other. Neither made a move, unsure of what to do, they had an obvious connection, they both knew it.

He broke the silence. “Remember the deal.” He stated matter-of-factly, embarrassed as he felt his cock beginning to swell.

“Yeah, the deal…” she murmured, straightening her dress and backing herself against the wall, giggling at her attraction to him.

They arrived to the floor and he looked to her sheepishly. “So, it’s still kind of early, you tired?”

“No, not really, I have my second wind. You?” She asked shyly.

“No, I was thinking of order a pay per view. Do you, ah, want to join me?” he asked nervously. Feeling like a teenager again.

“Um, sure…” she trailed off.

“Your room or mine?” he asked.

“Does it matter?” she asked.

“Well, you do have the suite.” he suggested. Thy both awkwardly walked towards her door.

“Wait, you don’t have a suite?” she asked.

“No, all the others were booked up, I took the efficiency.”

“You’re so sweet!” she cued as they reached her door. “I mean it.” she said and leaned in, kissing him heavily on the lips, catching him by surprise.

He returned the kiss, basking in the moment as they stumbled their way into her suite. They were a tangle of limbs and bumped wildly into the couch.

He broke the kiss and said “I don’t want you to think…”

“Don’t.” she interrupted as she kissed him again.

“I feel like I’ve know you my whole life, there’s just something so familiar about you!” She said in between kisses as she attacked him. He had to agree, the attraction was so strong, almost like destiny. He enjoyed the moment as she unbuttoned his shirt, running her hand up his chest. “I love chest hair.” she told him as she pulled her dress over her head. Her long hair got tangled up with one of the straps in the process. She giggled clumsily.

She had a wild look in her eyes as she walked towards him, hips swaying. He admired her beauty. She had amazingly perky breasts contained in a lacy yellow bra. Milky smooth like the rest of her skin, small freckles added to her beauty. Her toned tummy and curvy hips were accentuated by her matching bikini bottoms.

They kissed again and made their way to the bedroom, bumping the door jamb on their way. He fell unexpectedly onto the bed. He kicked off his shoes as she worked down the tops of his kakis. His throbbing cock popped out beaconing to her beneath his boxers. A dark blue stain of pre cum marked the dome of his impromptu pup tent.

Her tiny hand gripped it through his boxers as a husky breath escaped her lips. He could only udder a murmur of approval as she stoked him with her right hand while she resumed kissing him wildly. They embraced again as he struggled to kick his pants to the floor and pull off his socks.

She stopped momentarily, giggling at his struggle while he finished. When he was done she lunged at him again. He could feel the scratch of her heaving lacy breasts as she drug them up his chest. Her warm, smooth thighs felt so good on his lower stomach and hips.

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