The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 07

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Note from 09/14/2018: I apologize profusely for taking so long to write this as long as I did. Again, please give me some feedback on what you’d like to see. The next chapter I’m planning is to bring back the mom’s perspective, but if you’d like the son, please let me know too. Maybe I’ll combine both.


Son’s Perspective

The whole ordeal with mom had brought out traits of myself that I never thought I had. I’d been so obsessed with her that I violated her privacy and trust by going through her stuff and using it to my own advantage. I didn’t blame her for being disappointed in me. I fucked up.

I received a phone call, hoping that it was mom, but it was one of my bosses calling me to go out of town again. This might give us a needed break from each other, at least that was what I hoped. Following my text to her that I was leaving for a week, I was relieved to receive her reply telling me to have a safe trip.

I had always enjoyed working because it would put my mind elsewhere. After a few days of non-contact, I asked her how she was doing. She ambiguously said she was doing great. That really made me curious about her. I didn’t know if she knew that. Nevertheless, I figured it was going to be a long time before she would trust me again. I sent her an apology and expressed my regret over the things that I did. She didn’t write back.

I arrived home remembering that my membership was going to expire soon. To make a decision on whether to renew or not, I checked out the site, which had been newly revamped. The content remained the same with regards to the theme of rough sex, yet it was much better organized. For instance, I was able to find all my mom’s videos in one spot, simply by clicking a link to her name that was accompanied by an identifiable picture. There I saw her named captioned at the top with a small blurb of information underneath. It said, “Don’t let her innocent face fool you. Winnie is a real, cock-addicted housewife that will do anything to please!”

Slightly below that, there was a picture of her giving off a seductive stare as she serviced three men with her hands and mouth. Other pictures included a handful of her in action, all of which proved that she was exactly as described. Underneath this section were a list of her films. She had three of bostancı escort bayan them! I was determined to download them all, regardless of what the movies were going to be about. In just under two minutes, the downloads were completed, despite the file sizes of each video. The server was blazing fast, suggesting that the site must get a lot of traffic and revenue to be able to afford this kind of speed! I wasted no time to play the first one, titled “Rape Fantasy – Wife Bargains With Her Body”.

Mom was in bed with a man that was presumably the husband. They weren’t having sex, or if they did, it was clearly not meant to be part of the plot. What was in the plot was that they had a knock on their door, which to me screamed danger was on the way for these two. The half-dressed husband returned to the bedroom with several other masked men while being held at gunpoint. The reason was that he apparently stole money from them. Mom screamed at them not to hurt him. She handed over her wedding ring and her necklace as some form of compensation, which they took, but it wasn’t enough! She therefore offered her body as well! As expected, she shifted from being an unwilling wife to being a common slut! The ending involved her taking shots to the face and breasts, and a vaginal cream-pie that the husband was forced to eat! It was a true cuckold movie!

The second film featured her being a kidnapped, tied-up and blind-folded wife. Again, she went from unwilling to very willing. She demonstrated her ability to give head while being flipped upside down, as well as taking in two giant cocks in one hole! This one ended in a big mess; she received several cream-pies and facials!

The third one was quite different. It was another rape fantasy scene involving a much younger woman, who played the daughter. I correctly predicted that there would be a gratuitous lesbian scene, as there was plenty of pussy-licking, cock sharing and cum swapping. Mom was definitely having a good time there. Wow!

At the conclusion of each of these films, she introduced herself with her stage name and talked about how all the sex acts were done in a professional, safe and consensual manner. The reason why she said this was to bring up a point about consent and what to do if that consent was broken. It was weird ümraniye escort seeing her make these public service messages! To close it off, an oversized erect dick showed up out of the blue, so she turned to suck it while smiling to the camera!

No matter how much it killed me to see her like this, I had to respect her decisions to participate in making raunchy pornos! If I didn’t, I could very well lose her entirely.

Just then, my phone rang. It was my mom. She called to see if I was in town to talk. This was my chance! After I arrived to mom’s place, she sat down with me and asked me how I was doing. I couldn’t help but think about the scene that I had just watched, so I interrupted her.

“Mom, I saw your videos.”

“What did you think about them?”

“I don’t know.”

“I understand.”

“Do you really?” I asked rhetorically. “I get turned on watching you, yet it hurts to see you being a slut to other men. Do you really enjoy making porn films for him?”

“Of course, honey! Why would I do them if I didn’t enjoy it?”

“Mom, you’re not afraid of people finding out about what you’re doing? What’s dad going to think?”

“I’ve learned the hard way that life’s too short to worry about what other people think. As for your dad, if he sees all the things I’ve done, I hope he understands what he lost out on.”

I snapped, “I don’t agree what you’re doing.”

“Baby, I know we have our differences. I hope we can get over them.”

“Mom, if things were not different, you’d be taking care of my needs.”

She hesitated, “But…I can’t… anymore. What if Jimmy finds out?”

I pulled down my pants to show her my boner.


“You gotta do something about this. This is your fault!” I shouted angrily.

“Alright, fine! He better not find out about this or you’re going to be in big trouble!”

She sucked hard and fast on me for someone doing this against her will! I groaned at just how pleasurable it was, which enticed her to lick my balls and shaft as she jerked me really hard!

“Awww yeah… it feels so good, mom.”

She glared at me with the eyes of an undeniable nymphomaniac. I found out that she had been playing with herself too! The sight of that made me really aggressive, so I went straight escort kartal into fucking her face! She took it really well, proving that she was used to do this lots of times. When I was done, I turned her around in the doggy position, where I impatiently pulled off her dress and underwear to charge into her pussy! It was already primed!

“Oh yes!” she moaned.

“Fuck, I miss your pussy. You can’t deny this from me ever again!”

I smacked her right butt-cheek, which she reacted with a squeal and a subtle squeeze from her cunt! I then went on to latch onto her hips to really give it to her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I did my best to hold off from cumming too soon. I thought about other things in an attempt to last longer. Then I had her go on top of me to see if that would help. Nothing helped.

“Oh fuck… you’re gonna milk all the cum out of me.”

She aggressively twirled her hips and clamped her pussy down, which forced me to release all that I had! The amount I shot was unbelievable! Both of us groaned to our heart’s content! After my orgasms ended, she stood up to have my cum drain out onto the floor.

“Look at you cumming into mommy!”

“Mom, I wanna keep fucking you.” I interrupted.

She sighed, “I know.”

“Do you really?”

“Yes. And if we’re gonna be doing this, we absolutely have to be discrete.” She muttered with some concern.

“Fine. Would I be able to watch you on set?”

“That’s going to be a no.”


“Don’t you think people would question about you being my son? It would be too complicated.”

“No, I don’t have to say who I am. You can just invite me as a guest.”

“Jimmy might recognize you though. He’s seen what you look like!”

“I’ve seen what he looks like too. I don’t care.”

“Does it mean that much to you to see me there?”

I nodded.

“Well, alright. You can come then, but again you’ll need to be discrete. Don’t make a point of mentioning that you’re my son.”

From that point on, I made her cheat on Jimmy with me. Contrary to how our sex was, she faced all sorts of physical and verbal abuse at work. Whether she was taking multiple oversized dicks in uncomfortable looking positions or being talked down on, she did her job of making everything look glamorous.

For the next film, she revealed that she was going to be filmed at a glory-hole, so she allowed me to participate in this! The signal to cum was to knock on the wall several times. I suspected that I would probably be the fastest to do that!

To be continued…

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