The Mother of all Nurses Ch. 03

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Cassandra would repeat her ritual of duty and desire she had begun of sneaking into her favourite patient’s room after the final shift and feeding him her milk whilst stroking away his pain for some weeks, each time saving as much of her patient’s semen into containers to take home and store. After a week or so, her patient became used to the special treatment and Cassandra would find him as hard as rock when she entered the room, his eyes immediately seeking out her ample prominences. At the end of the day, Cassandra would get home and immerse herself in pleasure, culminating in her orgasm and the gentle seeping of his collected semen inside her, using the syringe. She so desperately wanted to have a child – her young patient’s child but her secret experiments were not successful despite her best attempts. There was only one more thing left to do…

In a hazy dreamland the patient drifted back into his memories of Mary and merged those with everything he had ever wanted at age 18 in the light of his recent experiences with the wonderfully maternal nurse. The nurse had asked him to call her mamma, even referred to herself as such as she exposed her breasts to him and beckoned for him to feed from her. The very thought of her whisperings in his ear, her soft lulling strokes and the thick extent of her curves sent the nerve endings to his cockhead tingling with fire and he was hot with rabid want. He closed his eyes and suddenly he was in the woods again, between Mary’s thick thighs, his young cock buried inside his mother’s friend’s salty womanhood, his face deeply embedded between her hanging breasts; breasts which were larger and prouder than his own mothers, with thicker and more pointed nipples. He’d wanted those most of all, above everything else. How he’d looked into her eyes longingly before lowering his face to feast upon her large pancaked areola and sweet succulent nipple. He’d wanted her to feed him a symbolic love unattainable in his day to day life with his mother. And so unto Mary, vicariously – he sought return.

Mary’s legs wrapped around him wantonly and caught him in a cradle cage of unbridled sex and lust, his young prick shedding its virginity in exploring the depths of her fertile womanliness. He inelegantly probed and poked his way inside, subconsciously wanting all of himself to crawl back inside her large womb. In minutes, he was releasing his potent young semen in gushing waves, crying out into the moon of the night, holding and pushing as deeply as he could on pure instinct. Mary urged it out of him lewdly and gasping with each shot.

“Fill me up and get me pregnant like my husband never could! Your cock feels so good, it’s longer and thicker than his! You could breed a whole town with your young balls!”

He cried loudly to love and sustenance as more of his young semen gushed out of him, surely impregnating his mother’s friend with the size and strength of his release. She held him to her breast and fed him her maternal essence and as he cried out in his sleep.

“Mary…Mother? Mary? Where are you?”

The spaces between consciousness converged and drifted as his dark loneliness returned, enhanced by the painkillers he’d been prescribed. He awoke with a start in realisation that it was but a lucid dream, his breathing patterns rapid and erratic, sweat pouring off of him. The memory of Mary deep in his past felt all too real to him; brought back to life by this truly wonderful nurse, a woman who seemed to exist beyond reality itself. Gradually he became aware kartal escort bayan of the pulse of his manhood against his stomach and felt a nocturnal discharge seeping out. With a melancholy sigh, he fell back to sleep.

When he sleepily opened his eyes, he felt a great weight upon his chest and groggily looked up to Cassandra, who was sitting oh so high above him, straddling him. She had been waiting and smiled immediately as she saw his response to her presence: an instantaneous erection. Her seating upon him really enhanced the size of her body, especially in the low cut nurse uniform that she wore – her heavy breasts, her short stocky legs and the entrancing curves of her hourglass, the wide child-bearing hips.

She loomed large to him, above life. A feminine goddess of health and well-being: How he wanted her to heal him and to consume his vital essence; just like Mary had. The patient thought for a moment that he’d gone to a kind of paradise, but then the pain of his injuries returned to him. Sitting up, Cassandra pulled her skirt up and revealed her wondrous secrets to her patient. A verdantly thick thatch of pubic hair and a sweet musky scent, Cassandra felt her body shiver as her life-affirming lips exuded their sex-fuelled expression and she slid down to her patient’s face, taking his head and forcing his lips to her entrance. She craned her neck backwards as soon as his tongue snaked out to explore her vaginal lips which opened and allowed his wet lapping to explore it’s secret sweetness.

Cassandra reached backwards and caressed his hard member between her finger and thumb as he diligently licked; dabbingly exploring where she wanted him most. Her patient mumbled with pleasure, inhaling the scent of her sex and exulting in it, his mind simultaneously lost in the riddling daze of his past and in the embrace of this utopian carer, this incredible woman. She paused, bit her lip and looked into his eyes, her breathing rapid and heartbeat rising. Then with ardent deliberation that was full of long repressed want, she moved slowly backwards down his young abdomen, arching her back forward and taking his hardened masculine spear and guiding it to her pussy, moving the thick mushroom head over her lips, slowly moving up and down its shaft, covering its thickness with her mature wetness and luxurious marking odour.

At that moment his emboldened phallus let out its pre-ejaculate and she could feel it attach to her clitoris and pussy lips as she rubbed its head against it, her anticipation building. She had been fantasising this moment for days and yet this was not a dream; her jaw dropping as she let out a meek exhale when his tip penetrated, her pussy seemingly instinctively spreading to accommodate him. The pleasure was immense and she saw it in the expression of her patient too; feeling him twitch and his hips rock, trying to get further inside her even from his supine position. She locked her eyes with his and began sinking down upon him; his cock eclipsing the depths her husband had ever gone only half way in.

“Let Mama get all of you inside her, that’s the way, yessss…”, she encouraged with a hushed whisper. Her patient groaned in response at her voice, never feeling like he had been so deep inside a woman before. Still she sank further on him; feeling ever so engorged, she felt him bump and bypass her cervix and then some, his length pulsating within her.

“You’re so deep inside me now,” she crooned, “that cock of yours was meant to be inside escort maltepe a woman like me…” she laughed to herself, opening her top and exposing her abundant proud chest, arching her back and beginning to gyrate her strong womanly hips so that his cock could slide in and out of her. She would get what she wanted and she would truly heal him by taking him inside her deepest recesses.

The patient closed his eyes and again he was back with Mary; the woman who had taken his virginity, who had represented that first icon of his Oedipal mother-lust. But then his eyes opened and Cassandra’s expert hips siphoned and moved in an hypnotic sway as she rode his manhood smoothly and sensually, her vaginal walls clutching and milking his entire length. She leaned forward more and drew his face into her cleavage, holding him tightly as her young patient grunted and shook his head desperately between her ripe teats, making open mouthed kisses between them, his cock a throbbing rod of virility as it seared and thrived inside her.

“Mama’s going to take all you’ve got to give, you’re safe here with me here…” she panted quietly, batting her breasts into him, watching his exquisite joy as they nuzzled all around his face.

“I’ll make you feel so much better…” she cooed with wholesome sincerity, ushering a nipple into his mouth as she rode him, holding each movement at the end of the downstroke as she felt him twitch. It wouldn’t be long now.

The summer of his 18th year was the most sexually active of his life. He simply couldn’t spend enough time with Mary. She called him whenever her husband was out of town on work and he’d spend night after night in the raptures of her bed; enthralled at her teachings on the art of lovemaking. She let his imagination flourish and go truly wild in sharing her fantasies; in turn letting him release his seed wherever and whenever he wished. He covered her breasts a great deal but most of all he loved those moments just before he was about to release inside of her; hearing her well chosen words to draw it out of him. She nurtured his soul and made him crave for a closeness that hitherto he’d never felt with any previous girlfriends his age. On the final morning of their forbidden relationship, he slid out of the satin bedsheets finding Mary gone. The alarm clock radio at the bedside played “Maggie Mae” by Rod Stewart, a song which would come to enshrine this moment in his memory. He picked up her black bra off the floor and wistfully smiled at the previous night’s adventures, smelling it and walking out into the kitchen. There he found a note hastily written which simply read

“I’m pregnant…please don’t come back as you won’t find me here…we can’t do this anymore”.

Holding Mary’s bra in his hand; anguish spread over his features in disbelief as the most satisfying love and lust of his life suddenly became no more. The converse bitterness of that memory turned back to physical pleasure as Cassandra’s looming calming presence shook him from his reverie.

“Stay with me honey; stay with mama…you’re here with me now.” The patient blinked his eyes as her breasts cradled his face, the extent of their union hitting him hard, the immense build up in his balls beginning to tell. Cassandra kissed him on the forehead and exhaled her breath against his neck as she hunched over and worked her hips firmly and more insistently than before. She saw the look of surprise and tension in her patient’s face and knew he was close, biting her lip and pendik escort choosing the most natural words in the world which she knew he wanted to hear:

“Impregnate me – give mama a baby, I know you want to…I want it so much too! Release all your seed and let mama keep it safe…I won’t waste it…let it all live inside me. Make mama pregnant, please…please.”

At that moment, she became almost supernaturally large in his vision. She had become all that he could see in an infinite universe; her breasts so fulsome, harboring the nectar of life that he so craved. Her hips were so encompassingly strong, supporting the very earth, her womb so sizeable and ready for him to plant his essence, taking his whole masculine spear to the base like no other woman could. He felt himself slipping further into her; as if his entirety was being sucked into her welcoming nurturing well-spring of love. She was the mother of all nurses and in her he saw abstract reverberating images, reflections of his mother, Mary and Cassandra coalescing as one. The over- mother stared deep into his soul; her loving gaze so benevolent that its healing properties seared right through him. She touched his internal scars with her cosmic fingers, easing the pain of yesterdays. Seeing the pain of lost love, she drew his mouth protectively to her breast and bid him suckle, the nourishing power of her milk healing his damaged limbs. Suddenly his vision blurred as a most ferocious orgasm was upon him.

As the first long jet of sperm gushed out from the patient’s organ into Cassandra’s fertile womb, the nurse cried out in her own pleasure, as she rose higher and clamped down upon her patient’s ejaculating phallus, her hips pressing and her vaginal walls like nature’s velvet glove.

“Yes, that’s the way my dear, fill mamma with your beautiful seed…oh yes, you’ve got so much sperm…”

With each separate shot that saturated her womb, the patient grunted and twisted in his bed, his triumphant baby-making tool twitching and releasing more than Cassandra’s husband had for her in a single potent gush. Ten more of those shots followed, each as intense as the previous, spurting outwards, destined for her fallopians, their quest as inevitable as it would be successful. In the throes of his orgasm, Cassandra saw the vulnerability in his eyes and immediately ushered a milk-laden nipple into his mouth. The patient suckled fiercely, latching on and locking loving eyes with his nurturing goddess, drinking deeply as the last of his sperm sprang out of his bell-end into her fecund quim.

“That’s the way, yes, that’s my sweet lover…drink now and be healed”. Tenderly she held him and withdrew his member, letting it fall to his stomach and watched it shrink, temporarily sated. Then she got off the bed and let her patient feed until with a satisfied sigh, he fell into a paradisiacal slumber. Cassandra smiled and kissed him dutifully; already thinking of suitable names for her future child.

And so Cassandra’s quest to become with child had finally been fulfilled. The patient left the hospital in several days; his recovery being remarkably fast, almost miraculous. Doctors could not believe how quickly he had improved. The brooding anger that once dominated his demeanour had been surely erased and smoothed away by the doting care of a very special woman. He would always remember the time that he had spent under the loving gaze of Cassandra; and in time he would always come to think of her as the Mother of All Nurses.


Dedicated in part to my time spent with EmmyD who helped inspire me to write again. Thanks also once more to Soulstroker and Lupamater for their kind encouraging words over the years. Finally, this is a tribute to Marie and the sexual awakenings of youth.

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