The Niece Ch. 05

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The chill of the early morning air woke me long before I wanted to get up. Cary had rolled off me during the night and lay with her back next to me curled up into a little ball. I quietly got out of bed and looked down on her. I decided to let her sleep a little longer so I took the blanket from the foot of the bed and covered the body of the woman who had given me so much pleasure recently. I prayed that I would be able to repay her for it.

I went about my morning rituals and dressed in a loose fitting sweat suit. I was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee and looking at the pictures I’d taken last night when Cary came into the room. What a sight! Her blonde hair was a mess, sticking up in different places. Her eyes were puffy and she was wrapped in the blanket I’d covered her with. “Good morning my sexy young lover!”

“Coffee! I need coffee!” she said as she padded her way to the stove and made herself a cup. She shuffled over to me and sat sideways on my lap wrapping the blanket tighter around herself. She took a sip and then lay her head just under my chin and snuggled up against me. I held her close and kissed the top of her head.

“Sleep well my love?” I asked her. “I know I did. You took a lot out of me last night!”

She just gave a little laugh and said; “Well, you put a lot INTO me last night!” She wiggled her ass against me and I know she could feel my hardness from looking at the pictures. “Hmmm. That’s nice.” We sat like that, snuggled together, just enjoying being close as we drank our coffee. I showed her some of the pictures I’d taken and we decided which ones we liked and which could be deleted. She pointed out some of the really sexy ones and mentioned again how hot it made her posing for me. I told her how beautiful her body was and that I loved to use it to pleasure her. I also mentioned that she really seemed to get into the fantasy of being with Alyssa. She blushed and looked up at me. “It’s really hot thinking about being with her, but I don’t know if I could really do it. I don’t know if I would really turn her on or if I could bring myself to actually stick my tongue into another woman’s pussy.

“Well, I think your body would turn on a dead person! I also think that once you got over your inhibitions, you’d really learn to enjoy it! Like anal sex. You were afraid to try it until I talked you into letting me try it with you. Now, you seem to like it. Trust me! There is nothing better than knowing you are giving a woman pleasure with your tongue and making her come! Each woman has her own distinct taste, but the taste of a woman coming while your tongue is buried deep in her pussy is hard to beat.”

“I don’t know Don. The thought of doing it with Alyssa turns me on, but I still don’t know if I could go through with it.” She took a few sips of her coffee and when she finished it, she got up, kissed me and said; “I feel a little yucky. I’m going to go take a shower. You want to join me? I could use a good back scrub!”

As Cary walked towards the bathroom door, I told her:” I’ll be in in a moment. Just want to finish my coffee.” I sipped my coffee and contemplated the next steps in my plan. When my coffee was done, I went to join her.

I watched her wash here hair through the glass door of the shower. Her arms were bent at the elbows as she rubbed the shampoo into her hair. Her breasts were thrust out and little islands of soap bubbles covered parts of them before being rinsed off by the spray. I found myself getting hard watching her. She finally looked up at me and smiled. I opened the door to the shower, stepped in and as soon as I closed it behind me, I took her into my arms and we shared a deep kiss. Her breasts pressed against my body and I could feel that her nipples were already hard by the time we broke the kiss. I reached for the soap and washcloth and began to gently wash her back.

We spent quite a bit of time in there, cleaning each other, rubbing each other and fondling each other. By the time we were done, I had again eaten her to orgasm and she had sucked another load of come from my balls. The water started to get cold so we got out and dried each other off. I watched her as she took a second towel to dry her hair while standing in front of the mirror over the sink. Her breasts were rocking from side to side as she scrubbed her hair dry. I looked down and stared at her ass, which was also rocking from side to side. When I looked up Cary was smiling at me. “See anything you like?” she asked.

“Oh yea! I told her. “But I don’t just like what I see. I love what I see!” I stepped foreward and wrapped my arms around her and grabbed her breasts putting my head on her shoulder, holding her tight against me. I began to roll her nipples between my fingers, pulling on them until they got hard. Then I whispered to her; “I love you Cary. I’d like nothing more than to bend you over this sink and make love to you. I really want to feel myself buried deep in this sexy ass.” As I escort kartal told her that I slapped her cheek. She jumped a bit and smiled. “But, I’m an old man and you’ve drained me. I’ll just have to wait until later when I’ve regained some of my stamina. Be warned though, I will take this ass later.” With that, I licked just under her ear, one of her erogenous zones and ran my fingers up between the round globes of her ass, lingering for a second on the tight ring of muscles that was hidden there. She shuddered and I kissed her cheek as I stepped away. As I walked out of the bathroom I saw her standing there, hands pressed down on the countertop, head thrown back a bit with her eyes closed and breathing deeply.

We both had to work, so we rushed around getting ready. When I was leaving, I kissed her and told her I’d see her later and that I had another surprise for her when we got home that night. She held on to me tightly and tried to get me to tell her what it was, but I just smiled at her and told her she’d just have to try all day to guess what it was. She stood there and gave me a pouty look as I pulled away and gently shut the door.

While on the way to work I dialed the number that Alyssa had given me at the food court in the mall. She didn’t pick up right away, but when she did, I asked her if she wanted to meet us at the club we had been at the last time we met. “We might be a little late getting there, but we’ll be there,” I told her. “I’ve been working on Cary and I think we may be close, if you’re still interested. I have another surprise for her tonight and I’m hoping it will keep her aroused most of the night. I think if you meet us there and turn the heat up a little bit more, she’ll almost be ready.”

“Oh, I’ll be there. I have been thinking about you guys almost continuously since we last met! I can’t wait to be with you guys. I get wet just thinking about it! What’s the surprise?” she asked. I told her my plans for the evening and she laughed with glee. “Oh, that is so cool. It’ll be interesting to see how she reacts. It’ll be hard to keep things in check for me knowing your plans, but I’ll try. That’s so hot!”

Later that evening, when I walked through the door, Cary was already home. She greeted me with a kiss and tried to find out what the surprise was that I had in store for her. I just laughed at her and told her she’d have to wait just a little longer to find out. I told her I wanted to take her out to dinner and dancing again and she agreed that it sounded like a fun time. I told her that I wanted to take a shower and that while I was in there she should pick out one of the outfits we had gotten at Alyssa’s store. The only stipulation was that she could wear one of the crotchless panties I had given her or go without panties at all! Then she should take a nice hot shower and when she came out I’d give her the surprise I had promised her. Afterwards, we’d get dressed and go out.

When I came out of the shower I went into the bedroom. Cary excitedly rushed into the bathroom to take her shower. I looked at the outfit she had chosen and thought about how it would look on her. Very nice. I saw that she had chosen to wear on of the crotchless panties I had gotten her. I smiled knowing she didn’t have the nerve to go without at least something on under her clothes. I took her clothes she had laid out and put them on the chair and then I set about installing the restraints I had gotten.

When she came into the bedroom she was surprised to see that I wasn’t dressed yet. I just smiled at her and told her that before we went out I wanted to give her the surprise I’d promised. I walked over to her and held her in my arms and we kissed. “Trust me?” I asked. She looked up at me and nodded yes. “Then come lay down and put this on again” I told her as I handed her the blindfold. She lay on the bed and put the blindfold on. I sat next to her and began to rub her body all over and whisper to her how sexy she was and how beautiful I though she was. Her breathing and heartrate increased, her nipples got hard. I gently sucked one between my lips and bit down on it gently, pulling up until it popped from my mouth. I rubbed her arms and slowly guided them to the position I wanted them in and then took the first restraint and placed it on her wrist.

“Don. What is that? What are you doing?” she asked. Her voice was quivering a bit, whether from excitement or nerves, I couldn’t tell.

“I’m tying you up!” I told her as I fastened the other arm. “Then, I’m going to ravish this beautiful body.” I knelt on the bed and bent to take a nipple in my lips, sucking it while squeezing her other breast. Cary started to moan. “I’m going to suck on these nipples until they’re about ready to burst and then” I slid my hand down across her stomach and across her hidden clit, stopping only long enough to dip a finger in her. “I’m going to work my way down, spread these lips” I wiggled my finger between them. “and stick my tongue as deep maltepe escort into you as I can get it!” I told her. Cary began to moan and rocked her hips from side to side as my finger delved into her gash. “But first, I have to finish tying you up!” I told her. Pulling my finger from her moistening slit I stuck it in my mouth and sucked it clean. “Hmmmm. You taste good!” I lifted her legs and attached the restraints just below the knees, pulling her legs and hips up and leaving her splayed wide open for me.

I looked down at my handiwork. Cary started to pull her arms and tried to stretch her legs, but the restraints held her in place. I leaned next to her ear and whispered to her; “Now, my sexy little slut, your whole body is mine. I own it! You should see yourself now, tied up and splayed open with complete access to all your holes.” I slipped a finger into her mouth. “Suck my finger like you like to do to my hard cock. You should see it now. It’s like a rock! Hard, hot and a dollop of pre-come on the tip!”

She closed her lips around my finger and swirled her tongue around it, breathing hard through her nose. She whimpered as I took my finger from her mouth and pushed across her clit and between the lips of her sex. She was wet with excitement, moaning as I dipped it deep into her passage and then pulled out and slid it across her perineum, then circled the tight muscles of her anal opening.

“Now, my sexy little slut, let the games begin!” I whispered in her ear. I kissed her and then true to my word, I began feasting on her breasts. I was teasing her by lightly brushing my tongue across her skin, around her areola’s and across her nipples and then blowing gently. This had the effect of causing chill-bumps to rise where the cool air crossed over the moist skin. It also caused her nipples to pop up like little pebbles atop her mounds. I lavished her breasts with attention for a good five minutes before I started my trek downwards. With her legs held back and splayed open, the only way to do that was to get into the classic sixty-nine position. Cary could sense my body above her, there was no way she couldn’t know. She kept raising and lowering her head, turning it from side to side, trying to find my cock to suck. I was working my way lower down her body, kissing, licking and blowing as I went. “Don. Please! Give me your cock. I want to suck your cock!” she begged.

“Stick your tongue out my little slut! Then I’ll give you my cock.” She stuck out her tongue and I lowered my hips and ran my cock across it. Her saliva coated the whole underside of my shaft and then I lifted my torso and pushed my cock straight out, aiming for her mouth and lowered it past her waiting lips. It felt so good, but I only let her have about half of it. I wanted to keep feeling her tongue twirling around the head as she sucked me. “Fuuuuucck! That is sooo incredible! I love your tongue on my cock! Oh Yea! Suck it!” I had to suck air in through my teeth to catch my breath! I started little jabs with my cock, like I was fucking her face, always keeping about half my length in reserve, teasing both of us!

It felt so good I flopped my head down on her abdomen, just above her pubic mound and lay there for a few seconds just enjoying what she was doing to me. I could smell her sex as I lay there and it got me moving again. Slowly licking lower, blowing gently, I worked my way lower. I wrapped my arms around her splayed open legs and spread the lips of her sex. She was drenched! When I reached her clit, I lapped at it and she began to moan loudly around my cock. With the vibrations that caused, I had to work hard not to come in her mouth just yet. A little lower and I ran my tongue down into her open gash, pushing it deep into her wet hole and sucked as much sweet liquid out as I could.

Wiggling my tongue around caused her to secrete more of the tasty liquid, but I had other plans. I added some of my saliva to it and that caused it to overflow and travel down towards her vulnerable sphincter. I released my hold on the pussy’s lips and used my hands to separate the globes of her ass. I began to rub our combined fluids across her sphincter and pressed in with a single finger. Cary mewed around my cock as I invaded her secret hole. I only pushed it in a little bit, then began rubbing it in a circle and stretching the muscle out as I did.

Cary was breathing heavily while I continued to fuck her mouth and lick her pussy. When I stuck my finger in her tight little ass, she moaned and stopped licking me. The vibrations pushed me closer to my climax, so I redoubled my efforts at eating that tasty pussy. Licking more and more across her clit caused more moans and more secretions, which I added to. When I thought her sphincter was relaxed enough, I started to push a second finger in her ass, stretching it and widening it even more. I only did this for a couple of minutes because I knew we were both close.

I pulled my fingers from her ass and pendik escort bayan reached under the edge of the mattress, retrieving the butt-plug I had purchased. It wasn’t very big, only a trainer, but it would still let her know something was in her ass. She whimpered when I removed my fingers but moaned when I ran the new toy through the lips of her sex to lubricate it. Cary pulled away from my cock and panted. “Oh, fuck Don. I’m so close. So close.” She twisted her head and took a few deep breaths. When she found my hardness again, she held the tip just inside and swirled her tongue around the head.

With my face buried deep into her pussy, I moaned at the sensations her lips and tongue were causing on my cock. “MMMMnnnnnnnn. Fuuuuuuuuccckk!” I couldn’t help myself, they were so intense. I slammed my cock down deep into her throat until I felt her gag. Then I pulled back and started to fuck her mouth giving here enough each time until she started to gag before retreating again.

Being so close, I intensified my licking of her pussy. When I felt the toy was wet enough, I put the tip against her back door and started to push. Cary stiffened at the sensation and moaned. Having already stretched her sphincter, about an inch went in before her muscles tightened around the toy, slowing my progress. “This is the next surprise, Cary. I want you to think about me fucking this beautiful ass all night tonight. I want you to wear this when we go out and just think about what will happen when I take it out later.” I lapped at her clit a few times. Cary was breathing heavily through her nose and moaning continually as she took my cock deep into her mouth. I spit on the top of the toy and twisted it to coat all around and pushed in more.

All at once, I felt my balls tighten and knew that I had talked myself into an intense orgasm. “Oh FUCK! I’m coming!” I warned Cary. When I tensed, I pushed down and felt her throat give way and my cock slid all the way in. My balls were separated by the bridge of her nose. I held myself there for just a moment, frozen by the intensity, until Cary really began to choke. Then regaining my senses, I pulled out. My come coated her lips, chin and finally spattered across her breasts as the last contraction of my orgasm hit me. Cary was breathing hard, coughing occasionally trying to clear her throat. I gingerly moved my legs to one side of her, my head still close to her pussy and my hand with the toy frozen with it partially inserted into her ass. “Oh, baby. Are you O. Kay? That was sooo intense! I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

Cary lay there panting and licking her lips, trying to collect all the sperm that I had deposited there. “I’m fine.” She said. “I love your cock. I can’t wait to feel it inside me. Fuck my ass with it. Fill my bowels with your come!”

I started licking her pussy again. I twisted the toy and pulled it out, ran it again through the lips of her sex and drooled spittle on the tip. When I pushed it back against her anal ring in went in much easier, but I didn’t push it all the way in. I began fucking her ass with it while I was licking across her clit. It didn’t take long for her to moan out her enjoyment. “Yessss! Fuck my ass Don. I can’t wait to feel your big, hard cock splitting my asshole wide open!” I continued until she finally succumbed to her orgasm. “AAaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” she quietly screamed. I had my tongue buried in her pussy and when I felt her muscles contract, I pushed the toy all the way into her ass and continued to lap at her pussy.

When she finally relaxed and her orgasm was over, I turned around and kissed my way up her body. When I got to her breasts, I licked up all the come I could and then kissed her deeply on the lips, sharing it with her. I released her legs from the restraints and then went to the bathroom and got a warm washcloth. Coming back to the bed, I wiped her down, cleaning the drying come off her face and body. Then, lying next to her, I released her arms. She immediately pulled the blindfold off. We kissed passionately for quite a while. Then we decided it was time to get dressed and go out. Each time Cary took a step, or bent over, or sat down she could feel the little toy buried in her ass and she would just look at me and smile.

Cary put on the crotchless panties and chose a wraparound skirt that ended just a bit above her knees. She wore her new bra and a white, almost transparent blouse. With the bra being almost transparent also, you could almost just make out her areola and nipples through the flimsy material. She put on a garter belt and fishnet stockings and wore open toed heels to flesh out the ensemble. I would describe her as totally fuckable. For myself, I chose dress slacks, button down shirt and sports jacket. We made quite the couple, even with the age difference! We went to a nice restaurant for dinner, shared a bottle of wine and talked.

“You know, this place is nice.” She told me. “The food is good, wine better and my stomach is full.” She leaned to me and whispered; “My ass is full too! Every time I move, I can feel the butt-plug move and it’s keeping my ass stretched. It’s also keeping me turned on. I can’t wait until you take me home and fuck my ass. It’s just about all I can think of!”

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