The Phonecall

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My phone rings:

‘I am near, are you at home?’

‘I am’

‘will be with you soon’


I light some candles, start the coffee machine, prepare a cup and some cookies

The doorbell rings

I just go and press the green button and open the door wide.

I hear her steps, strong, fast and energy laden, Liz comes up the stairs. Wearing Jeans, boots and a jacket, her hair in this careful prepared untidy look. She smiles.

On coming in, I embrace her and give her a hug and gently kiss first her cheeks and then slightly touch her lips, as I don’t know whether she wants a full kiss or just a friendly one. Nonetheless, I feel a stirring in my pants. She slowly opens her lips and tenderly and hesitate we start to kiss each other. My lips touching hers, then nibbling a bit on her lips and sneaking my tongue a bit between hers lips. She responds eagerly now and hugs me tight and presses her slender body against me.

After a while we break our kiss and come up breathless güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and up winded. I help her out of the coat , close the door and embrace her again, this time letting my hands roam freely over every reachable part of her body, her shoulders, neck, hair, back, ass, arms, breast, but never go lower then her belt in the front.

We break apart laughing and I guide her to the Living room where she sits down in the recliner, she loved so much the first time she came.

I prepare the coffee and myself a tea. We start talking and after a while I just get up, kneel in front of her between her legs and start stroking and caressing her, with obvious sexual desire. I open her shirt remove it and pull the top off, to reveal her pert and sexy little breasts. She doesn’t wear a bra and her tits are uncovered, her Nipples big as I expected them to be, dark brown on her white skin. I lean forward and kiss them one after the other, sparing the nipples out now, but teasing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri them from time to time with a quick flick of my tongue.

They are unusual big and beautiful now, sticking out half an inch at least, and I start sucking on them, interrupted by tender bites from time to time which let her shudder. A hard bite on her right nipple let her moan loud. I let my hands drop into her lap while I continue kissing and biting all over her tits. She presses her pelvis against my hand and grinds her pubes into them. I quickly open her jeans and pull them down, revealing a pair of red lace thongs.

I caress her pussy over the lace but after a few minutes in which she starts moaning loudly, pull them down as well. She smells of raw sex juices now and is extreme wet. Her petals open glistening and now I completely take my attention away from her chest and dive down pressing my mouth hard on her cunt. With long strokes, I start licking up and down her slit, giving her güvenilir bahis şirketleri clit a good lash with it as well. My hands pull her glistening lips apart and I dive my tongue deep into her love channel. She shudders and a flood is released. She squirts her come all over my face and I try to catch and swallow as much as possible.

With a quick motion I shed off my trousers and t-shirt and guide my hard on to her hole, teasing her with the tip of my cock. She sits up and pulls me on top off and into her with a forceful motion. I plunge my dagger into the juicy, sweet tasting and smelling cave of lust. And remain motionless for a few seconds.

She pushes her pelvis hard against me and starts a fast and hungry fuck. I can’t resist any longer and meet her with hard and deep thrusts, of which everyone let her shudder and moan, and me as well. We are in a frenzy like we never will or had sex before. I can feel her muscles tighten around my tool as if wants to squeeze me out like a lemon slice this is too much for me and I come for the first time this evening to a shuddering and immense forceful climax, in which she joins in with a scream, gushing her come over me.

We fall over each other exhausted and breathless.

I give her a deep kiss and say


She just smiles and coos.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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