The Seduction of… Ch. 01

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Then one night I had this dream; We where on an iceberg floating away from the shore. The sky was a sapphire blue, not a breeze was blowing. I was wearing the traditional Eskimo seal skin hunting clothes. I held a fishing spear in one hand, my other hand was inside of my pants wrapped around my hard cock. In front of me was Anna, my younger sister. She was wearing mukluk boots and a full length fur coat. The coat was open and she was completely nude underneath. She was stunning, standing there in the bright sun. I felt my cream filling my hand as she beckoned me closer.

We all were raised in a very normal way. Our father was very successful in his work and that allowed our mother to stay at home, taking care of us. Kathy the oldest is now married with children. Anna my young sister is finishing her second year of college.

My name is Shaw and after graduation from college I took a job as an artist for a large greeting card company. But, I just could not work with someone looking over my shoulder.

The next year found me in Alaska. I started selling my work to the locals and tourists. My work became prosperous. I was able to buy a piece of land ten miles out of town. In six weeks time I had a sizable log cabin and studio built. The view was magnificent from my picture window. Things were great, in all but my love life. Beautiful women are hard to find out here.

I masturbated when I felt horny. Sometimes I would stay in town and go into the bars and be picked by some wild lady to do some wild things with her. That was OK for short term release. But I wanted more. I wanted someone more often.

One after noon while in town my cell phone rang. It was my little sister Anna calling. I had told my family to come a visit me, but so far no one was willing to make the trip. But sweet little Anna invited herself up. I told her it would be great to see her. I was excited about the prospect of her coming to see me. She had always been my favorite. It had been Christmas since I had seen her. Back then she had really bloomed into a fine looking women. I was betting she would be even more beautiful.

Anna arrived on a late flight. She was beat and we still had a two hour drive to my cabin. Anna was excited to be with me. Never the less she did fall asleep before we made it to the cabin. Upon arriving I whisked escort ataşehir her right into the guest room. I told her we would catch up in the morning.

The next morning I had the coffee made when Anna came out of her room wearing a long bathrobe. She sat down at the table letting the robe fall open up to her upper thigh. I give Anna a cup of coffee and sat down with her. She took a sip and for the first time noticed the view out of my picture window of the river and mountains. Anna’s eyes went wide and her mouth fell open. She said, “Oh my god this is beautiful”. She stood and walked around the table to the edge of the window and took the majestic view in.

Anna come over to me, bent over placing her hands on the table and kissed me on the cheek. Anna then said to me, “Thank you for letting me come to your beautiful place.” I looked into Anna’s eyes and smiled and said, “Your welcome”. I lowered my gaze and noticed the front of robe was open some exposing most of her breasts. I quickly looked away and went to get more coffee.

Over my shoulder Anna asks what she should do today. I told her that there was two weeks of summer left and she better make use of the tanning bed. With a giggle she asked just where this tanning bed was. I took Anna by the hand and led her out the back door to the steps. She followed me up on to the rooftop were I showed her the lounge chair that faced the southern sky.

She started to pull off her robe but stopped. Pointing me to the stairs she said to call her in 30 minutes so she could turn over. I quickly got down the stairs and back into the cabin. I set the timer and washed the dishes.

I was busy with my art project when the timer sounded. I leaned out the door and called Anna and told her to turn over. I reset the timer and went back to work wondering which side of her beautiful body was facing the sun. I told myself tonight I would have to jack off to relieve myself of my sexual frustrations.

Anna came down later for lunch. We talked a lot about her past life. Then, in the same moment of time, we asked each other who we loved. I told her, no one. I told her that I had dated a few girls in college and from the first job. I had not really dated anyone from Alaska, just a few bar room pickups and fucks, that guys and girls do up here.

Anna kadıköy escort told me of her love. She explained that it had been brief and he had left her for another girl. Since that time she had been one of those bar room fucks. I knew I had to get her mind off of that so I told her to get dressed that I wanted to show her around.

Anna followed me around outside of the cabin. We walked out the road where the mail box was. Then we headed for the river. We walked the gravel lined bank, down stream for maybe ten minutes. We had come to the slow part of the river that had a deep still pool. I told Anna this was the swimming pool. Anna reached down and touched the water and questioned my sanity. I told her that you just have to jump in all at once and that the shock wore off in a few seconds.

We walked back to the cabin. I gave Anna a good book to read and set her in a comfortable chair by the window. I sat in my studio and tried to work. Every once in awhile I would peek around the door, to look at Anna. I had a very warm feeling about her. She was a real sweet heart.

That night after dinner I made a fire. I sat in my chair and watched Anna, she had volunteered to do the dishes. My eyes looked her over. She was wearing the same pair of tight jeans that she wore earlier. I watched her ass move as she reached for the plates and washed them. She was a lovely sight, even from behind. After Anna had finished she came over and sat by me and we talked about our younger years.

I noticed Anna yawning and suggested it was time for bed. I told her I would take a quick shower and would be out of her way in a few minutes.

I said good night and went to my room, closing the door to give her complete privacy. I rolled around trying to get comfortable. My cock keep hardening against the mattress. I was so fucking horny. But I resisted jacking off that night and soon settled into my sleep.

I had not been asleep very long when the creak from my door awakened me. I lifted my head and saw Anna. Walking towards me wearing her long robe. Was I dreaming again?

Dreaming? No, Anna sat down on the edge of the bed and asked me if I was awake. I said, “Yes, I think so.” Not really knowing for sure.

Anna simply said, ” I’m lonely Shaw, I don’t want to sleep alone any longer. Can I sleep here?”

Anna maltepe escort bayan crawled under the sheet and the blanket, still wearing her robe. She got settled in by backing into my body. She took my hand and pulled over her waist. Anna quickly fell into a deep sleep. I lay there not moving for no telling how long, until I finally fell asleep.

I was awakening once more that night. Anna was sitting up taking off her robe. She said, ” I’m too hot”. She slid back under the covers. Then she did the unthinkable.

Anna’s knee crept up my leg, stopping only when it was resting on my cock. Her hand moved across my chest and her fingers ran over my nipples. Her face was next to mine. Anna whispered in my ear, ” Kiss me Shaw”.

Our first kiss was short, a trial kiss. Anna’s lips where soft and full. The second kiss was with all the fever and passion two people could make in a single moment of time. A place in time that would never change.

Anna was pulling on my boxers as I wiggled out of my t-shirt. We only broke off that second kiss for my shirt to go over my head. I started to set up but she pushed me back. Her hair trailed down my chest proceeded by her kisses as her head made it’s way towards my raging cock.

Without touching my cock with her hand Anna swallowed it. Her head bobbed up and down. Her tongue flicking the head every now and then. I whispered, ” Your going to make me come”. Anna deep throated me and made her throat muscle swallow me over and over until I squirted my come into her mouth.

Anna moved to back to my lips. I looked into her eyes with the aid of the Midnight Sun creeping around my drapes. She had a fire in those eyes. An erotic nature twisting fire.

Anna licked her lips as her lips came to mine. Her kiss tasted different this time. Her kiss was harder this time, with even more fever than before. I could taste myself on her lips and tongue. It was exciting. My sister with my come in her mouth and she is kissing me, wanting more.

I pushed Anna off of me. She rolled over onto her back. She reached out with her arms beckoned me to lay on her.

I grasp Anna’s breasts, one in each of my hands. I felt like a sculpture artist working the clay. I was molding her breasts to my hands. My finger and thumb pulled gentility on her nipples. I wanted to lick and suck on her nipples, but Anna wrapped her legs around my waist. She reached down with a hand, wrapping it around my cock to guide it to her pussy.

I hesitated and stiffened my back. Anna whispered, ” It’s OK Shaw, please fuck me, fuck me real hard. Come in side of me.”

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