Will a Male Escort Awaken My Libido?

      Yorum yok Will a Male Escort Awaken My Libido?

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Anri Okita

This is a story about, Elizabeth, Chairman of the Board and President of a large company. She hasn’t had sex in three years and tonight’s the night she will break her abstinence with a young male escort.

She is forty-two, fit and attractive in a New York way. Her trainer keeps her body trim and her yoga guru it flexible. She divorced over ten years ago, with no children, and dated casually for years with a bachelorette, city, sex life. Then her father died suddenly and assuming the leadership role of the family business consumed her every waking moment. Pleasures with the opposite sex were out.

She’s worried her libido has died because she hasn’t felt horny since forever. Now, that the family business is settling down, it’s time to test her female equipment. A fellow female exec and university sorority alumnus told her about a super exclusive escort service for women. It’s so exclusive that only top female business executives are allowed. They even forbid movie stars due to prying media eyes on the stars every move. The cost of an escort was extravagant but worth it according to her confidant. ‘The Best for the Best’ is the escort agencies motto.

As part of the service, she got to pick her date from about thirty young men of all types, bearded, clean shaven, dark hair, blonde, Asian, black or Caucasian. Of courses for those clients so inclined, there were lesbian choices from dainty, sweet young girlie, girls to tough looking bull dykes. The photos were both dressed and undressed. The male nude ones were very tastefully full frontal plus a backside standing pose. Brad, the blonde one she chose, has a swimmer’s streamlined fit body with a muscular chest, thin waist and a tight, attractive ass. His manhood even limp was above average, not “Mr. Big” size, but one that would surely please his partners.

Brad is a university postgraduate student from New Hampshire with a small city good nature and a pile of student debt he is working off. He was a top student and champion high-school athlete but couldn’t make any university team. His extracurricular passion is the debate club. It’s sharpened his conversation skills and going on escort dates with top level business women helps too.

As part of the service, Elizabeth was instructed to write a few paragraphs about her perfect romantic partner and evening. She wanted a romantic dinner with intelligent but flirty conversation followed by a slow passionate buildup to raunchy sex. She wrote that the man should be masculine but not brutish. She wanted to be the feminine half of the Yin, Yang.

Reader, I hope you enjoy Elizabeth’s evening adventure.

Dammit, why am I so nervous? I’m the client of this elite escort dating site. I’m likely more frazzled than nervous since my gold Rolex says my gorgeous hunk is waiting at the Manhatten bar while my company limo is fighting traffic. My dear father, who passed the family business to me, was a stickler for punctuality. Being late, makes me nervous. But even he would have forgiven me on this occasion when I squeezed an extra three million dollars from the other company. Father always threw in some extra demand once opponents had given in to the main things. Amazing how that worked again.

I had wanted to rest and get ready leisurely for my big, erotic date but the business meeting went on and on. Who would have expected the deal to close today?

So here I am in business attire, a pant suit and comfortable shoes. Dammit, I wanted to wear a sexy dress and heels. Best I can do now is undo a few buttons on my blouse to show some cleavage. Thankfully, I got my hair done yesterday and mani-pedi the day before.

Since I booked Brad last week, his sweet, handsome face keeps popping into my mind and I get a surge of adrenaline every time. The image of his substantial uncut penis bubbled into my primal brain very often too, taking my breath away every time.

Oh fuck, I forgot to shave my pussy. It’s quite the overgrown garden down there. Might scare the young man’s erection away. Ha. Ha. What the hell? I bet he hasn’t seen a real beaver now that bald is the universal in thing. Might get him hard. Fortunately, I always wear sexy, expensive matching bra and panties.

I reach down and grab my crotch with a full hand. I whisper, “Please wake up tonight, pussy. I have a big friend for you to play with.”

My driver, Gilmore, on the limo intercom says, “Did you say something ma’am?”

“No, no, I was just talking to myself.”

Fuck, Elizabeth, get a hold of yourself. When the limo stops at the next red light, I’ll put on some lipstick. Powder I can do while driving. We’re are almost there. I need this play date so badly.

Okay, lipstick is on, relax, relax. Close your eyes. Go inward, like your psychologist says. Inward, inward. Breathe slowly.

A voice over the limo intercom, “We’re here ma’am.”

I pendik escort open my eyes more serene than before and say, “Thanks Gilmore. I won’t be needing you anymore tonight,”

The bar is in the hotel where my company keeps a suite for business. This is the first time I’ve used it for pleasure. Here goes.

I see him at the bar, tall and perfectly beautiful, no other word for it. For a second, I can’t breathe. My legs aren’t working. The long week of anticipation freezes my brain. A wave of sensuality pulsates in my chest like the start of a roller-coaster ride. Wow. A silly grin breaks out on my face. He spots me and rushes over with a welcoming smile on his handsome face.

“Elizabeth, it’s such a pleasure to meet you.”

He bends his over-six-foot height to my much shorter size. We do a New York air kiss. My hand is on the bicep of his sports jacket. It’s rock hard inside. My feminine nature spikes higher and I’m sure a look of awe must be on my face. Oh my god, I believe that is the heat of a blush on my cheeks when his full-frontal pose flashed in my brain. Do these beautiful people know how they affect us?

He says, “The Maître ‘d has a private booth for us as you requested.

I say, “Nice to meet you too.” That’s lame but at least my mouth is attached to my brain. My mind is in a tizzy. My god, I’m going to be with this gorgeous young man. He’s mine for the evening. A surge of adrenaline hits my torso.

The Maître ‘d leads us with Brad behind. God, I hope my bum looks attractive in this pantsuit. I want to be attractive for him. My cocktail dress would have been better.

We are seated. I know the menu by heart and order for both of us. I need a crantini and Brad orders a beer. No sooner is the waiter gone that Brad says, “Elizabeth, you are so beautiful. I’m the luckiest guy in New York.”

My ego gets a big boost and the next hour flies by with us in a fun bubble of stories of university life and him flirting outrageously. I accept every flirt with gusto fuelled by another cocktail and glasses of wine. His youthful energy draws me in and I feel alive. I just want to fold into his naive spirit. I know this is a bought fantasy but I will myself into its seductive delights.

As we chat, occasionally I get the vibe from him acting like a subordinate. It is subtle, well masked by his intelligence but there, nonetheless. He laughs too much at something I say or compliments me a bit too much. As a leader around many subordinates, one gets an instinct about such things. So be it. I will have my fun playing with my boy toy.

He is so gorgeous sitting across from me and unlike a normal date, we both know carnal lust will surely be in our near future. He shifts around in the booth to be close. Over coffee, he puts his hand over mine like a real lover. Bless him, he almost made me cry. These feelings for a man have been so buried. Then he puts his big hand on my thigh and looks deeply into my eyes. My feminine side bursts out of its dungeon and is free. I can feel my vagina throb and moisten. Brad is my knight in a blue sports jacket.

As we finish coffee, liqueur and a few exploratory kisses on the side of the booth hidden from the other patrons, my mind wanders to what will happen in the suite. He kisses my hand and looks deeply into my eyes.

He says in wonder, “You are amazing. I think intelligence is so sexy. You have that in spades and a sexy body I can’t wait to worship. You are the sexiest woman alive.”

I’m overwhelmed and kiss him, a deep French kiss this time. What a magic carpet ride. I can feel my pussy deliciously buzzing as I imagine us getting naked and folding into each other. Naughty fantasies about his uncut penis float around my primal brain. I flag the waiter for the bill, sign it, slide out of the booth and literally drag Brad out as well. I need to get somewhere private and intimate with this young man. He is going to see the lust of a sex starved mature woman.

We can’t go to elevators together. I’m too well known in the hotel. I go first. I wait. He soon walks up innocently, and we enter an empty one. I press thirty-five. He is so tall standing beside me. When the doors close, just like the story I wrote for the agency, he takes me into his arms, kisses me deeply and gropes my ass. I groan in real passion. His strong hands pull my waist to his and I can feel his stiff election on my lower stomach. I’m so fucking turned on. I grip his tight muscular butt. My horniness kicks up several notches at the feel of his perfect ass.

Soon we are in the suite kissing and caressing as we move to the sofa. We fall onto it still clutching each other.

He groans, “Elizabeth you are so hot.”

He cups my breast through my blouse. I put my hands behind his head and kiss his neck giving him free rein to feel me everywhere. My written story said escort pendik I wanted ample foreplay before the bedroom. I can hear my panting breathing. He unbuttons my blouse.

I whisper some assistance, “There’s a clasp at the front.”

He unclasps the bra and cups my breast, skin on skin. Holy fuck that feels so fucking great. A thought jumps into my lust filled brain.

I direct him,, “Suck my tits.” I know it’s his job to comply. Fuck the feminine docile act. My tits need sucking.

Dutifully he bends his head and sucks the areola into his hot mouth. I let out a loud groan as he licks and sucks one breast and then the other. His handsome face and blonde hair are so erotic as he follows my order. My god, I realize I can ask anything. I run my fingers through his soft blonde hair, languishing in the carnal pleasure.

I feel his hand on my thigh. My knees part of their own mind and he takes this as a signal to move to my pussy. I lift his head from my chest. I want to watch his big hand travel up the leg on my pants up to my crotch. My whimpers get more girlish as his hand slowly travels to the camel-toe notch in the fabric over my pussy lips at the top. Finally, his fingers grip my sex with his middle finger buried deep into the most sensitive areas. Even through the cloth the sensation is crazy making. I gasp and kiss him below the ear.

My attention turns to the tent in his slacks, that uncut young cock that’s lived in my brain for a week is in there. The power of my lust unleashes my normal controlling nature on this young man my young man, my fucking boy-toy.

I bark, “Take off your clothes.” He hesitates. In a firm tone, I continue, “NOW.”

He stands up and strips buck naked in a flash then sits back down. It’s so erotic to be clothed with this hunk naked beside me. His beautiful penis is limp. My lust has frightened the young man. I need to boost his ego.

I hug him, kiss his cheek and purr, “Brad, you turned me on so much. I just wanted to see and touch your beautiful body.” I stroke his muscular chest. His flaccid penis lies across his thigh. He is clear shaven down there. “You should be so proud of your great body.” I rub his six-pack abs. His penis thickens. “Any woman would be so lucky to be with you, Brad.” I put my hand on his thigh. The foreskin pulls back showing half of the head as the shaft goes semi-hard.

It’s so much fun turning this young man on. I cup his ball-sack and he moans as his cock springs to full attention. The foreskin is fully back and the engorged head a deep red. What an amazing cock, fully eight inches and thick. My pussy throbs in anticipation.

He pulls me to him with great strength. His male animal nature is back. I love it. Our lips meet and he pants as our tongues dance together. Both his hands go to my bum and massage the cheeks forcefully. I’m loving his lust. His hand finds the zipper on the back of my pantsuit. I hear it and feel the waistband being released. His hands dive inside and cup my ass-cheeks skin on skin. I’m loving his youthful lust. His huge strong hands push my panties and pantsuit down from the back, baring half my ass.

I kiss his ear and urge him on, “Oh yes baby.” I grab his rock-hard butt. “You are so incredible Brad.”

He pulls at the sides of my pants and I lift my ass from the sofa to help him push them down to my knees. The odor of sexual juices from my vagina hits my nostrils and he must smell it too. My pants are off in a flash and I strip off my blouse and bra.

Animal noises are coming from deep in his throat as he stares at my pussy with a hungry look.

We caress full body, skin on skin. The feeling is overwhelmingly sensual. I know his carnal male instincts are in the red zone with a hot, wet pussy, mine, so close and ready for fucking. I need to cool his lust to keep him in my control.

“Brad, let’s go into the bedroom.” I point him to the door and follow, looking at his cute naked butt. I turn on the light wanting to see all of him. Off goes the bedspread, and we jump onto the sheet facing each other on our sides. His face is so young and handsome in a wholesome way. I tried to be the feminine one but realise that I’m a control person. That has its perks and Brad is one of them.

I lay on my back and push Brad’s head to my breast. He gets the message and suckles them softly as I stroke his butt. He seems to be waiting for direction so I push his head softly down towards my pubic hair-covered crotch. Some cunnilingus would be nice as a prelude to his young cock. I’m sure Brad is proficient at that ancient art.

He looks up and say, “Would you like me to go down between your knees to give you head.”

I say, “No, sweetie, just put your hot tongue down there and your body up here. I want to admire your manliness while you pleasure me.”

He responds, of course, turning so he’s pendik escort bayan on his side with his lips kissing the inside of my thighs towards my pussy as his magnificent cock and balls are an easy reach. He is so close I can see the fine blonde hairs on his thighs.

His junk, as young people call it, is so interesting. His balls hang low on his thigh as he lays on his side. His semi-hard penis is so amazing.

My attention is drawn back to my pussy as Brad’s tongue glides over my hypersensitive vulva. Sweet Jesus, that feels good. I spread my legs to give his tongue more room to roam.

He says, “Your pussy tastes delicious.”

“Your tongue feels so good young gentleman.” I run my fingers through his silky, soft blonde hair as he munches my pussy so nicely. I push the top of his head to have him lower at the entrance to my vagina. Ahhh. Just like that. It gives me a thrill to be in control.

I go back to examining Brad’s cock reaching over to hold the shaft. His tongue stops on my pussy in surprise, but quickly resumes his professional class licking. His shaft thickens and the tip peeks out from his uncut foreskin. I grip and slide the skin of the shaft slowly up and down. My goodness, it is getting thicker and harder. Now when I put the skin on the shaft down, the foreskin pulls down fully revealing the engorged head.

With a normal sex partner, I wouldn’t be examining his equipment so casually and at length but it’s my party. I stroke the shaft slowly. His ball-sack tightens and pull the eggs inside higher. The space behind comes into view. It’s a long bump between his legs back to where the cheeks of his bum begin. A naughty thought hits me.

I say, “Get on your knees back here Brad.” His head lifts from my crotch. “No, keep on doing the wonderful work with your tongue there. I just want to feel your fantastic ass.”

He obediently moves into position with his ass high and his ball hanging down behind and below his ass cheeks. Wow, that looks so raunchy. I run my hand over one ass cheek and then the other. I don’t know what possesses me, but I cup his balls and feel their weight. A loud groan comes from Brad and he twirls the tip of his tongue around my swollen clit. That is too much. My pussy sends waves of erotic sensations up through me, releasing urgent sexual instincts. There is one clear primal demand. I need his cock inside of me. NOW.

I moan like a B grade porno, “Holy fuck Brad, do me. I need your big cock.”

Instantly, he turns, pushes me onto my back, spreads my legs with his knees and mounts me. His penis lodges expertly in the entrance to my vagina. The engorged head pushes insistently until my body adjusted to its size and it fills me completely. A wave of pure joy hits me. We are locked together as one. Sweet joy. My arms are splayed out across the sheets. I just want to lay back and be used by this beautiful, virile, young man.

“Oh my god, your cock is incredible.” I moan.

He is in control now and he knows it. He withdraws his glorious cock almost full out and then rams it back in. Our hips collide. I whimper with the overwhelming pure animal lust of it. His manhood pistons in and out of my pussy with a crazy making rhythm.

He growls in my ear, “You like my cock Elizabeth?”

I hear the conceit in his voice but panting I reply truthfully, “Oh my god, yes.”

He barks, “Hold my ass.”

I’m in a fog of lust.

He continues, “I said hold my fucking ass, NOW.”

With a tinge of fear, I grab his ass with both hands feeling his muscles clench with each ramming of my sex. I lift my ass off the bed, point my legs high and spread them wide, so I can get every inch of his wondrous weapon inside me as deep as possible.

I beg him like a tart, “Oh yes, baby, fuck me. Yes, just like that. Oh. Oh. Oh. You’re the man.”

He pushed up on his straightened arms and hands on each side of my head, looking down at me with a big shit-ass grin on his face. He drills his cock deep, leaves it fully in and moves his hips in little circles this way and that as watches my face intently. My pussy is on fire and his cock grinds over my clit at every twirl.

He says confidently, “I want your orgasm with my cock buried deep inside your hot pussy.”

His hips keep a steady, erotic rhythm that is maddening in such a good way.

He smiles and coaxes me to the brink, “Cum for me, love. Cum for Brad.”

My crotch explodes in a life-altering orgasm and I’m shouting word-like animal sounds from my mouth. He now pounds into my sex frantically and also cums, grunting like so many of my other lovers.

I can feel my vagina convulsing around his pulsating erection. My god, I think, that’s the first simultaneous orgasm I’ve ever had with a man. Brad is a wonder. I kiss his wrist beside my head and look up at him with awe. He tumbles off me and we both laugh, releasing some of the energy in our bodies.

I’m stunned and just lay panting with a silly grin on my face, with not a care in the world. My libido is certainly not dead, and Brad is going to be a good habit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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